Monday, August 14

Grilled Cheese What Now?

Grilled Cheese What Now?
2006-the CDP.

Mmmmmmmm... Filler.
Ha Ha, I get it. See you tonight!
It's a joke! I get jokes!

My coming up to visit is another reason I couldn't write anything today. I've got no time for comedy and I spent all my money on gifts. Couple that with the move at the end of the month, along with the day job, and I'm a busy boy.

The Missus got a huge tattoo last night; it's about 5" X 5" on her lower back. I think that's tattoo #5 or #6 for her thus far. My count is steadfast at zero.

We were sitting at home last night at around 9pm, when she said "I want to get a tattoo." We went to the local establishment (that stays open until midnight) and she got properly inked. I've never been to this particular parlor before, and I've also never seen so many pipes and bongs in my entire life. There must have been over a thousand contraptions, I swear to God.
And then you can also take a gander at my new "addition" tonight.
Hmmm...that comment from the CDP was not there before I posted mine. How weird???

Anywho, yes, there were a lot of pipes.

For inquiring minds, it is tattoo #6, and I have 13 piercings. Yeh nosy bastards.
Aaron's wasn't there before I posted either. I am looking forward to seeing your new "addition", and I am very happy that you two can make it.
Wouldn't this count as two different tattoos, because it is one tattoo of two separate things? Just curious on the logistics.

The comments have been working funny today. Unlike me.
with your wit so sharp
how the laughter bleeds from me
I die with a smile

That haiku was a little too good to laugh at. It was almost...poetic.

No material
For the CDP today
I have lots to do.

Tattoo is flaking
Sort of makes me want to wretch
Price paid for coolness

RJ, Can you ask your wrestling friend if he can get me Paul London's autograph??? Or else a lock of his hair? Thanks.
Don't listen to her, RJ. She's on a bit of a "I'm leaving you for Paul London" kick.

It's hilarious.
New post tomorrow, mark 'yer calendars. I'll be discussing a phenomenon never before witnessed by man.
I really do want Paul London's autograph, though, so please get to work on that.
I really want to dislike this guy, but I just can't. He's super talented and freaking gorgeous. It's not fair.

It's a bunch of crap, is what it is.
I'll ask him, but make no guarantees.. don't see him too often anymore.

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