Monday, August 7

Hook Of The Leg, Kick Out At Two.

Are You Calling Me Fat?
2006 - theCDP.

What were you expecting? You went to Chili's.
Stop by your local Chili's today for an Awesome Blossom!
Chili's is where business happens.
Chili's has a great "Build Your Own Burger" menu, which is why we've started going there in recent months. I always like it when I select the Meatless Black Bean Burger and the waitress asks me how I want it cooked.

Everything in the cartoon was true.
You left out the fact that the place was virtually deserted, but our Gypsy waitress opted to seat the 4 groups there WERE there in a tiny corner right next to each other.
Correct. We ate dinner at some ungodly time (4pm) and the place was empty except for a handful of tables.

Instead of asking for a booth in the bar (like I wanted to do), we made it easier on the waitress and let her throw us into the seventh circle of hell.
Excerpt from conversation at the neighboring table: "Let's all say the wrong name of the item when we order!"

There is nothing more clever than screwing yourself out of the food you really wanted to eat. The hilarity!
It would have been tolerable if they were a halfway humorous group of people, but they were so wretchedly un-funny that it hurt my brain.

These people were upper-middle class, polo shirt-wearing yuppies, brimming with artificial class and jokes about low-carb diets. Chili's or not, I hate these folks in any setting.

Like I told the Missus, "This doesn't annoy me as a customer, it annoys me as a humorist."
I had a similar experience to that, but the restaurant was crowded and there were 3 tables that were around ours that were all from the same party but were split up, so they kept yelling stupid crap to each other across the room. Yes, they were all drunk. Of course this was in Tallahassee, FL, right next to FSU, near graduation time, so I suppose I should have expected this and in reality it was all our fault. But still, I don't think I have ever eaten faster in order to get out of a restaurant.

Of the standard cookie cutter chain restaurants, Chili's is one of my favorites (which means I'll eat there around 4 or 5 times a year). Though I do really like TGIFriday's when they do the 3-course special for around $13. Now that's a deal, plus the Vanilla Bean Cheese Cake they give you for dessert is super good. Ruby Tuesday's and Applebee's can bite me.
Yeah, Applebee's sucks. I've never been to Ruby Tuesday's and I haven't been to Chili's or TGI Friday's in forever, so maybe I shouldn't talk about chain restaurants at all.
I like Chili's because of the Amesome Blossom and Build-Your-Own-Burger options. TGI Friday's doesn't have a lot for vegetarians besides pasta, but that Vanilla Bean Cheesecake is great.

When it comes to chains, I'm a fan of Olive Garden and Red Robin, although they both have their own serious flaws. Mainly seating-wise.

Me and the Missus have been too lazy to go grocery shopping for two weeks, so we've been eating nothing but restaurant food since the third week of July.
That can't be healthy.
"All you can eat: Soup, Salad, and Breadsticks" at the OG is one of the greatest things ever. I don't think we have Red Robins down in SC (or in RI where I just moved from). We do have Red Lobsters, but I prefer to ignore their existence.
Yeah, Red Lobster is dead to me.

People always give the Olive Garden a bad rap for some reason, but I quite like their menu and desserts (Black Tie Mousse Cake); I just wish they didn't try to push so much wine on us.
The only Red Robin I know of is a gas station. Also, my head hurts a tad. I'm too old for Monday night reveries.

I heard that a good cure for a hangover is to take 2 ibuprofen and a full glass of water before you go to bed that night.

The main cause of a hangover is dehydration, so you allow the painkillers and liquids to work while you're sleeping. If anyone tries this out, let me know how it works.
Ruby Tuesday has a really really excellent veggie burger.
The above hangover prevention method works pretty well, but hinges on one key point:

You have to be sober enough to remember to actually do it.

I've found that going ahead and putting the painkillers and water out in plain sight in the kitchen before I start drinking helps...if I remember to come home.
Good point.

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