Wednesday, August 16

Hump Day Filler.

The Office Spouse.

Here's a quick story about where I work.

As I was walking back to my office after a meeting, I popped into the cube of a female co-worker. We'll call her "Pam." I enjoy talking to Pam; she's bright, witty and has an amazing laugh. I often talk to her just so I can hear said laugh.

Our conversations are usually full of restrained character; we continuously try to out-do each other with snappy, apathetic one-liners and intelligent observations. Pam is the type of person that comes off as sort of flirty when she chats with people, although her intentions are never sinister. She's a total sweetheart.

As far as bizarre one-liners go, I think she took me out behind the woodshed today.

My last name starts with the letter "Z," so when she saw me walking through the office, she yelled "Z!" to get my attention. What followed was this exchange of dialogue:

ME: "I like it when you refer to me as 'Z,' it makes me feel like a superhero."

PAM: "Or like Zorro."

ME: "Right. I should start carrying a sword around with me."

PAM: "I don't think anyone would notice the difference."

Now, I don't know exactly what that last line meant, but it sounded insanely dirty. Food for thought.

I've got a brand-spanking-new essay coming up tomorrow. It delves into a secret ritual, hidden from all men for hundreds and thousands of years...until now.

You're not going to want to miss it.

It must have been her tone of voice that made that line sound dirty, because I certainly don't get that impression.

Soon the CDP will switch over to "all filler" mode. I can't wait.
I think she meant that everyone already looks at you as a superhero so carring around the sword would only be "filler" for lack of a better word :)
I try so hard to speel everything right and I always miss something.
Shoot, you're probably right. I was really hoping there was a weiner joke in there somewhere.

My filler is better than most Bloggers' "A" material. I'm sure of it.
You wish, x2.
If I can make just one person laugh with weiner joke-related filler on a Wednesday, then I've done my part as an entertainer.
There was no weiner joke!

This filler was ok, but sometimes you really crap that stuff out.

My normal content is filler. I have nothing to talk about.
Sadly enough, I'm too lazy to produce filler.

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