Tuesday, August 8

I Was Never Passed Notes.

Check Yes Or No.

Play MASH online:

Girl - Marie Curie
Auto - Ford Fairlane
Color - Black
Kids - One
Location - Bangor, Maine
Job - Testing Experimental Medications
MASH - Apartment

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I'm six years too late on this game. I already have all the answers. (and no, I won't help you cheat)
Yeah, it's more of a 'Parallel Universe' game, now that I've actually played the real-life version.

yes, the bizzarro CDP. eats red meat cooked rare. listens to Aaron Carter, Cheetah Girls, and believes Justin Timberlake when he says he will make a lasting impression on hip hop for the future.
He also says "Badbye" when he leaves a room.

He's also incredibly annoying and unattractive in the eyes of women.
Boy: Strom Thurmond
Car: ZAP
Color: Dandelion Yellow
# of Kids: 1.667
Location: Sausalito, CA
Job: Kept Woman

Man, who would have thought ole Strom would have wanted to live in one of the most liberal cities in America? Take that Dixiecrats.

Apparently I had conjoined twins.

By the way, CDP, I'd love to take that Apt. in Bangor off of your hands. It'd be even better if it was in Bar Harbor.
I'd let you have the apartment, but it's teeming with radioactive fallout. The Geiger Counter won't stop buzzing. I wouldn't want your 1,667 kids to get all messed up.
1.667 kids (1 and 2/3 kids - decimal, not comma)

1,667! What do you think I am, a Mormon?!! Besides, they wouldn't fit in my ZAP.

So as you see, with 1.667 kids, radiation is the least of my problems.
Is there anywhere you aren't posting, Godot? You're omnipotent.
Omnipresent. That, and bored. Also, you just happen to inhabit the only 3 places I ever post. :)
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Oops, I'm kind of an idiot.

Your Mormon joke was stellar, by the way. If you did have 1,667 kids, I would recommend putting Colorado City, Utah in your list of possible locations. You could live in a compound and everything.
Oh, and you WERE passed notes. We have an entire filing cabinet full of them at home to and from each other. Don't you ever forget it, boyee.
I suppose those count. I was thinking more along the lines of 'traditional' note-passing; done in secret and whatnot. Ours were better, anyways.

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