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Link Party* - October Edition.

The CDP's October Link Party.

1. "Hey, what did you do this weekend?"

First off, thanks for asking. On Friday, we went to a fantastic concert at The Loft, a nice Madison venue for the hipsters and Locomotive Engineer hat-wearing crowd. Headlining the show was Minus The Bear, with P.O.S. and the Velvet Teen opening. These artists have released three of the best albums of the past year in my opinion, so I was very excited.

The Velvet Teen.

The three members of the Velvet Teen (who absolutely never tour) created a wall of sound that rivaled even the 5-piece noodling of Minus The Bear. Their new album, Cum Laude, is a huge artistic triumph and a sure-fire Album of the Year candidate for the CDP.

The Velvet Teen. Again.

Their new drummer was an absolute monster behind the kit, giving one of the most jaw-dropping and technical performances I've ever seen. Seriously, I've seen hundreds of good live drummers, but this guy was instantly placed in my top five. We shot a video clip with our digital camera, but the drumming was so fierce that everything got distorted.

The Almighty P.O.S.

Next up was Minneapolis' very own P.O.S., who was masterful at working over the mostly-indie crowd. His new album, Audition, is hands-down the best rap album of the year, drawing huge on punk influences and self-effacing introspection. He had a small but rabid fanbase in attendance (including myself), but surely earned himself a few hundred new fans when his set was over.

The Almighty P.O.S...Again.

His crowd interaction, intelligence and intensity were unparalleled; why this guy isn't a huge star yet is beyond me. After the show, he challenged all fans to a thumb-wrestling competition; if he lost, he would give you free stuff. Brilliant.

Minus The Bear.

Minus The Bear took the stage to a thunderous reaction, and slowly slipped the crowd into a coma over the course of an hour. Don't get me wrong, I love the group, it's just that listening to too much of them at one time will hypnotize you.

Minus The Bear. Again.

Their perfected, calculated and breezy sounds are the perfect music for drinking on a harbor dock or driving backroads at 2am, not standing on tired feet in a club. We left during their encore, and they only played about two songs that I really wanted to hear. On the upside, their new material sounded great.

On Saturday, me and the Missus ran all over Madison, spending money on crap we didn't need. I bought an armload of CD's and the Missus bought a bunch of accessories for our new phones. I'm just happy that I don't have to stand outside anymore to call my Mom.

2. "Hey, what are you watching?"

What am I watching this season? Every-damn-thing. Out of the 25+ shows I'm following this year, here's my top ten so far (not including cable):

10. Jericho
9. Supernatural
8. The Simpsons
7. My Name Is Earl
6. Friday Night Lights
5. House
4. Heroes
3. The Office
2. Studio 60
1. Lost

As far as news shows this year are concerned, if you're not watching Heroes or Studio 60, there's something seriously wrong with you. NBC made the wise decision to run reruns of their shows all week on their respective cable networks, so it's never too late to jump on board.

3. "Hey, what are you listening to?"

Here are the last 10 tracks and albums to take a spin in my sweet ride:

1. "My Girlfriend's Best Friend" - The Sun - Did Your Mother Tell You?
2. "Get Myself Into It" - The Rapture - Pieces Of The People We Love
3. "Flugufrelsarinn [The Fly's Saviour]" - Sigur Ros - Agaetis Byrjun
4. "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'" - Scissor Sisters - Ta-Dah
5. "Stand By Me" - Ben E. King - The Very Best Of The Drifters
6. "Stand Up (and get murdered)" - P.O.S. - Audition
7. "Trains To Brazil" - Guillemots - From The Cliffs
8. "So. Central Rain (I'm sorry)" - R.E.M. - Best Of The I.R.S. Years (1982-1987)
9. "Gyzmkid" - The Velvet Teen - Cum Laude!
10. "Sames & Opposites" - Demitri Martin - These Are Jokes

4. "Hey, what are you reading?"

The Nintendo Wii.

As you can tell, I don't have too much time for book-learnin' right about now, but I did pick up the new issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly; mainly because of their Guitar Hero 2 preview. I haven't been this excited for a video game since Super Mario Bros. 3 in 1990.

Super Mario Bros. 3.

Also, I'm quite excited for the release of the Nintendo Wii in November. I don't consider myself to be anywhere near a hardcore gamer, which is exactly why I'm excited about the Wii. Nintendo understands the concept of appealing to the casual gamer with easy games and 'jump right in' concepts. I like games I can play with the Missus, and judging by the early reviews of the system, Nintendo has a good chance of winning the next round of the console wars. Also, the Wii will retail for around $250, whereas the PS3 is weighing in at $600. No, thank you.

5. "Hey, what else in new on the CDP Network?"

Welcome To The New Glarus Hotel!

Not too much; updates have been few and far between. If you want to be included on the CDP Network (and get a few hundred extra hits a month), send an e-mail to, and we'll talk.

Sound off in the comments section and tell us what you're up to. Lost Friday arrives next.

(* links not included.)

The big networks have also wisely decided to play their top shows on demand at their websites. incredibly they all use the same format and makes the pain of missing shows (see: Example #3 - Limerick (AABBA):) a little less frustrating.
Be glad you didn't go to the Mark Kozelek show on Saturday. After that experience, I wouldn't be heartbroken if I never went back to Madison.
2 things -

1. My CDP shirt arrived, and I plan to do something both embarrasing and stupid while wearing it this weekend. Pictures to follow.

2. I forgot. Damn.
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Blustacon - The networks are starting to realize that the future of TV is online, and the generated revenue is far more important than the antitrust lawsuits. Good for them!

Aaron - Madison is a college town. If you show up when said college is running rampant, you're going to have a less than stellar time, unless you're from said college.

JT - I cannot wait for these photos.
Why'd you bother calling this the "Link Party" when you didn't include a single link? Seems a little silly. You could have just as easily called it something else.
(* links not included.)

It's less about the links and more about the format. Just pretend that everything in bold is a link to its official page or Wikipedia site. It's fun!
I got to shake Judah's hand! I melted at his very touch...
Oh, and I cannot WAIT to see JT in official CDP attire---especially if something stupid is being done whilst wearing it.
You can't wear CDP Apparel unless you're doing something stupid. It's the law.

Judah = Soft hands.
Yes that is true, but I noticed right away that the shows that sold big on DVD (Office/Earl) were not included.
Its a good idea to web launch the new shows coming out. Who knows. If FOX provided more content online they would have a better idea of what people watch and not just what Neilson's ideal family watches. Could have saved a great show.
Yeah, for a show that sells well on DVD (Earl/Office), NBC sees no reason to give their shows away for free twice. But for their new shows that live and die by the first 3 episodes (Studio 60/Heroes/Friday Night Lights), re-airing on cable/internet is a beautiful marketing tool.

FOX Sucks. I used to watch this network exclusively, now they have absolutely nothing for me but The Simpsons and Cops; two shows that have been on for a total of 37 years.
It's 25 degrees in Madison this morning; I just took a photo of the snow on my roof.

Autumn was a great week this year.
Not as good as that week of spring, though!
Not as good as that week of spring, though!
Wisconsin has three seasons. Winter, Construction and Football.
It's still reaching the upper 70's to lower 80's in the afternoon here. SC has 2 seasons - hotter than hell, and slightly cooler.

I'm trying to find some sort of shenanigans for the shirt looks like it's going to be a tame weekend here, so I'll have to invent trouble, which will probably be more fun, anyway.
Just fall off your roof. That's what I do when I'm bored.

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