Tuesday, October 31

See The CDP On The TV!

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The CDP recently attended a taping of two WWE programs. On both of said programs, the CDP will be splashed across televisions nationwide on multiple occasions. Here's when and where you can see me:

Tuesday: 9-10pm Central Time - The SciFi Channel - ECW

This show isn't all that great, but be sure to watch the first 2 minutes, as I (and my giant CDP sign) get camera attention during the opening.

Friday: 7-9pm Central Time - The CW Network - Friday Night Smackdown!

This is the big one. Because of my (and the Missus') seats, we are pretty much on camera all damn night. You'll be able to see the white and red CDP sign at the top of your screen for the duration of the show. There weren't many signs at the Bradley Center that night, so you'll be able to see me for sure. The Missus was very happy because Paul London, apparently the sexiest man in the known galaxy, pointed at her sign.

You know, she seemed so understandable when I married her. Now...not so sure.

Am I forcing you to watch two sub-par wrestling shows for a chance to catch a brief glimpse of me? Yup, sure am. If you do decide to watch and you do see me, drop a line in the comments section and let me know.

Enjoy Halloween. Remember, nothing beats the look on a child's face when they take a big bite out of a caramel-covered onion.

Consider the DVR set.
Rad. I'm looking forward to seeing how much of an ass I made of myself.
According to my Tivo and Yahoo TV listings and the Cox listing on their website, I get the CW station... But in reality, during primetime I get Little House on the Prarie reruns.
Yeah, there have been markets that are still waiting on the big CW change (I'm sure everyone already knows, but the CW is UPN and the WB combined).

If it's not on the CW, then it's on UPN at the same time. Of course, for a few weeks, it ran at midnight as well.
PASTE: You get Smackdown! on cable channel 14, whatever that is.
Speaking of the Sci-Fi Channel, Ghost Hunters is doing a live Halloween special tonight from 10pm-4am. They will be investigating the hotel where The Shining was filmed.

Yup, 10 to 4.
14 is supposed to be the CW... It'll be Little House on the Prarie reruns, I promise. Or at least that's what I get when I Tivo Veronica Mars.
I'm going to spend my halloween watching GWAR... should be a good show.

I'll be sure to check you out on Friday... was little bastard there?
GWAR is a Halloween staple if you live anywhere near Milwaukee. I had a friend who got completely covered in fake blood, to the point where everything in his wallet was saturated with it.

Little Bastard was there, but I don't know if his segment was part of the taped show or not. We'll have to see. It was cool to see him; he took a hard fall when he went over the steps.

Stupid CW.
One last Halloween programming note:

Night of the Living Dead: Live From Wisconsin!

G4: 7-10pm Central time.

It's going to be hosted by Mark & Mike from American Movie, live from their porch in Wisconsin.
I'm gonna dress up as Mr. Peters.
Only if I get to be Mr. Whitford.
Okay, so I wasn't on ECW. Our guess is that they changed the beginning of the show because 99% of the signs there were for Smackdown. Live and learn, I'll be on Friday night for sure.

Here are some quick notes for those of you who actually sat through the entire ECW broadcast:

1. The Great Khali is absolutely massive. When he came out, about 8000 people just gasped.

2. Me and the Missus have both agreed that Ariel is easy on the eyes. She's different from the usual parade of eye candy shown, and she wears a mean set of vampire teeth.

3. Paul Heyman (in gorilla suit) was in the crowd all night, and nobody noticed what was up until the very end.

4. Speaking of costumes, most of the costumed people in the audience were planted WWE folks. I guess the Milwaukee audience forgot to dress up for Halloween.

Right! Now that that is answered, I can erase it from the ol' DVR.
Yup, nothing to see here. Here's hoping that Friday is a different story.
Even if we're not on there, you'll still get to feast your eyes on Paul London.
If it's not the Nature Boy, I just don't care.

To beat the man, you gotta be the man

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