Thursday, November 30

Droppin' A Deuce.

1. Sweeps Month officially begins tomorrow, with a formal Opening Ceremony by my brother, Cliff. The Worst Album Covers Of All Time - Volume 2 will follow on Monday, with constant updates until the end of the year. Check back often, because big changes are set to take place for 2007.

There's still about a week left to e-mail me your Best & Worst of 2006, and get FREE CDP SWAG in the process. Click on the banner for more information.

Ooooh, a sturdy magnet!

2. The results are in for Fact Or Crap? - CDP Edition (Volume 3). The one and only lie in the bunch was #10 (The Dislocated Shoulder). Everything else was a true statement, which will hopefully be explained in more detail during the first Official CDP Podcast later this month.

Ooooh, a tiny pin!

Nobody guessed perfectly, but Aaron and Tam Tam both guessed that #4 and #10 were crap, so I will let them fight over who was the real winner. For the record, Tam Tam made these predictions first.

Ooooh, a sturdy sticker!

In the spirit of fairness, I'll be sending them both a FREE CDP Magnet, button and sticker, provided they e-mail me their addresses. I rule like that.

Writer's block and apathy is destroying me at the worst possible time. Stick around for the inevitable year-end breakdown; it's always entertaining.

If you want to give me CDP crap you're going to have to come to Milwaukee.
No deal. You're not doing me a favor by getting free 'crap.'
I would like to challenge this Aaron to a fact or crap Winneconne edition.
FACT: My next Fact Or Crap will be an All-Winneconne edition.
Well it was a good run while it lasted.
You'll get 'em next time. Just believe in yourself.

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