Wednesday, November 8

The Tipping Point.


Damn straight!
Damn straight!
Best sick day ever.
Too little, too late.
is this owned for us or rumsfeld.
Rumsfeld for now...still us in the long run.

LOST FRIDAY tomorrow!
I've been waiting to hear about Guitar Hero II after seeing 800 billion people standing in line with it at Best Buy Tuesday - how is it?
In a word, incredible.

In two words, %&$*ing incredible.

It's better than the original, which is saying a whole heck of a lot. The bulk of the songs are great, it's harder, the career and co-op modes are expanded and the graphics are fantastic.

Gamespot and IGN both gave Guitar Hero II near-perfect scores, called the game 'essential' and 'the best music game ever, period.'

It rules, plain and simple. The replay value is through the roof, and it's the best party game you could possibly own. As a 24 year old guy, I've never been this jazzed about a series of games since Super Mario Bros. It's that fun.

I know what you mean about Best Buy. I was in front of three different people who all had either left work or skipped school to snag one. Considering the full version is $80, that's a major accomplishment for a video game.
Yep. It's really quite nice.
Tonight, I have to find enough time to put the wraps on another Lost Friday, catch up on about 5 hours of television, eat a pizza, play Guitar Hero 2 for an hour, check out my new iMac and snuggle with the Missus.

It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it.
I've got this iMac so checked out that it's not even funny. I'm an Apple goddess.

I also have the flu, so there's a good chance I'm just pounding my fists against the keyboard, thinking I'm configuring my settings.
I'm sorry I got you sick. If it's any consolation, I'm in a cold sweat right now at work.

Next, the cats will catch it.
We'll have to slowly feed them pureed kibble soup and tuck them in gently to sleep. How cute!
We do that already.

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