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The CDP's Best & Worst Of 2006.

The Best & Worst Of 2006.

Here now, the Best & Worst of 2006, CDP-Style.

I only received about 5 or so submissions this year for Best/Worst, but don't feel too bad for me. I didn't feel like mailing out all of the free CDP merch, anyways. You all saved me a ton of postage. Besides, the Missus didn't even submit a list this year, so I didn't expect much.

Let's continue with the lists. I get to go first.

The CDP's Best & Worst Of 2006:

Your favorite & least favorite Album of 2006.
Favorite: Cum Laude! - The Velvet Teen
Least Favorite: Drum's Not Dead - Liars

Your favorite & least favorite Film of 2006.
Favorite: Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire
Least Favorite: Pirates 2 - Dead Man's Chest

Your favorite & least favorite Book of 2006.
Favorite: Have A Nice Day! - Mick Foley
Least Favorite: I don't read books that I don't like.

Your favorite & least favorite TV Show of 2006.
Favorite: LOST
Least Favorite: Jericho

Your favorite & least favorite Song of 2006.
Favorite: I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab For Cutie
Least Favorite: Damn near anything by a female, solo pop artist.

Your favorite & least favorite Moment In General of 2006.
Favorite: Moving into the new CDP Headquarters. Stephen Colbert blasting Bush.
Least Favorite: Compiling this list.

JT’s Best & Worst Of 2006:

Your favorite & least favorite Album of 2006.
Favorite: Johnny Cash - American V
Least Favorite: Anything by Kenny Chesney

Your favorite & least favorite Film of 2006.
Favorite: Walk the Line

Your favorite & least favorite TV Show of 2006.
Favorite: Heroes
Least Favorite: Desperate Houswives

Your favorite & least favorite Song of 2006.
Favorite: Gone to Carolina - Shooter Jennings
Least Favorite: Anything by Fergie

Your favorite & least favorite Moment In General of 2006.
Favorite: The day my divorce was final.

Any other favorites and least favorites you want to mention.
Favorite CDP Post: Tackling Reggie White

Aaron's Best & Worst of 2006:

My 10 favorite albums this year, in no particular order:
mewithoutYou – Brother, Sister
The Rapture – Pieces Of The People We Love
These Arms Are Snakes – Easter
Owen – At Home With Owen
William Elliott Whitmore – Song Of The Blackbird
Thom Yorke – The Eraser
Rocky Votolato – Makers
The Paper Chase – Now You Are One Of Us
MSTRKRFT – The Looks
+/- - Let’s Build A Fire

RJ’s Best & Worst Of 2006:

Amon Amarth, "With Oden on Our Side"
Twisted Sister, "Twisted Christmas"
It is as bad as it sounds, but I couldn't turn it off...

Casino Royale/The Omen (Remake)

The best book I've read this year was Blood and Gold by Anne Rice

TV News?
Finding out they're bringing back Futurama.

Moments in general-
The look on my ex-fiancee's face when I told her I was leaving/finding
out my ex-fiancee lied about everything (such as her ex-husband being

Raif’s Best & Worst Of 2006:

Least favorite: Bush reaffirming support for Rumsfled
Most favorite: Bush firing Rumsfeld.

Halochick’s Best & Worst Of 2006:

~ Favorite album: There were actually several for me, I can't pick
just one!!! The Dixie Chicks album, Taking the Long Way, was great, Me
First and the Gimme Gimmes released Love Their Country and it's a
blast. Fergie's Dutchess is a lot of fun when my girls and I are going
out to get drunk. But if I HAD to pick, I'd go with Pink's I'm Not
Dead. U +UR Hand is a song that almost every female can relate to and
Dear Mr. President is absolutely incredible.

~ Least favorite album: Playing With Fire, K-Fed. I tried to listen to
it with an open mind, but it was so bad I was willing to jump into a
real fire to make it stop.

~ Favorite film: I'm willing to bet that it's going to be Dreamgirls
when it comes out at Christmas but in the meantime I'll go with Death
of a President. Yeah, it was fake but the consequences from everything
were all too real.

~ Least favorite film: The Wicker Man and The Omen remake. It was
horrible and I will be so happy when Hollywood stops remaking films
that were fine to begin with. They have ruined so many great movies by
doing this. Just stop!!!

~ Favorite book: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan
Safran Foer. It's really damn good. Bleachy Haired Honky Bitch by
Hollis Gillespie was a lot of fun too.

~ Least favorite book: Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events,
"The End". Personally, I didn't care for the way the series wrapped. I
loved the entire series and just felt disappointed the way it ended.

~ Favorite song: U + UR Hand by Pink. My latest theme song.

~ Least favorite song: Popozao. Enough said.

~ Favorite moment: It's a toss up and they're both political. (1) is
Stephen Colbert at the White House correspondent's dinner. I have
never laughed so hard in my life. (2) is election day. Not only did
the dems take control of the House and Senate, Britney filed for
divorce from K-Fed!!!

~ Least favorite moment: Britney's downward spiral since filing for
divorce. I would buy her a lifetime supply of panties if I thought it
would keep her from leaving a s**** t**** wherever she went.

Well, there you have it. Sound off in the comments section, and let us know what your Best & Worst of 2006 is.


FYI, Roger, the one-armed custodian from the elementary school, died on Monday. He was 51.

My new best moment of the year is the show Saturday night. Nothing compares to that.

Did you see that Sufjan Stevens released a Christmas album? I'm stealing it as we speak.
Wierdest comment ever.
Seriously though, what happened to Roger?

Sorry about the font changes towards the end of the post. I'm working on some stuff.
What happened to Roger??? He was in my mom's graduating class, and lived right down the street from me!!!!!

I'm sorry I didn't do a were supposed to remind me when it was due so I could do one.
I put out links and constant reminders about this thing, but I do understand it takes a lot of time to participate in something like this. Thanks again to those who did, but still, it's okay if you didn't.

New in 2007: No more reader participation. Makes me look like an ass.
I just called my mom, apparently Roger had a heart attack at school and was pronounced dead at the scene. I think he was pushing that floor buffer thing.
Damn, I hope there weren't any kids around.
Well, it was 2:55 in the afternoon so I imagine there were.
That's so sad!!! I had a professor named Jim Coates, and a couple of times I put Roger Coates as my professor's name when I handed in my papers.
Heart Attacks = Scary As Hell.

Something bothers me about the fact that you can live well, eat right, exercise, stay trim, work a decent job and not have any health issues, and suddenly drop dead for absolutely no reason.

I didn't know the health status of Roger, but I know plenty of people that died of heart attacks that shouldn't have.

Whenever I hear sirens on my street, I always remember that they'll be coming to get me one day, no matter what.
Please don't say that, I don't want to hear my children talk about death!

Roger was a very nice guy to me whenever I had to go over to the school. You know, like when my kid puts a magnet on a television screen and ruins an $800.00 television. I think he took pity on me.
Yeah, I haven't had much luck with reader participation either. Speaking of, I owe you some sort of prize for the naming of my gun contest.

You didn't win, I chose to name her "Sally," but yours was the only sumission that didn't suck and stuck to the rules...which is sad, since the only rule was that it had to be a female name.
I swear to you, I didn't know that magnets ruined televisions!
Guns and Guitars should only be given female names that start with 'S.'
I swear to you, I didn't know that magnets ruined televisions!
Yea, that's the second person I know that died just over 50 this lately... lost a riding buddy last week to cancer.

Heart attacks suck. Especially when your dad is just about 50 now.
Hey! I emailed you my list. Stupid technology.

Anyway, i know no one will see this since you already have the next post up, but here is mine:

Favorite Album: Tom Waits "Rain Dogs"(I didn't buy anything 'new' in 2006, so I picked the album that I bought in 2006 that is my favorite)

Favorite Film: Either "Thank You For Smoking" or "Little Miss Sunshine"
Worst Film: "The Family Stone" Seriously, don't try to pull a 'Brothers/Sisters love swap' on me and think that I am going to buy that it all comes out hunkey-dorey. What a load of crap.

Favorite Book: "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell" or "Prince of Providence"
Worst Book: "Deception Point" by Dan Brown. (Or most anything by Dan Brown)

Favorite TV Show: Scrubs, LOST, or Heroes
Worst TV Show: Most any reality show, law, or crime drama.

I don't listen to enough modern music to come up with a best and worst song list.

My Favorite Moment: Camping in Maine, Charleston's Spoleto Festival, discovering, Finding the CDP's blog, joining up with the SSB and Coconut Internet.
My Worst Moment: The move back to South Carolina.
The day you find the CDP (or Fark, I guess) is the day you discover joy. Thanks for the list!

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