Friday, December 22

Drown Me In Egg Nog And Don't Bother To Save Me.

Santa Claus Conquers The Martians.

Every household has their own special Christmas traditions. At CDP Headquarters, I make sure to watch these 5 specific Christmas movies before the end of the year. They are, in no particular order:

1. Santa Claus Conquers The Martians.
2. A Christmas Story.
3. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.
4. It's A Wonderful Life.
5. Scrooge (A Christmas Carol - 1951)

The CDP will be off for the holidays until December 27. In the meantime, enjoy the Greatest Christmas Blog Post Ever, courtesy of Let's Eat Paste.

Merry Christmas. Sound off in the comments section, and spread some holiday cheer.

DECEMBER 29: The State Of The CDP Address.

Ha ha, I've got more mileage out of that post than any other. And rightly so. It has been a sad year for my blog, though.

Funny thing, I just got Santa Claus Conquers the Martians DVD as a Christmas gift from a friend of mine. I haven't had a chance to watch it, but I really hope that during the movie someone learns the true meaning of Christmas. (no spoilers please)

By the way, if you want to waste lots of time and make your mind go crazy this holiday season, try solving some riddles.
I want to make the "X-Mans" letter a Christmas tradition; or better yet, an Internet Phenomenon that people start to use for their own Christmas cards. That would rule.

I have just one spoiler for Santa Claus Conquers The Martians; it's better to watch the MST3K version, as you would assume.

Oh no, not another 'notpron'-style net puzzle. Those things destroy my brain. I'll have to work on it this afternoon.
That, hands down, is the best Christmas-related post of all time. Paste - any objections to me linking to it to further the internet phenomenon?

Also, CDP, if you haven't switched over to blogger beta yet, don' makes me so angry my eyeballs bleed.
JT, I'm never switching over to Beta. Ever. EVER.

The 'X-Mans' post needs to be linked into eternity.
It would be a Christmas miracle if the Merry X-man's letter were to become an internet phenomenon.

Yeah, the beta is dumb, but it's too late. Dang it.
Yeah, the beta is horrible, but there is no going back. I switched over, because it promised to let me easily customize the page. It lied, I had to wind up coding it anyway.

Well, the X-Mans link will be up shortly on Spork Nation. Hell yeah.
Stupid Weffriddles. I'm on Level 30* right now, and I really should be getting some work done.

*I didn't cheat, but I've been looking at the hint forums when I'm really stuck. Damn it!
I like "Scrooged". Am I the only one?

I like to take credit for finding the "Merry X-Mans" post. I fondly remember the day I stumbled upon Paste's blog and forwarded the link to the CDP saying "Read this--it's the funniest thing ever."
No, you're not alone. "Scrooged" rules.

Isn't randomly stumbling across blogs great? That's how I found the CDP.
I've given up on randomly stumbling upon blogs, though, because it has not yielded good results for me as of late. There are so many people on blogger now that sifting through the crap is damn near impossible.
Scrooged is great, it's just not part of my 5-film rotation.

Yeah, it's harder and harder to scan the blogosphere for something new. That's why everyone should just stick closely to the CDP, and I'll take good care of you.
I haven't had much luck, eitehr. A lot of it is spam, or in a foreign language. Or, even worse, spam in a foreign language.

I'm having an oyster roast tonigt, and everyone is going to be required to put on a PBR temorary tattoo coming through the door.

Thanks, CDP and Missus!
Rawk. Merry X-Mans!
Just wanted to pop in and wish all of you a Merry Christmas (or whatever your particular holiday festivities may be)! I've really enjoyed getting to know you guys through the year, and I look forward to more of it soon! When I pop back in, my comments will probably be 10lbs heavier due to heavy eating and imbibing of nog, so don't make fun. It'll all be gone by swimsuit comments season, though.

::skips off to read Paste's X-Mans Blog::
Egg nog tastes and smells like ass. If I ended up in that filth up to the top of my head, I would indeed not want to be saved because my life would be shattered from that point on.

Anyway, hi there. Kenny sent me over here, and it's pretty entertaining. Sorry my first comment is so bitchy. I just hate egg nog!
What's this? Do I hear the pitter patter of reindeer on my roof? Could it be him? Could it really be... YES!! It's Wolverine coming to spread holiday cheer!

Happy X-Man everyone!

You're all fantastic. Merry X-Mans, everyone.

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