Wednesday, December 27

Jingle Bell Rawk.

My good friend Benjamin works for a Wisconsin television station.

Sometimes they let him in front of the camera to spread a little Holiday cheer.

This is one of those times.

The final CDP post of the year arrives on Friday.

Things are going to get all weird, probably.

Ben, did that really air on tv???
I sincerely hope that it did.
Everytime they had the staff say their seasons greetings I would watch for Ben, but I never saw him.
Wednesday 12-20-06:


Here. I'll do it for you:

Anything Kenny's ever written because she's a total geniushead with a geniusface and mouthpart right down to her tappy fingertips.

You're welcome.
Right on!
Yeah, Sweeps Month got canceled, which included the 2006 Year In Review and the Best Comments of 2006. Them's the breaks.
This worries me. Is something the matter? What's the matter, matterface? What's a motto? I don't know--what a motto with you? Seriously, what's the matter with you? Can't you do anything right ever?

AND THEN, this "them's the breaks" 'tude stinks to high heaven. Do you need more validation? Would you like more validation? Are you sensing your inner debutante is being deprived of the necessary amount of praise?

I think I'm on to something here. I think that we should all go ahead and make a community list of our favorite things about the CDP, whether it be direct quotes from the blogs or quotes from the responses to comments or topics of discussion or haircuts.

KENNY'S FAV CDP MOMENT of 2006: finding the damn thing in the first place, happening across a blog that inspired me to write again after over a year hiatus, and then having that blog belong to someone whose sense of humor and comedic timing is something I've aspired to match since the very beginning of our friendship.

Your turn. Go!
Jeez, that was a really nice thing to say, even if it was just to cheer me up. If half of what you said was true, it's still probably the nicest thing anyone's said to me all year.

That all being said, I pulled the plug on Sweeps Month because the deadlines got to me, and it was starting to feel like a job that I didn't get paid for. This page is better when I'm being funny, not pulling my hair out whilst copying and pasting a years worth of material.

Therefore, I'll continue being funny in 2007, and eliminate all the filler. Less talk, more rock and so forth.
I look forward to said rock.

In a sense, Sweeps Month exists merely because of my OCD-like nature. Something inside of me needs to compile everything into a neat little package at the end of every year. It's not fun, but I have to do it.

I also want people to look back at the interesting things that have happened on here over the last 365 days, but nobody cares about that stuff but me.

No longer. In fact, I'm putting up the State Of The CDP Speech right now.

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