Thursday, January 18

CDP Link Party - "I Miss Katherine" Edition.

Never Forget.

1. American Idol's back, and I'm more than a little concerned. After four hours of auditions this week, I think I saw one serious competitor that didn't annoy me to tears. I fully understand that the first month of AI is the humorous 'cattle call' that we all love so much, but they usually show off at least some of the talent we'll be seeing down the road. Not so much.

I was also glad to see that the best Wisconsin export thus far was a Crack Baby. Way to represent, Madison! The Missus used to work for the welfare office of Dane County, so every time we see a mugshot or Crack Baby on television, she exclaims "I know that person!"

This was no exception.

I Need To Hit The Tanning Booth.

2. In lieu of heavy writing and other various CDP projects, I'm still working out like a madman. Around Christmas time, my weight was somewhere around 153 pounds. Yesterday, I broke the 161 pound mark; my heaviest weight to date.

This is a good thing, however. I'm quickly gaining muscle weight and slowly losing 'fat' weight, which will counterbalance in a month or so. This is exactly where I want to be with my weight; now I just need to make sure that it's due to as much muscle as I can pack onto my frame. I did take yesterday off from exercise however, due to a sore rotator cuff.

I wish I could write a funny essay about working out, but it's been pretty mundane and run-of-the-mill. However, the day I pee my pants in front of my personal trainer, you'll be the first (well, second) to know.

I'm also making small changes to my diet. I'm laying off of soda completely, in favor of strictly water or juice. Because I fear kidney stones like the apocalypse, I've been sucking down cranberry and pomegranate juice like nobody's business. I should tell you, however, that it's not wise to drink pomegranate juice quickly, or it will have an 'ipecac effect' on you. Learn from the mistakes of a guy that damn near threw up all over himself during an office meeting yesterday.

The Velvet Teen Is Better Than You.

3. Here are the last 10 albums I've listened to:

a) The Beatles - Love
b) Boston - Boston
c) The Thermals - The Body, The Blood, The Machine
d) Algebra One - The Keep Tryst EP
e) Soul Coughing - El Oso
f) Catch 22 - Keasbey Nights (New Version)
g) Jawbreaker - Dear You
h) P.O.S. - Audition
i) Sufjan Stevens - Illinois
j) The Velvet Teen - Plus, Minus, Equals

If you need 3 reasons why this month is awesome, look no further than new albums by indie supergroups Of Montreal, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and The Shins.


It's Raining Men.

4. I've been treating myself quite nicely this week. I've purchased four shirts, a nice wool jacket, a few CD's and a John Locke collectible figurine. After work, I will be picking up Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol, because I like to look like an ass in front of my friends.

Also, expect to see the very first CDP podcast sometime next week, technical issuses permitting.

You Gotta Eat The Pudding.

5. In case you were wondering, here's what I'll be up to today:

6:00am - Wake up; shut off alarm. Go to closet. Fall asleep in closet.
6:30am - Missus wakes me up in closet. Prepare for work.
7:00am - Leave for work. Sing loudly and refuse to use turn signal.
7:15am - Arrive at work. Read Fark until co-workers arrive.
8:00am - Work. Repeat as necessary.
12:30pm - Eat veggie sandwich, potato salad, sliced fruit, one pickle and cranberry juice.
1:00pm - Continue to work. Leave when satisfied.
4:00pm - Arrive home. Change clothes and clean house. Pet cats.
5:00pm - Missus arrives home. Go to health club; work out for at least 1 hour.
6:30pm - Eat dinner consisting of more calories than I burned during workout.
7:00pm - Watch as much recorded television as possible. Sit by fireplace and snuggle.
10:00pm - Missus goes to bed. I stay up and play Fight Night: Round 3.
3:00am - Bed.

Later kids. Sound off in the comments section and let me know how you're living.

Let me know how the American Idol karaoke game is. I went to get the Singstar Rocks game, but it only comes with 30 songs, which I can't justify $50 for, especially since I can't add more content at a later time.

I have also started working out again, and proudly ran 2 miles the other day before almost throwing up because my gym's outside track is close to a chicken farm, and the manure smell was drifting my way.
I'll give you a review of the game. I guess it's just like the other Karaoke Revolution games, only you get to go through a season of American Idol and get busted on by the judges. I think there's over 40 songs, too.

Way to start exercising again. Once you get back on the horse, you'll wonder what you did before it.

What did I do before exercise? Well, I was funny and creative.

Now? Not so much.
I managed to gain 10 pounds in my first 2 weeks of exercising. Lord, that better be muscle! Or it might just be the fact that we've eaten nothing but Taco Bell & pizza for the last 2 weeks...
We must go grocery shopping tonight.
We really need to look into the prospect of having groceries delivered to us.
I hate grocery shopping too. Here's how I pull it off: whenever I go on a beer run, I try to throw some food items in the cart along with the beer.

I consider it tricking myself into grocery shopping.
I've done that myself. It'll be around 10pm on a Thursday, and I'll start craving some Ben & Jerry's, so I'll head on over to Pick-N-Save.

An hour later, I've spent $249.
Groceries would probably cost us a lot less if I knew how to cook anything, ANYTHING AT ALL, that didn't come out of a box.
I honestly don't think that we have enough time during the day to cook anything worth while. It's disgusting, but at some point we've managed to completely book our schedules solid until the end of time.
I would gladly share some quick recipes, but I'm carnivorous, so they probably wouldn't be much help.

(That's right, addition to being incredibly handsome and charming, I'm also a stellar cook.)
I too am a junk food fanatic if there isn’t something quick to eat at home.

BUT, I discovered a thing called “dream dinners” out here in our area… Maybe they have something like this where you guys are.
This is how it works… you set an appointment to make your meals at an establishment. You prep all your own meals all at once… Last weekend, in one hour, I prepped eight 3 serving meals for me and my hubby. You zip lock it all up (with the cooking directions stuck to the outside of the bag) and throw it in your freezer. Everything is chopped, seasoned, and ready to be cooked.
So I’ll come home… killed from working with the biggest bunch of jackasses on the planet… Open the freezer... Pull out my seasoned veggies for the penne pasta… Cook it all up… add a salad… bada-bing! Dinner in 30 mins!
What’s nice about it is you REALLY are making your own meal… just a week or so in advance. Plus, you can put what you want in the meal… If their mushrooms look weird... you just add some fresh when you are at home and cooking the actual meal.

Started doing Dream Dinners a year ago when the Taco Bell Guy at the window knew me by name… and my friend almost crapped her pants over it.

Check it out... It's pretty cool...
Yeah, if I could never eat at Taco Bell again, I'd be a happy CDP.

Jessica, that sounds like a great idea, and considering that me and the Missus want to learn to cook more better, it's like killing two birds with eight 3-serving stones. I'll have to look into it.
If baja chalupas are wrong...

I'm going to have to boycott American Idol this season. After all the crap Simon Cowell subjected us to last year (American Inventor, Americas Got Talent, Celebrity Duets) I'm Simon'd out.
Nice. I've never had anyone at a drive through know me. Bars are a differnt story.
I'm the same way with funeral parlors for some reason.
0530 - wake up, drink coffee, shave, don US Navy uniform and so forth. Take wife to train.

0700 - get to work, log on to three networks. Work. Drive twelve miles to other work location two to four times weekly for meetings. Drive back.

1630 - Go home.

1700 - play with dogs, cats.

1730 - run upwards of six miles daily. Go to martial arts class twice weekly when possible. Shorinji Kempo.

1900 - pick up wife from train.

1930 - begin wathcing recorded television with wife. Drink too much wine occasionally.

2100 - doze off reading. Thomas Pynchon right now.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

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