Monday, January 1

"Man, Dick Clark Sounds Like He's Hammered."

Tinker, the Official CDP Spokescat.

Tinker, the Official CDP Spokescat, sez:

Happy New Year!

The 2006 holiday season caused the CDP to lose respect for almost everyone that he knows, causing temporary depression, confusion and an understandable lack of humor. When he's not forcing me into ill-fitting sweaters (designed for small dogs, mind you), he's swearing that he'll start the 2007 CDP season properly. Until then, he claims to be 'on vacation,' even though his real vacation doesn't start until January 11.

Whatever. As long as I get my food, he can claim to be the King of Goddamn England, for all I care.

He's not dead, however. He should be back soon. I crap in a box.


Tinker can guest blog anytime he wants. He's self centered and rude. Exactly the way cats should be. Mental note: why is this behavior tolerated, even loved in cats yet despised in humans? The truth is that picture of Cliff gives me the night terrors.
Tinker and Cliff will probably be switching off Blog duties while I recover. Tinker's a female, by the by. She takes no offense, however.

Cliff takes offense to everything. I think he craps in Tinker's box.
my apologies, I'll get her a catnip Chia pet for her birthday.

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