Wednesday, January 31



My Sister turned 20 today.

Please direct all well-wishes and ass-kissery to the comments section. She deserves it.

Congrats, CDP's sister!
OMG. I remember when she was nearly a baby. This picture is beautiful, and so is she.
Happy Birthday!
I cannot believe she's 20. It's so typical for aging people to say something like that, but it's really stunning and humbling for me to reflect on it.

I'll be picking up her presents tonight, assuming she comes and visits me this weekend.
Not only is my beautiful daughter 20 today, but my wonderful son is 25 tomorrow :)
I cannot believe how quickly this time has gone.
Happy birthday to both of you.
We are planning on visiting this weekend if all goes well.
Happy Birthday, Alissa! You are twenty, RYan is twenty-five, and Tamara is old!
Heh-heh. She's going to love that.

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