Thursday, January 4

Winner By Technical Geek Out.


Just a friendly reminder that MySpace will eventually kill you and defile your children.

In my never-ending quest to spend more money than I make, me and the Missus have once again joined a health club. For the Missus, this is a chance to be active and healthy in a close-to-home atmosphere; for me, it's a chance to develop my body into something resembling the UFC fighters I have grown to cherish and idolize. Oh, and a chance to pee in someone elses' shower for a change.

I'm either going to be ripped and certifiably sexy in weeks, or I'll develop a blood clot in my leg that eventually kills me in my sleep. Either way, I'll give you a full report once I get rolling.

By the way, these 'mini-blogs' will continue until I have enough time to start working on my many big CDP projects this year. Stay tuned.

Here's a sad, sad story...

I have free lifetime membership to a gym near my house. I didn't use it for years, living 2 hours away. I started going religiously once I moved back in May, stayed in shape over the summer, but with the arrival of football season and the weekends of binge drinking that followed, I haven't been since late September.

It's free, and I just keep coming up with excuses not to make it...
I'll give you some sympathy for that. It makes sense that you'd go more if you were paying for it. That way, you'd feel as if you were wasting your money by not going.

If there was a free club next to my house, I probably wouldn't go either. Isn't that weird?

It reminds me of the time I was bartending the Grand Opening of my Dad's bar. There was free beer outside, yet most people were opting to go inside and buy the same beer. There are certain things that people prefer to pay for themselves, as opposed to being handed to them. It gives a feeling of independence and power, much like the whole health club thing.

Humans, by nature, are weird.
While I agree with you on the health club thing, I would push my grandmother out of the way for free beer...even if she was dying of thirst.
Fair enough.

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