Tuesday, January 9

You've Been Orton-ized!

Bow Before Or-Ton!

This is what happens when you freak out during a wrestling match and sever an artery in your forehead.

During Sunday night's New Year's Revolution pay-per-view, wrestler Triple H was legitimately injured when he tore his quad. This forced the remaining wrestlers to improvise their scripted finish, as it couldn't go on as planned with Triple H hobbling about.

Kneel Before Or-Ton!

Somewhere during the chaotic melee that ensued, Randy Orton (pictured) cut himself way too deep while selling a chair shot to the head. He either did this because he wanted to save the match somehow, or he was freaking out too much to realize how deep he was blading.

Die Before Or-Ton!

This was where he ended up before paramedics took him to the back. Passed out on top of a destroyed Announcer's table. He's okay, but it looked pretty bad for a few minutes. The chaos of the unscripted, live ending was worth the cost of the PPV alone.

So remember this, kids. If you think you're having a bad day, you could've been Randy Orton; passed out in front of 17,000 screaming fans while blood squirts out of your forehead.

From this point forward, I'm going to wear a bracelet that says "WWROD?"

How many hits did "blood squirts" generate?
Not nearly as many as there should have been.
He ain't pretty no more!
That's the frustrating thing. Even now, with the cut all sewn up and cauterized, he still looks better than me.

What a wiener. And when I say that, I seriously mean it. This guy really fills out a pair of tights.
Eeek! I'm glad that I didn't watch this. I can just imagine my mother jumping on the couch and screaming "I told you wrestling was real"
Yeah, professional wrestling can't be summed up with 'real' and 'fake.' The matches are scripted and they try really hard not to hurt each other, but the athletic prowess and death-defying risk are always present.

It's entertainment, and people should look at it as is.
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what thu

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