Tuesday, February 13

30 Below February.

Wisconsin is for lovers of wool jackets.


Oh, it isn't THAT bad :)
If we could just airlift all of Dane County to the San Diego area, things would be much better.

Until Global Warming swallowed us whole, but that's not for another 10 years or so.
A vacuum? A vacuum!?
Isn't that bad? Tell that to us that work third shift every night!

In other news, I just got a job where I can work 3 12 hour shifts, instead of 7 nights a week.
I know...the vacuum is truly baffling. It's placement directly 1/2 way up our walk goes to show it was no accident. And it is perfectly centered and facing our doorway. Half-hearted joke, if you think about it.
More like a "hoof hearted" joke, if you axe me.

If it's still there when I get home, I'm going to set it on the curb. It can sit there all week; it's no longer my problem.

RJ, if I could work 3-12 hour days a week, I certainly would (or 3-13.3 hour days, if you have my schedule).
Just for the sake of being an ass, it was 65 here all day, and sunny.
(nods slowly) Well played....well played.

I swear to you, for a good four months, Madison is the greatest city in the World.
Did I mention that I also get every Friday and Saturday night off? This is the perfect shift for someone in a band!

March 30, we're playing is Sussex. You gonna be there? Got a show up here in 2 weeks if you're in the area, too.
Where the hell is Sussex? Is that even in America?

That show in the Fox Valley might work out for us, though. I'll talk to the Missus and see what we have planned.
Looks like Razorfist is playing the next day in Green Bay, too... I've gotta get a show set up with those guys.
Yeah, they rule, so you probably should.
Yeah, they'll murder you and your zombie corpse will still attend their shows. That's how much they rule.

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