Wednesday, February 7

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Lost Friday-02/09/07.

Cancel your plans.

It's back.

F'n right!
Oh, it's on, baby... it's ON.
I'd cheer if it didn't cause me immense pain to do so. Stupid voice!
The Missus is suffering from some sort of crippling throat problem that's making her sound like Sylvia Browne all day.

Needless to say, we ain't kissing until she gets better. There's no way I'm going in for a throat culture; those things suck.

I had two fillings put in at the Dentist's yesterday, and even that was better than getting tested for Strep.
Sweet merciful crap on a cracker.

What a great episode.
As much as I found myself saying "On with it already!" through the entire episode, the ending was spectacular, and for once, kind of, sort of, answered a recently posed questions.

The question? "Would I do Juliet"?

Most definitely. If she keeps the curly hair.
I will withhold comment on last night's episode until Friday. Besides, I have an Office episode to think about tonight.
Yeah Blustacon, you gotta focus, here! I'm working on the first Lost Friday of 2007 as we speak.

Irritable Male, I'm with you on the layout of lat night's show. The flashbacks were interesting enough to keep me seated, but it was the ratcheting up of the tension that made the ending all the more fantastic.
I'm so glad it's back. My DVR is straining from the sheer number of shows I have to record, though. I feel like I probably don't have time to watch them all, and often worry about getting the storylines mixed up...but then it would be the perfect show!
All of my favorites, rolled into one: Humans stranded on a island running from humanoid Cylon models bent on genocide, while performing surgical miracles at the same time as balancing complicated interpersonal relationships interspersed with cemedic vignets and office pranks.
It's BSG meets Lost meets Grey's Anatomy meets Scrubs meets The Office. Each episode would have to be at least two hours long to accomodate all of the dramatic tension, multiple story lines, flashbacks and character development. Sooo...maybe this seems like a good in my head and not in reality...

But, YAY, Lost is back!
I did some calculations yesterday, and found out that I watch over 50 hours of television a week. I didn't even think that was possible, considering I work over 40 hours a week.

I'm planning on cutting back, but Lost isn't going anywhere.
I missed the show last night because I decided to go out to karaoke. It was me, the three people I was with and the entire Hell's Angels motorcyle club in the bar and the best singer all night was a guy named Suicide. I think I should have stayed home.
That's what you get for missing Lost. I can't believe you don't schedule your life around this show.

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