Sunday, February 25

Settle In, Kids.


This was the view from the window of the CDP Headquarters office this morning.

Looks like I'll be in here for awhile.

God, I'm hungry.

And still the snow keeps falling...'s 66 here.
I should expect to hear this from you every time I post about the Wisconsin weather. I deserve it, really, for not moving elsewhere.

Road crews have been moving snow around all day on my street, but there's just nowhere to put it. As it stands, there's about an 8 foot drift in my driveway right now.
I simply can't fathom that much snow. I mean, I've seen it on TV, but it truly blows my mind. I just don't have the real life experience to compare it to. The worst I've experienced was a blizzard one night when I was in WV skiing that left about 3 or 4 feet in a few hours. Still, we could get around and open doors.

If anyone even mentions the possibility that it might, just maybe, snow, everyone here closes down schools, businesses, and runs to the grocery store to buy bread, milk and eggs.

If it makes you feel any better, I spent yesterday and today helping a friend of mine build a deck in his backyard. The weather was nice, the beer was cold, and I dropped a 6 x 6 x 8 post on my shoulder and it hurts like a bitch. I then pulled something in my back helping my dad move his new washing machine into their house. Consider it karma. I'll never make fun of WI weather again.
Crazy. Wisconsin has a weird mojo thing working; you best not mess with our natural climate patterns.

We're one of the few places on earth where you could die getting the paper in the morning.
I woke up to a nice healthy four inches of snow this morning. That's more than we've had all winter around here. It was fun to bust out the snow blower and throw it all over the place. And it's still coming down, so who knows.I'm going to bundle the kids up in a little bit and teach them the basics of defensive snow fortifications.
Good call. I'm going to start a tunnel by the garage and attempt to eat my way to freedom.
It should also be noted that Rainn Wilson and Arcade Fire OWNED SNL this weekend. Great, great stuff.

The reason the band streaked off during the goodbyes was because they played a 20 minute 'closing concert.' According to the experts, this is the first time this has happened since U2 played there many years ago. I guess the entire cast came out and took in the glory.

Awesome. Neon Bible will debut at #1, mark my words.
I always carry a flask of grain alcohol wth me.
Yep, cuz Arcade Fire is as good as U2. PWEEEEEEEP.
Arcade Fire is your favorite band's favorite band.

That's America, it's a problem.
Thread killer.
ok that is a truly terrifying sight.. I mean unless it's like alligator poop or something, I'm totally flummoxed
Yeah, it's a real pain in the ball area.
Hey, you're the one who had to bring up the Arcade Fire--the biggest thread killer of them all.

Tell me to die in a fire; that will liven things up a bit!
Wow. I had to turn the air conditioner back on a few days ago and spent all day today running around in the countryside wearing short sleeves.

I've never seen that much snow in person. The most I've ever seen was maybe a quarter-inch and that was when my husband had to appear for a guest spot at a shop in Kentucky. We passed through one town in Tennessee that had snow and my husband, being the Detroit boy that he is, thought it would be fun to throw snow at me. The snowball never made it out of his hand because I had jumped into the car and was about to leave him right there at McDonald's in the middle of nowhere.
Many years ago, we had a friend up from Texas that had never seen snow before. We took him for a walk on a frozen lake, and he was pretty much terrified the whole time.

He can die in a fire.
Okay, WI, this isn't funny. I've apologized, please stop smiting me.

I fell off of a ladder while helping build a deck last night, and I hadn't even been drinking. Well, to be accurate, the ladder fell out from under me. Still, my ass hurts. (That's what she said!)
I'll make a few phone calls and see what I can do.

Did you fall like that QVC Channel guy? That was hilarious!
I thought I was going to fall like that QVC guy just walking from the parking ramp to the courthouse!!! ICE EVERYWHERE! I couldn't help but think how pathetic it was going to be when I feel smack on my ass and tore my dress pants. Thankfully it didn't happen. It might on the way home, though.
*feel= fell
They should really let you edit your comments after you post them, so you don't have to come off like a douchebag who can't type. Just sayin'. Are you listening, Blogger????

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