Thursday, February 1



Today, yours truly hits the quarter-century mark.

If you worked where I work, you'd be enjoying complimentary bagels with assorted cream cheeses, on me. Just one of the many perks of knowing the CDP as a casual acquaintance.

Please direct all well-wishes and ass-kissery to the comments section. I deserve it.

Please send all private messages and erotic photos to Again, I deserve it.

I took Friday off, my folks are visiting Saturday and the Super Bowl is Sunday. This means that we'll talk again on Monday.

Have a good one, and enjoy.
Happy Birthday, Ryan! I too am celebrating 25 years today. Not in age however, but in years with my employer. My co-workers are enjoying treats on me and I am scheduling myself for a brain scan to find the cause to my insanity.

There are strange things afoot with this comment section...I fear my comments are going to post several times.
Happy birthday! I was so going to say that in my comment on your blog yesterday, but I didn't know if you were one of "those" about aging. What's it like being old?
I've always said 25 is the old marker, and I will say that until next month, when I will probably change that to 28 or something.
Okay, looks like we're in the clear.

That pic 'o the CDP= HOT
Yeah, sepia tones really bring out the color of my sexy. Thanks.

Blogger was having serious issues this morning, but everything seems to be back to normal, save some lagging from time to time. Thanks for sticking it 'oot.

Congrats, Tinman. You're in Gold Watch territory.

Thanks for the photos (and the PayPal donation!), JT. I'm waiting to hear if they are able to be published.

Thanks, Kenny. I feel sort of old today; like I can no longer blame mistakes and ignorance on my youth. As far as birthdays go, they normally don't impact me very much, but this one feels a little heavier than usual.

Everyone should put cash in my PayPal account, or at least buy some merch. Yup.
There is no better way to celebrate the day of the CDP's birth than to indulge your every donating or merch-buying whim!
Indeed. My cats need more novelty sweaters.
Yeah, blogger was being a real pain in the ol' ass this morning. I sent emails out about the pics, I'll notify you posthaste (first time I've ever used that word in a sentence!)
Kenny, thank you so much for the PayPal donation. You're wonderful.

I've mentioned this before, but merch sales and PayPal donations allow me to run the CDP with no out-of-pocket costs (for things such as mail shipping, domain costs and keeping the site ad-free). That's very important, and it's always seriously appreciated.
Oh yeah...before I forget, with the Superbowl being Sunday and all...

Da Bears!
Happy birthday CDP!

I would have said so earlier, but we've had a bit of a Mooninite situation here in Boston.

BTW LiteBrites are now on the watch list, so please play responsibly.
Aqua Teen Hunger Force > Everything.

Those guys are in so much trouble.
Yeah, when I saw the incredibly long apologies on Adult Swim the other nights, and then got online to see what it was all about, I was amazed.
Welcome to adulthood. Being young and stupid is no longer an excuse in the 25+ range.
Everytime the authorities held up on of the devices I couldn't help laughing. I realize the cracks in the security facade have been exposed over this issue, but video footage of a mooninite being blown up would have been expected on youtube not the evening news. I guess you could say this is another example of how broadcast media can elevate a benign situation to panic levels.
Exactly. They put these things in pretty much every other big city in the nation, and everyone there knew what the deal was; even while Fox News was saying the threat was elevating. This was an example of people wanting to make a story out of something that had been figured out hours before.

Unfortunately, Boston looks like a laughingstock, even though I consider it one of the neatest cities in the world. And Turner Broadcasting, even after whatever fines they have to pay, created a multi-billion dollar viral marketing campaign. They just got more publicity than they ever could have dreamed of.
Television News is the cancer of our society.

Many people like to blame reality TV for making life nothing more than Entertainment. I say the TV News has profited on this far more than any other show. The News is entertainment in a far sinister form.
Wait...your birthday is Feb. 1? So is mine... You're saying we look sort of similar, have a similar sense of humour (see...adding the pretentious "U" in humor adds to the funny), and share a birthday?

*insert scary music sting here*
Happy belated birthday, Todd!
Happy Birthday!
I like your observation, Blustacon. Actual news has upset and diluted me far more than Reality TV ever will.

Thanks, Benjamin.

Happy Birthday, Todd! Or should I say...

Happy Birthday, alternate universe CDP!

It's been a big day for all of us.
Happy Birthday CDP.

In celebration, I present you with this link -

I will also provide you with a Peak Overpressure shirt when they are finished. Unless you'd prefer a Peak Overpressure thong?

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