Thursday, March 22

Look Around You - Modules 7 & 8.

All right, class. Take your seats and get ready to watch this educational film. Pay attention, because there will be notes afterward.

Please enjoy one of the funniest and most well-thought-out ideas in television history. It's no surprise that something like this would come from the UK.

Look Around You - Module #7 - "IRON."

Look Around You - Module #8 - "BRAIN."

(The best episode of the Season? You betcha'.)

Concerning Lost, let me once again clarify:

It makes staying up so late worth it!
I saw on the news this morning some wacko is goin gon a hunger strike until Sanjay is voted off. Either she is a big fan of the show and hates to see the purity of the competition ruined by cheap theatrics or she doesen't like Indians.

too close to call
Actually, now I want to see Sanjaya stay on the show until this woman dies. I hate crap like this. But hey, who likes hunger strikes more than Indians?

Was that too much? I never know.

I could do a 2000-word piece on just how much I hate this kid, but I think everyone already shares my sentiments. Furthermore, I could use that time towards something more productive, like eating a banana or falling asleep.

Man, I hate that kid.
...or use the 2000 words on a thick & meaty opposed to a thin & meager.

As Comic Book Guy from The Simpons would say, "Best. Episode. Ever."
Just to put it out there - Clemson is advancing in the NIT.

Also, Spork Nation should be back up and running over the weekend.
I thought you were going "velvet rope" there for a while.
MOE - I'm working on a Thick & Meaty as we speak. Wasn't going to, but changed my mind at the last minute.

JT - I've been keeping an eye on Clemson; you can bet I'll be watching their Final Four game on the 27th.

Also, it'll be nice to see Spork Nation back on the Internets. Welcome Ahoy!
Crap, my bad. I meant to let you know what was going on. It will all be explained in the first post back.

At Spork Nation, we welcome everyone except Canadians*

*We also welcome Canadians.
Thanks, CDP, it will be good to be back. I have so much material saved up from a week and a half off, it's ridonkulous.

Plus, pictures of the annual beard dying tradition from St. Patty's.
Poor Sanjaya...
At Spork Nation, we welcome everyone except Canadians.*

*We also welcome Canadians.

I will never not think this joke is funny. I'd pepper my page with them, if it were more socially acceptable.
I will never not think this joke is funny.

I will never not think this joke is not funny never*

(head explodes*)

Well, you're also much closer to Canada than I am, making you more susceptible to a stampeding moose attack.

And the Canadians know I really love them. What with their socialized healthcare and the fact that they make Moosehead Lager.
The last time I busted on Canadians, I got an e-mail from a sweet woman who said she was a big CDP fan, but wasn't going to read my page anymore. I apologized, she said she was teasing me, and everything went back to normal.

Whew....what a great story.

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