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I want to personally thank everyone for coming out to the first CDP Live Video Chat. And although I think I pretty much killed my mystique and lost a few fans, I consider it a huge success. I consider your attendance a favor to me, and I appreciate it.

Will we do it again next month? What do you think?

Thanks again, though. It was a good time.

Are you going to be recording the video chat or the audio for those of us that can't make it to the party? I boycott anything that happens in Central time. And don't get me started about Mountain time....
I don't think I'll be able to record the whole thing, sadly. You can record little snippets of footage, but 2 hours would probably be impossible.

Fret not, however! If things go well tonight, we can do this on a monthly basis or whatnot.

Mountain anyone lives there.
Yo - hate I missed a lot, and my audio didn't work. Perhaps an audio test run next time? I'll bring the beer.
JT, you have an account, so we can audio test any time you want. Maybe some night after work.

You missed it, though. We were all wondering where you were. It was nice of you to show, though. I may do this again next month or sometime.

Seriously though, I want to say thanks to everyone who came out and said hello. I consider it a favor, and I appreciate it. Next time it'll be bigger, better and with better music.
Goodtimes CDP, i stayed up a lot longer than I thought I would.
Yeah, I went by the bar where I work for "a beer," which turned into 6 or so, and lost track of time.

I'd love to fully participate next time.
I'm still confused at the visceral admonition that you have not and will not ever see any Star Wars movie. WTF?
Well, CDP, I am sorry to have missed this. If I had a webcam, I would have been there. It's new technology, so I'm not that hip to it.

AAhh, not really, I"m just too lazy to install it. But yes, it sounds like it was fun.

Watch Star Wars.
BLUSTACON- Thanks for sticking around for the chat. I appreciate it.

JT- I understand completely. The next time we do it, a lot of bugs will be worked out, and it will go much smoother.

TODD- Again, thanks a lot for stopping in. I've never had any reason to check out the Star Wars films, mainly because I'm not a huge sci-fi fan, and most of the insanely rabid fans have already ruined it for me 10 times over. Sort of like the same reason I'll never watch Napoleon Dynamite. I saw Phantom Menace, but only for its Natalie Portman content.

CARGIRL- You can join us next time. You DON'T need a webcam to participate! It's just a chat room with MY video feed running.

The next time we do this, it'll be a little different. People wanted me to chat less and talk more, and that's what I'll be doing. Furthermore, I'll do some level adjustments and you know....actually plan what I'm going to do for the duration of the show. Consider it an awesome pilot run, and it'll be better the next time we do it.

I'm shooting for the end of May, when Lost does its Season Finale.
Kenny was a great flamer.

warmed me right up
She's good at that. She won a CDP Baseball Cap because of it!
Thanks for falling on my side of Smucker's jelly dispute. Counting you and your Mrs., I have 4 people on my side!

Maybe next time you can settle other great household dispute: given equal ingedients and cook time, does the shape of the pasta change the taste.

Oh hell, settle it right now!
Any time I'm able to bust out my 'Smuckers Commercial Narrator' impression, I'm a happy guy.

In my opinion, all pasta tastes the same. Different shapes are prepared in different ways, however. It may be unofficial, but I'm sticking to that answer.
I totally understand how fans have ruined Star Wars for you. I'm just surprised that at some point you've never seen it. It's like the person I met who had never had a hamburger. They told me, "I've just never thought to have one..." It just seems odd.

I get how geek fan-boys ruin things, though. I can't tolerate sitting through much of any Monty Python sketch or movie because of the people that constantly quote it.
(But seriously, WTF? You've never seen Star Wars?)
P.S. - I'm sorry you had to watch "Phantom Menace."

P.S.S. - Yes, pasta shape matters, although they taste the same. It's mostly a matter of what you're putting on top of said pasta.
Todd's right about the pasta. For the most part, it's all in the preparation.

Nobody in my family is a Star Wars fanatic. In school, I never hung out with people who cared for much sci-fi stuff, and by the time I got to high school and college, it seemed like I really missed my window of opportunity to enjoy it.

These days, however, I simply refuse to watch it just because I like to piss off my close friends who live and die by it. I still know I won't enjoy it, though, so it's probably never going to happen. I know that I seem to be the kind of person who would be a huge fan of the series, but it's always escaped me.

/Hasn't seen LOTR, either.

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