Wednesday, April 18


"Remember what you were saying about people in the 'burbs? People like Skip. People who mow their lawn for the 800th time, and then just snap? WELL, THAT'S US! It's not them, it's US!. WE'RE the ones who are vaulting over the fences, and peeking in through people's windows! WE'RE the ones who are throwing garbage into the street and lighting fires! WE'RE the ones who are acting suspicious and paranoid! WE'RE the lunatics. It's not them. It's us."

The Burbs. The funniest movie ever made.

Enjoy your Wednesday.

Ah man, the Klopeks were some creepy sons-a-bitches.

It's funny that Desperate Housewives now uses The Burbeseses's' set. Funny to me at least.
No doubt. I'm considering watching Desperate Housewives for the sole purpose of seeing the Cul-De-Sac again.

The Burbs was one of the very few Tom Hanks movies that sort of flopped at the box office, but amassed a cult following thereafter. I guess the problem was that the movie didn't really know what it wanted to be (black comedy, horror, slapstick, spoof), but in 2007, hybrid shows and films are commonplace.

I consider it ahead of its time, and still absolutely hilarious. I'm going to have to watch it again this weekend.
Let's not get carried away--it is NOT the funniest movie ever made.
Sure, there have been some movies that completely redefined or invented genres (Spinal Tap, Airplane!, Dr. Strangelove), but as far as a mainstream comedy goes (what's more mainstream than Tom Hanks?), nothing touches The Burbs.
You quite obviously have not seen Speed 2
Good point.

"It's like Speed, but on a boat!"
Did you ever see Neighbors?

I'm a sucker for anything suburban. I've never written a straight-ahead 'comedy' screenplay before, but when I do, it'll be set in the 'burbs.
The Burbs is only the funniest movie ever if you've never seen any other movies.

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