Monday, June 18

1983 Represent.

Rhyming and Scheming since 1982.

Enjoy your Monday; I'm still on vacation.




Nice couch?
wow, now THAT is a couch. It looks rough and nubbily enough to peel flesh. We were hardcore in the 80s
I had one like that too. I think it was made of burlap.
My family had that couch forever. I'm assuming that it's still in circulation somewhere. Yeah, it was pretty bristly.

I kind of wish my hair still looked like that. It's sort of back in style now. Not to mention the pajamas.

My Mom recently hooked me up with a huge stack of photographs, so this will be the first of about a hundred more this summer. Just warning you.

More poop jokes are on the way, I promise.
Straight gangster
In "normal" people, your eyes are almost exactly halfway down your face, measured vertically from the top of your head to your chin. Your eyes, in this picture, are considerably lower than this. Not that this makes you weird or anything. (It does.)

I have a coat that looks very similar to that sofa. While is lined, so it isn't scratchy on the inside, it is very scratchy wool on the outside. If I were to buy that sofa today at GoodWill, it would cost maybe $10. Why then did my coat cost $300?

These are things I shall ponder as I fall asleep tonight.
I have a considerably large forehead; hence the optical illusion. I take strides to keep it as covered up as possible nowadays.
Quite to the contrary, have you considered selling adspace via temporary tattoos?
That crossed my mind for a split second today, yes.

I know where you can get some PBR tattoos!
I'll bite. Where?
From JT.
She's got a valid point. I do still have a handful.

On a related note, I'm satrting to make some serious noise about that 'shine. In addition to the jar I've promised y'all, I need a few jars to make apple brandy with.

Damn unreliable hillbillies.
About these Moonshine they wear bibs with no shirts on underneath? With one strap down? Will the bottle say 'XXX' on it?

I honestly think that people like that still exist, and it's your duty to convince me that they do.
Indeed they do, although the bottle will just be a mason jar.

Luckily, I rarely interact directly with the "distiller," I usually go through a 3rd party.

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