Wednesday, July 11

And I Wonder.

If Everything Could Ever Feel This Real Forever.

I can't believe that it's been 10 years since the Foo Fighters' The Colour And The Shape was released. Furthermore, I can't believe that it's been 10 years since the release of Everlong, which I believe is the greatest Modern Rock song of all time.

The 10th Anniversary Edition of The Colour And The Shape was released yesterday; go pick it up if you don't already own it. Until then, please watch this live performance of Everlong in Hyde Park. It's well worth it to watch the whole thing; I was almost moved to tears. For best results, listen to it at home or on headphones, so you can really turn it up and hear the crowd.

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your Wednesday. 5 posts in 5 days? You'd better believe it.

Dave Grohl can kiss my rump
Clearly, you didn't watch the video.

I swear to Jeebus, the next person that says something negative to me is going to get teabagged.
Wait for it...
My pants are already unzipped in anticipation.

The next time I write a song, that lyric will be in there somewhere.
Since no one will oblige...

It kills me to say this...

Dave Groehl went to Duke.

I will completely understand if you ban me from your pa
I'm not a massive Foo Fighters fan, but I cannot deny that Everlong is one of the greatest rock songs I've ever heard.

Man, I really should not have admitted this, I guess.
There's nothing wrong with the Foo Fighters, whatsoever. Everlong is fantastic, not to mention Monkey Wrench on GTHII. I was simply playing into your teabag schtick. JT must be sick today. He'd have helped me.

Actually, after looking things over, maybe all of the CDPeons are on the next Hale Bob expedtion without me...
Sorry for showing up late to the party, kids.

I bet Dave Grohl drinks Bomb Pop.
I hear you, Moe. It's a Wednesday, though; whaddyagunnado?

From the creators of "...Went To Duke," comes "...Drinks Bomb Pop!"

Awesome burn; perfect usage. +1 for JT.

Furthermore, I'll be debuting a saying tomorrow that I'm banking on sweeping the nation. I think I've come up with something that might actually work in the cultural lexicon, and it's pretty hilarious to boot.
Speking of debuting sayings, I don't know if any of you remember when David Spade used to do something along the lines of Hollywood Minute on Weekend Update on SNL.

He once did a spot where he named four people, one of whom was Billy Ray Cyrus and said "Anyone who will still have a career next year, step forward. Not so fast, Billy Ray."

My roommate and I have started using "Not so fast, Billy Ray."

It's awesome.
While we're on the subject of quotable lexicon...

My friends and I use, "Oh, you think so Doctor" from Boogie Nights (picked up on this from Bill Simmons). Works anytime someone says something utterly obvious.

I really like the Bill Ray quote. Spade's Hollywood Minute was always welcome in the Isemann household...
My favorite Hollywood Minute moment was when they kept cycling through images of Homer Simpson, the Skipper from Gilligans Island, Johnny Depp, Billy Ray and a few others, while Spade went off on a tangent:

"Deep! Doh! Deep! Dope! Depp! Dip! Doh!

(a photo of Shaggy appears)


Gets me every time.
Someone ask me why I don't like Dave Grohl...just ask me. I dare you.
Did he steal your bike?
Call me easy, call me a whore. I'll bite...twice.

Hathery, why don't you like the lead singer of the Foo Fighters (and Duke alum), Dave Grohl?
Everlong is one of the greatest songs ever written, no doubt, no doubt. I don't know if any stations carried Howard Stern pre-Sirus in your parts--of the country, that is--or if you cared for him at all, but ole Dave dropped by once and sang a super cool acoustic version of Everlong. I've never been able to find a decent download of it (Howard never releases that stuff on his own and he's quite litigious), but here's a slightly muddy version for your listening pleasure:
Hathery's going to say that he looks like a monkey. I'm sure of it.

Lott can feel me. Figuratively, of course. I just think of all the parties and life-altering instances where Everlong popped up, and it made nearly everything seem even cooler and more beautiful. It's also David Letterman's favorite song, and the favorite song of most of the KERRANG! staff. Can't argue with that.

Thanks for the link, yo. Seriously, did anyone watch that video?
Did they change anything in the 10th anniversary edition? Please tell me they didn't change a single goddamn note.

Front to back(or side-to-side, if you own a cd/mp3 player that will do that), Colour and the Shape is my favorite album of all time. Of all time.(Italics for effect, yo)

It's impossible for me to listen to the songs out of order, because that's not the way it was meant to be heard.
See? I knew that I wasn't a complete nut bag; TCATS really is one of the best modern rock albums of all-time.

I don't think they changed any songs, but they included a bunch of unreleased and B-side stuff. It's re-mastered, too.

Everlong remains untouched, as it is already perfect.
No, you're not the only nutbag around these parts.

(I just noticed that you used ", yo" in the comment above mine. Did I get that from you, or is it that we're so in agreement here that we're starting to sound alike? I'm guessing it's the latter. Either way, it's a little creepy.)

Anyhow, I'm continually surprised when people tell me they've never listened to that entire album, yet they've heard Everlong and other songs from it. I almost feel sad for them. If I weren't so self-centered that I could feel pity, of course. =]
I think that everyone gets everything from me, so I'm not the best person to axe.

I'll listen to the album tonight when I run, and remind myself of 1997...Bill Clinton and Mambo #5 and stuff.
As much respect I have for Grohl...I just can't get into the Foo's. They have some good/great songs but I just cannot listen to an entire album and enjoy it. The entire time I'm screaming in my mind...dude, please...go back to the drums! Then I put on my Songs for the Deaf album and enjoy Grohl playing drums once again.
I was just going to say that Dave Grohl was ugly, that's all. I'm w/ SilverNeurotic, though!

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