Wednesday, July 18

How To Make A Bomb Pop (OUTTAKES).

Well, Monday's Bomb Pop Video did much better than I thought it would. It generated hundreds of hits, dozens of comments and was ranked in the YouTube Top 10 under the 'How-To & DIY' category. Not too bad for a few hours of work and only 2 days on the Interweb.

Today, I wanted to share with you 4 minutes of outtakes from the 'Bomb Pop' session. If anything, I know how to milk a good thing until it's completely dry. Also, it's pretty funny. Make sure, however, to watch the original clip before watching all of the mistakes. It won't make any sense, you see.

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I finally was able to watch it. So hilarious.
Awesome. I'm a sucker for completion, so there was no way I couldn't put all the outtakes up. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Of course, all this means is that I'll have to start doing these every weekend in some capacity. What should we tape this weekend?
Awesome. I appreciate your dedication to your craft.

How many shots of straight vodka did you take?
Too many. He was quite obnoxious the rest of the day.
Including the 3 Bomb Pops I drank, I would assume that I took over a dozen shots in a 2-hour period. I don't recommend it, and I wasn't even planning on drinking; it just sort of happened throughout the course of the shoot.
It always starts that way. I wasn't PLANNING on drinking, but...
I'm still classy, damn it! Don't you see the blazer?
You are truly my hero.

I'm attending a wedding in Baton Rouge this weekend and have decided to take the makings for Bomb Pops and Mint Juleps with me, since my hotel room has a kitchennette.
How about film some hot phone-on-phone prank call action? A how-to on a prank phone call? Come ON!

JT: My heart skipped 68 beats, I died, was resurrected, and then I sacrificed that very heart Indiana-Jones-style when I think of enjoying juleps and LA simultaneously. I drip with jealousy.
JT - The Bomb Pop invades the Bayou. I can't wait. Glad you enjoyed the outtakes. Mmm-mmm-MMM!

KENNY - Gosh, I haven't pranked in a long time. I do good impressions, but I've run out of people to call. Ben invented a new cookie that uses Cocoa Pebbles in the batter, so we'll probably be whipping that up this weekend.

Kenny's got the vay-puhs.
I should also mention that my "MMM-MMM-MMM!" bit was a mention to the Merrill Howard Kalin Show, which could be the most unsettlingly hilarious Public Access show in the history of the planet.
Kenny - I'll be sure to drink one (or several) for you.

CDP - The White Trash Party pictures are up. Enjoy.
Okay, that was brilliant. It makes me want to throw a theme party, and NOW! That moustache should have its own blog.
One of my coworker's parents had a an actual white-trash family move in next door. Her parents erected a big fence so they wouldn't have to see them, but the white-trash family just threw all their beer cans over the fence. Thankfully, the house has been foreclosed on so maybe the next family will be a better one.
When you start running out of room for your empties, there's a problem.

I also just realized that I've only drank beer out of a can on like, 3 occasions in my life. Weird.
Only thrice? That is odd. I've only had beer in a can 3 times today.
Yeah, I guess it never came up. I drank my first can of beer (ever) in the 8th grade, my second at Ben's wedding reception when I was 23, and one at UFO Days last year (because we were in the middle of nowhere and it was 200 degrees).

I don't go to bars, and when I drink beer it's usually at a restaurant. When I'm at home, I almost always drink New Glarus beer, which is in bottles. Weird; this is all very weird to me.
Yeah, people in Madison tend to drink from bottles I think. Much more la-te-da, I guess.
There was some "middle fingers for everyone" there - good stuff!
Of course, I could watch a feature length film composed entirely of outtakes.
Drinking out of plastic bottles is funny, because it's slightly more dignified than a can, yet they're still afraid your going to brain someone with it.

Maus, I had to trim about 20 minutes of outtakes down to 4 over the course of 2 days. I'll invite you over the next time I take on a project like that. Dee-lish!
Drinking beer out of a bottle is much more social upper echelon than drinking from cans. Exhibit A: PBR. Exhibit B: You can't crush a bottle on your forhead.
I crushed a bottle on my forehead once, but by the time I came to, the party was over and there was a new President in office.

That was some of the greatest amateur video* since people started filming men getting involuntary sterility treatments** with every day house hold objects***.
When I first saw the video I couldn't help but be a little disappointed with the sip of vodka you took. I guess I was expecting a little more theatrical chug. After watching the outtakes and the numerous live action (no stunt shots here!) swigs, my purely plutonic man-to-man respect for you only grew deeper.

* JT's cinnamon shot is right up there
** i.e. wacked in the nads
*** balls, corks, framed photos of Dwight D Eisenhower...

Thanks, Blustacon! I appreciate that, it had been a long-time coming.

I wanted to show the outtakes because not only were they semi-humorous, but I wanted to prove that I indeed got myself accidentally plastered at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon. I want to be remembered as a method actor more than anything.

Then an educator, then a Communist, and then an entertainer.
Furthermore, one of the reasons that I think people have taken positively to the clip has to do with the reassurance that I'm not some deranged lunatic living in my parent's crawlspace.

It's crazy. People thought I'd be elfin. people thought I'd have a high and whiny voice. People thought that I'd be a huge letdown in comparison to the witty essayist they have grown to know and love. I'm glad that I made people feel more comfortable about liking me.

I wasn't wearing pants, though.
You ARE elfin. That kitchen island is only 3 1/2 feet tall.
The entire set was specially built to proportion in my basement. It was the most elaborate 2 minute clip in the history of YouTube.
Melissa (the girlfriend) just watched both clips. She's amazed at how similar our sense of humor is.
North & South unite! This video is like the Golden Spike of Justice.
And what's very funny is how surprised each of you was to hear the other's voice! I laughed like crazy when I watched your clip, JT :)
Just catchin' up on some CDP...

Excellent job. You surpassed 99.9% of all other youtube clips just by the very fact that you used a separate microphone and not the built in one on the camera.

Weird, before I saw those clips, I always assumed you were a black woman.
Yeah, we don't screw around when it comes to Viral Videos.

Welcome back, 'foo! Now sit down and let me cook you sum' grits!

//Not really a racist.

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