Wednesday, July 25

I'm On Facebook.

I'm on Facebook.

It was really only a matter of time before the CDP sold out.

I'm on Facebook, and I'm in the process of wrangling anyone and everyone that has ever spoken to me in the last 25 years to head on over to the CDP and say hello. Stay awhile. Buy a t-shirt, giggle and whatnot. If you're on Facebook and want to 'add' me, let me know. If you found the CDP through Facebook, sound off in the comments section and say hello.

Understand that every day, I add new friends until Facebook blocks me from continuing, so if I didn't get to you yet, I will. I promise. Scout's Honor. My goal is to increase and revitalize traffic on the CDP, and catch up with some new and old friends in the process. If you wanted to know what I've been up to for the last 4 years, you're in the right place.

Well, maybe not you...but come on. Like we ever talked anyways.

I'm too old for Facebook, mein freund.

Your wife can find me otherwise.
I hear you. It's complicated, void of emotion and far more of a Networking site than a "write stuff because you're trying to be creative" site. Nonetheless, there are people there that should be turned onto the CDP, and I need to lead them here.
What? How much older are you JT?
JT turns 50 in October.
I'm actually 72.
Well, you don't look a day under 50.

The new Guitar Hero rules.
I remember at my birthday a few years ago (I think it was probably my 21st birthday) I was at the CDP's mom's house and the CDP's little cousin Jesse was there. The CDP's mom asked Jesse how old he thought I was turning. He looked up at me, pondered the question, and replied ecstatically..."80!"
It was nice of him to take 10 years off of what he was really thinking. Kids are tactful like that.

Still blocked from Facebook. What a crock. I'm deleting my account.
If it makes you feel any better, I was "sirred" at the bar last night.

Some 18 to 21 year old sorority girl said "Yes, sir." when I asked if she needed a drink.
It's over, old man.
Don't delete your account, ya turd. Just send a message to them or something.
I know...but I had a good run. I have no regrets. I'll just quietly fade off into the sunset.

Melissa actually started counting my grey hairs the other day. She got to 16 before I made her stop.
"No play for Mister Grey!"
Gray hair is sexy. Just ask George Clooney.
And 1/3 of Jay Leno.

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