Thursday, July 12

I've Got A Refrigerator To Clean.

Sorry to bum out the 3 of you that cared.

TOMORROW: I Can See Your Butthole!
(the phenomenon begins...)

I want to mention that I will be in the LIVE VIDEO CHAT ROOM (link in the sidebar) until 1pm Central today (THURSDAY).

If you have a few minutes, stop in and say hello. There's no video, but there will still be a (very) small chat going. Thanks!
1PM Central, my ass.

It's not quite 2PM Eastern, and you're nowhere to be found.
I ducked out early, because nobody showed up for 2 hours. I was getting all depressed. Sorry about that; that kind of sucks now.
Aww man! I could've joined you! I was totally bored all morning, and my supervisor was in a meeting until 30 minutes ago!!!
You blew it, girl! Blew it!

By the way, I know your hammies probably hurt, but we've got to run again this afternoon, same distance. Unless you're quitting on me, which would make you full of fail and no longer welcome at CDP Headquarters.

Don't you let me down.
Wierd things hurt today- like my shins and abs. I will run the same distance I did yesterday- run one lap around the park, walk half, and run half.

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