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I Call The Gun Lamp!

I'm keeping this quick and relatively joke-free. It's been a long weekend, and I want to go to bed.

The Simpsons Trivia Contest was last Thursday night at The Old Fashioned in downtown Madison. My team arrived in character, in uniform and ready to destroy the 19 other teams in our way of Pop Culture immortality.

Beautiful Downtown Madison.

The Old Fashioned was top-notch, sporting Pabst Blue Ribbon specials, copious cheese plates and an awesome waitstaff. I've never been there before, but I'm totally going back the first chance I get.

PBR. A Wisconsin Tradition.

Once the 20 teams got situated at about 9:15pm, the contest got down to business. Me, the Missus, Sherry and Nathan 'The Ringer' Comp put our collective heads together and started picking apart the contenders and pretenders.

We're Ready To Roll.

There were 9 rounds of 10 questions each. Jesse Russell, the MC, was working hard and making sure that the whole thing went off without a hitch. I appreciated his efforts; it went really well, and I also enjoy it when he links to the CDP on Dane 101.

I Only Drink Classy.

The winner of each round got themselves a mini-prize and the overall winner won the cash (around $100, from what I could tell). After losing the first two rounds to 'Team Bitey,' The Hank Scorpio Experience started to pick up steam, eventually winning 3 individual rounds before the end.

As the rounds went on, Us and Team Bitey were fighting neck and neck for 1st place, as the remaining competition started to slowly drift further and further away from us. Considering the collaborative minds that I saw when I entered The Old Fashioned, I didn't think we'd be doing this well going into the final round. Nathan Comp was our savior. This guy was an absolute ringer, answering every question I didn't know. I seriously thought he was cheating for a second; that's how rad it was.

I Know Nothing.

Nine rounds and two mini-prizes later, the results were in.

We had finished 2nd to Team Bitey.

By two points.


We Made Off Like Bandits.

Nonetheless, it was a lot better than I had envisioned, we had a great time and got our admission fee back. We also won a Simpsons DVD and a frosted mug that I'm drinking Newcastle out of as we speak. Next time, we're taking everything; I guarantee it.

Thanks to everyone who put the contest on, it was cool as hell. Can't wait to do it again; maybe Mystery Science Theater 3000 trivia next time?

We also saw the movie on Friday night, and I quite enjoyed it, although the white-trash theater crowd didn't laugh at a single highbrow joke. Either way, I was as satisfied as I could be, and I certainly recommend it.

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your Monday.

I remember being in sixth grade when The Simpsons first hit ... and our school tried banning kids from wearing Simpsons t-shirts because they thought Bart exclaiming "Eat My Shorts" was bad.

It's rather funny to see them freaking out over that, seeing what's on television now, in contrast.
Oh yeah, The Simpsons is one of the most wholesome sitcoms on television right now. But when they came out in 1988, they faced such a dungstorm that there are parents who still won't let their kids watch it.

Idiots. There are at least 50 episodes of The Simpsons that should be analyzed in colleges. There should be an entire socio-political course dedicated to the themes and issues tackled by this show.
My school also banned The Simpsons clothing, but it was based on Bart's "Underachiever and Proud of it" motto.

Congrats on the 2nd place finish, CDP.
Ironically, Bart is the funniest and smartest part of the entire Simpsons Movie. He (she) was great in the film.

Thanks, JT. We took a picture of the PBR thing just for you.
Mmmm, cheese plate.


Congrats on winning the role of understudy to the 1st place finishers. If they are deemed incapable of fulfilling their duties, I'm sure you'll be right there to step up.

Where I used to work a couple years ago we did this same type of thing, except it was general movie trivia. The company was in the tv industry, and we had a few people whose sole means of communication consisted of movie quotes - and they would then dare you to guess the name of the film, and would gloat mercilessly if you didn't know it. Someone finally decided to hold a challenge to decide who was the most knowledgeable, and it was a lot of fun.
Yeah, the Simpsons thing was 3 against 5, but I don't hold that as an excuse. I like to assemble a small group of ringers and shock the world on a daily basis.

When the 2008 World Series Of Pop Culture returns, I'm assembling my team based on CDP readers. We'll be unstoppable.

When I was in middle school, a friend and I created a comic book based on the interactions between all of our friends. One of us spoke entirely in song quotes. This was funny...for about 5 minutes, as I'm sure you can attest to.
Speaking of talking in quotes...a CDP fun fact: If someone says something that reminds the CDP even vaguely of a TV/movie quote, he must speak it out loud (regardless of how irrelevant it is to the situation) in order to appease his OCD.
It's very true and more than a little annoying.
I'm off to replace my DVR box at the cable company. We had a power surge last night that blew up the box and almost exploded Headquarters.
Stupid DVR. how dare you cease to bring me hours of TV enjoyment???
Got a new one, but it's more ghetto than the first. On the bright side, we get 2 times the recording time.
I took a media class in college and we had a several weeks just on the Simpsons. It was great. I even wrote a 10 page paper on Homer, hackily titled "Homer's Odyssey."

We watched that one episode where Homer is accused of sexual harassment. "That's a half truth!"
That's a great episode; worthy of discussion.

"He's Rowdy Roddy Peeper!"
"Stop saying 'gummy'!"
Back in high school, I was sitting in Sunday School class with a couple of friends of mine. We were discussing the Simpsons, and the episode where Homer makes a bargain with the devil over a donut. However, the preacher's kid kept saying it was a hoagie, NOT a donut in the story.

As I has just seen the episode a few nights before in reruns, I proceeded to correct him and tell him that is was not, in fact, a hoagie, but a donut...and that his butthole was showing. He then called me a "psycho bitch." Exact words.

The Simpsons are responsible for me being called a "psycho bitch," in church, by the P.K. I am so incredibly proud of that moment.

I would like to say that this kid went on to smoke crack and drink large amounts of bomb-pop in back alleys, but that would be a lie. Unfortunately he went on to help discover a significant amount of the human genome...for a non-profit scientific organization.

Whatever. I was right.
My favorite part of the story is hearing that a man of the cloth went on to use science to help people instead of religion. See, kids? Science WORKS!

I'm all for prayer when I have a headache, but I'd rather take a Tylenol, you know?
Godot, that story rules.
Big ups on the Butthole reference, too. I want that on my tombstone.
I missed your write up! Thanks! I'll link to it in tomorrow's breakfast links.
Hey, thank you! When you do Mystery Science Theater 3000 trivia, I'll write the questions for you!
this is well belated but i was on team bitey :)

you gave us a run for our money. but after all, we are the big one.

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