Wednesday, August 8

Better Than Catsup.

Here is the third and final commercial in the Killer Sandbox Productions 'Top This!' Trilogy. I think you'll agree that Ketchup is better than Catsup, but only by a little bit.

The featured cat is Tinker, who is the most beloved living thing in the entire world to me besides the Missus, and maybe my Mom if she decides to cover the $115 I just put on her Express Men card. 'Dem boxa' showts sho' run a lotta' chedda'!*

Have a good day.

*The boxer shorts that I purchased were slightly more expensive than previously estimated.

My voice-over sucks, but I had to do it on the fly. Forgive me.
Tinker is a gorgeous and wonderful being. She deserves to be kissed and cuddled.
I think that it should have been an equal comparison.

Dunk the burger in the ketchup, then poke Tinker with it.

I would have laughed, and Tinker could have had a small bite as a reward.
She actually did get a treat afterwards. We were all almost in tears, because watching her in that costume was probably the saddest thing I've ever seen. She looked nothing short of pathetic.
She couldn't move.
She just looked up at us in desperation, with her nystagmus-riddled eyes twitching sadly.
I'm surprised she didn't yak.
Or yack, either way.
Best Ketchup commercial I have ever seen. Hands down.

I think a shot of someone poking a cat with half a burger would have been hilarious.

As angry as it would have made PETA, I would have split in two. Then again, a lot of things that anger PETA make me laugh a whole lot.*

* exept having a ketchup bottle stuck on your head. that is seriously humiliating. Poor Tinker.
Tinker is a trooper, but if Headquarters ever starts on fire, I'm grabbing my iMac and dashing for the exit. Renter's Insurance will pay for a new cat.
So, I saw The Simpsons over the weekend. I LOVED the first half hour and mildly enjoyed the last sixty minutes. After watching Family Guy religiously over the last two years, The Simpsons was exactly what I thought it was (i.e. - Denny Green).


Renters' Insurance will NOT pay for a new cat. It's not everyday I can write about insurance on the interweb, so thanks for giving me the chance. On that note, Woody Harrelson was the best insurance salesman of the 20th century in Doc Hollywood.
...And the winner for Most Completely Random Comment Of The Day goes to...

(drummroll & cymbal crash)


(applause and hoots)

Nah, I'm just bein' a jerk. The Simpsons Movie delivered, and I was as happy with it as I could be. They did what they needed to do, and I can't bust on them too hard for attempting the impossible.

If Renter's Insurance cannot cover an actual life, then what is it good for?
The Simpsons movie was OKAY. That's all.
Poking Tinker with a burger would have been GENIUS. Trying to squeeze Tinker onto a burger would have been gross. It's weird how that works.

This has my vote for favorite of the three, though I liked them all.
I started playing the commercial and my husband made a face & said "What the hell...?" - so it has my vote! Ketchup IS better than Catsup! But where does Katsup factor into this equation?

If that had been my cat, I would have had to worry about some serious retaliation for the indignity of the costume. Sinister, Ninja-style, middle of the night kind of stuff...
Awesome feedback; Sandbox Films appreciates your patronage.

We would have done the burger thing, but we don't have any meat and Boca Burgers just don't look the same on camera. :)

Tinker has no claws (at all), so she's pretty much at our mercy 24/7. Remember how Brian Dunkleman looked standing next to Ryan Seacrest for Season 1 of American Idol? Yeah....just like that.
Poor, gentle meezer. She has no defenses at all.
Very funny!

And it works as a great audition reel should she ever want to become a Lazer Cat on SNL.
LazerCats rule!
Mmmmmmm... I could go for a veggie burger right about now, one of those from 5-and-Diner.

Anyway, a huge thank you from all of us here at Killer Sandbox Films for all of the feedback. Ryan, thank you for posting the commercials! You're the coolest!
Me, too. Let's go tonight. Tell Ben.
I'll tell him! Something tells me that it won't take much convincing.
That's what I like to hear. The Missus will be home around 5:30.
We have an appointment at Anytime Fitness from 4:45-5:45, but we should be home shortly after. We'll give you a call. Sound good?

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