Friday, August 24

"Leave It To Me. We're Checking Out."

I Need A New Muse.

1. After chatting with JT and Blustacon on Stickam Wednesday night, I got to thinking about something in regards to music. I've always been a fan of the mixtape, and I thought it would be cool if we could all participate in the CDP Nationwide Mix-Tape Trade. Here's the skinny:

a) This is open to anyone willing to burn a music CD and mail it out to another CDP reader.

b) If you wish to be a part of it, you can throw your name into the collective hat by either saying so in the comments section, or e-mailing me at

c) If I get enough willing participants, I will draw names like a gift exchange, giving everyone one other person for which to create a mix-tape for. I'll post e-mail addresses on the CDP for contact and mailing purposes.

We'll go from there. If you're interested, let me know as soon as possible so I can make this happen. Everyone likes getting stuff in the mail, listening to mix-tapes and being turned on to new music, so get on board and let's use this blog to do something neat for once.

2. If the Milwaukee Brewers find another way to whiz the postseason down their leg again, I'm going to shoot a newborn kitten in the back of the head with a potato gun. That's not a threat; that's a promise. The Green Bay Packers are set for another disappointing year, the Milwaukee Bucks have been lowering expectations for a decade now, and Wisconsin doesn't even have a pro Hockey team to bust on. The Brewers haven't been in the playoffs for 25 seasons, and I'm simply refusing to wait another year. Get your crap together.

Special Like Me.

3. The book is coming along fine. Final editing will take place until the end of the month, followed by two more weeks of cutting, formatting and whatnot. Tack on another week for graphic design, and you're looking at a release date of very late September. I won't rush things if I'm not happy, so an early October release is becoming a possibility. We'll see what happens.

The Missus wants the above picture to be the cover and title of the book, because I look completely and utterly handicapped. She finds this hilarious for whatever reason; to be fair, I was attempting to catch a basketball at the time. This will not be the cover or title of the book, just so we're all clear. I'd have a hard time selling this to relatives and co-workers with a blatant joke at the expense of the mentally challenged right on the cover. It's not good for business.

4. At the Lingerie & Pajama Party last night, I gave $100 worth of CDP merch away to someone who had no idea who I was, and didn't care the least bit (I'm only assuming this because I left before the name was drawn). So much for being a local celebrity. Maybe I need to go into rehab or something before people really start paying attention to me.

$100 is a lot of money, so when this person found out they had just won a messenger bag, a mousepad, two t-shirts, a coffee mug and various other stickers and buttons, they cared not what logo was upon these goods. In fact, they probably just turned everything inside-out. I'll be watching, though, and if I ever see one of my shirts on some starving African kid, I'll be seriously pissed off. The night was pretty rad, but the best part was PWN1NG Jesse Russell at Ms Pac-Man.

5. I'll be spending the weekend cleaning my basement and anticipating the arrival of our new hedgehog. You'll get a full report on Monday. Sound off in the comments section, and have a great weekend.

Is it possible to photoshop your 40-lb childhood cat into that photo somewhere?


I'm obsessed with that cat.
I guess making references to the "handicapable" might not boost book sales, but it made me chuckle (and also made me think of the South Park episode I watched a couple of days ago).

As far as a CD-swap, I'm game since I do this with my friends all the time. Just another reason to dig through my CDs and attempt to catalog my MP3 collection.
BRUCE - I love my current cats and all, but you're right; I think that 'Shirley' just became the Official Spokescat of the CDP. Just for you, I'll put up some more pictures of her next week.

MAUS - If I were already an established author that didn't have to rely on relatives and co-workers to sell books, I'd do this in a heartbeat. Until then, I need to pander to those with the money.

Thanks for getting on board the Mixtape Trade! I'll keep everyone posted!
Ok, I dig visiting your blog. But now, it has just become the reason to wake up every morning next week if you're going to put up some more pictures of her! Rock and roll.
My mom recently handed over thousands of old photographs, so we have her to thank. Expect to see a steady stream of 80's CDP photos until the book is completed.

The public demands more Shirley, and who am I to refuse?
I'm in on the mix-tape trade. I hope someone likes obscure country music, porno soundtracks and train whistles.
CDP - where did your storefront go? I was going to snag another shirt for tailgating in, since mine is stained with beer, wine, dirt, and various other smudges.
Ryan, I got your message this morning! I totally forgot about the lingerie party- I've been pretty wrapped up in my teaching job that is about to begin!

I should be done with editing your book today! My supervisor isn't here for my last day of work at Pepsi! What to do, what to do...
Train whistles!? You read my mind!

My storefront is right near the top of the sidebar. It's the big logo that says 'CDP WEBSTORE.'

Maus and JT, please give me your e-mail addresses for the Mixtape Trade. Same goes for anyone else who wants in. I'll remind people about this for another week or two.
Sherry, thanks for wrapping up the editing this week. That way, I can get through the final edit before the end of the month.

The Lingerie Party was pretty wild. A cute, sassy, grown-up, good time was had by all.

During one of the numbers where the Foxy Veronicas were shedding their 70's car wash uniforms to the disco song of the same name, I was keeping more of an eye on the Packer game. And it wasn't even a regular season game; I'm officially cashing in my Man Card.
I'm not busting on the Foxy Veronicas in any way, by the by. They were all amazingly talented and beautiful.

One girl was hogtied and suspended from a huge rack, which was freaking wild. It may seem a bit offensive, but those girls were laughing too hard and having way too much fun for anything else but enjoyment to come out of it.
I'm all about the mixtapes. And even though I'm an elitist snob and tend to think everyone else's taste in music is crap, I love finding out their song choices (for purposes of ridicule) and being exposed to new music (which is usually crap). Let's get the party started! Oh, and I've given up long ago on the Milwaukee sports teams dominating. Now I just watch for fun (and ridicule (it's getting to be a theme!)).
Okay, here's who's in so far for the Nationwide Mix-Tape Trade:

1. theCDP -

2. The Missus -



5. HeyFakeDomsar -

Awesome, I think that within a week or so, we can wrangle in enough people to make this really interesting.
Ben? Sherry? You two want in on this?
CDP - your webstore link is not showing up in my browser window. I checked with Explorer, Opera, and Firefox.

I can see's right above the "Contact the CDP" text. It's a Test Pattern, and the link is functioning. Has the hooch finally made you properly blind??? haha.
I should be done with editing your book today! My supervisor isn't here for my last day of work at Pepsi! What to do, what to do...

I thought she was taking you out for lunch today?
Oh, and one more thing....Periods go IN the parentheses. IN THEM, I tell you!
Yeah...still can't see it or the video chat link (which I could see 2 days ago, since I joined in.)

I even turned off my firewall to see if it was preventing the images from loading...odd.
Gosh, I don't know what to tell you. I have nothing bad coming from my end, maybe your computer's just being a turd today.

In either case, you can just go to! you have an addblocker that's blocking it? Sometimes those will get blocked by adblockers, since technically I guess that's what they are.
Celia- She WAS supposed to bring me out to lunch today, so I didn't bring a lunch. I think that I might try for Noodles since no one will realize if I am late from lunch. No free lunch for me.

Ryan- Consider Ben and me in for the mix tape thing!
Sherry, give me yours and Ben's e-mail addresses....ones that you two actually check from time to time. :)
Consider me in for the Mixed Tape.
That sucks, Sherry. Enjoy you Noodles, and I'm glad you'll be at a job soon where your work is appreciated.
I'm in for the mix tapes:

And I also challenge you to a Happy Hour High Noon Ms. Pac-Man rematch!!
Awesome. Thanks, Jesse!

I think we need to pick a day next week to make this Ms. Pac-Man rematch official. You're probably busier in the afternoons than I am, so throw out a date that you'll be at the High Noon and I'll show up with my entourage. I'd be there tonight, but I've got dinner plans.

Also, I'll be assembling a crack team for the upcoming Star Wars & Joss Wheadon Pub Quizzes. I'll let you know!
Oh man, Ben CAN'T miss out on that!
Oh, come off it people! Is that Special Like Me picture not he funniest thing you've seen today!?! Come on!
Those are my favorite kind of quizzes.

My email address is

The Great Benjamin
Team Benjamin will win both of these contests.
I'm in on the mix tape THANG

48 minutes of Neil Peart is hardly never not bad.
I'd love to get in on this. Hope you guys like prog rock as much as I do.
Periods in the parenthesis? Madness. Sheer madness. I like to buck the punctuation status quo and totally disregard conventional rules about such things as periods and proper use of apstrophes and whatnot. Although I work in an office, I play with numbers all day, so my spelling and punctuation are a little...sloppy, sometimes. But boy can I calculate some five-year revenue projections like nobody's business!
Awesome! This is going great. BLUSTACON and MAUS, I need your e-mail addresses. If you already sent them to me, ignore this message and continue living as planned.

Thanks for joining the fray and joining the community, Will. Don't be a stranger!
CDP - a thought, and amazingly, a clear and sboer one at 8:00 AM Saturday morning.

Instead of mailing actual CDs, perhaps we could set up some type of online space where we coul all upload music? I know that there are several sites that are cheap/free, we would just need to do a little research.
sober. damn.
JT, I hear you. Really, I do. However, the art of the mixtape dictates that not only does the creator put a certain amount of work and individual personality into his or her creation, but that the recipient gets something mailed to them that has worth, has track listings, artwork, etc.. Even the term 'mixtape' itself refers to a time before digital sharing (although we're cheating somewhat by using CD's).

You're right, there are sites out there like Last FM, and even Facebook groups that let you 'dedicate' songs back and forth to anyone you want. As much as I'd like to do that in the future, this particular project is all about the mailorder.

It's asking a bit from the readers, which is why I was so amazed to see so many people hopping on board, but I think it's due to the nostalgia that comes with making and receiving a good mixtape.

If anyone else wants to sound off on this, feel free!
I'm putting mine on a cassette in true mixtape fashion.

Maybe I will, too.

I'm an idiot and lost your e-mail and mailing address. Please resend and forgive me.
Here I am, first to jump up and down and shout "ooh, ooh!" about this, and yet last to offer my e-mail. Sheesh. Feel free to hurl insults, at your leisure. Eye rolling would be appropriate, too.

CDP - good point. I was just being greedy and wanting everyone's music.

Also, I'm hungover and going out for sushi...might not be my best idea.
Julia, I got your address. Thanks.
CDP, I must be a part of this. I think you know my email? Anywho, here it is.
Wonderful. This should work really well if everyone does their part.
You have my e-mail, I am totally in on this mix cd exchange....

Also you might want not to put your stomach on a book cover... Just sayin'
You're in. Thanks!

Yeah, stomachs are out. Totally unoriginal.


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