Wednesday, August 22

No Street Shoes On The Shag, Please.

Welcome to 1983. Bring your bibs.

In case you weren't around for it the first time, welcome to 1983.

I'm working hard on the book, and also compiling information for the 3rd Annual CDP Fall TV Preview. In the meantime, enjoy my 80's childhood. Have a good one, and sound off in the comments section.

It would appear that you're flashing a gang sign. Is that the Mid-West Maphia I'm seeing?
I contend that that is the single ugliest couch I have ever seen. Bet it was hella comfy though!
Probably pretty comfy carpeting too! Soft on the feet...

That carpet was awesome, and my Grandparents had it up until about 8 years ago. Really, everything in the house was super-comfortable; I think I slept on that floor a thousand times.
No, the COUCH. Not the carpet.
Yeah, I know. I don't remember sleeping on that couch, though. I think they got rid of it early.
Mmm, Harvest Gold. Shag and velour - now that is some stylish stuff. I love how it's actually hard to tell where the carpet ends and the couch begins.
I love the baby gate. I can only image what MWM CDP was getting into...
But Celia, I said carpet!
Probably the same things he gets into now...Pop-Tarts and Cheese Spread, though never in combination.
I know...your comment wasn't there when I posted that. Weird.
Sherry--did you get my VM? If not, you should check your phone...
Not much has changed.

Live Video Chat in 30 minutes!
Mmmmm...Pop-Tarts and cheese spread...
CDP, Blu - enjoyed the video chat.
Yeah, it's nice when a mini-plan comes together in a mini-way.

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