Wednesday, September 19

CDP Nationwide Mix-Tape Trade Ultimatum.

Mix-Tape Trade Ultimatum.

If you haven't mailed out a mix-tape to your assigned recipient by now, you are officially TWO WEEKS LATE and fresh out of excuses.

If you haven't received a mix-tape from your sender yet (I haven't, along with at least a few others), please sound off in the comments section or send an e-mail to, so we can wrap this thing up. Oh, and if you're one of the folks who decided not to follow the rules, feel free to explain yourself in the comments, as well.

For more information on the Nationwide Mix-Tape Trade, CLICK HERE.

Nobody wants to comment, because they know I'm waiting in here with a tire iron and a bad attitude.
Also because this must be the first time you've ever done twon posts in one day. I doubt the less obsessed people check here more than once a day.

And if you really thought about 16 people could sucsessfully mail all there mix-tapes in a week, then let me introduce to the unreliable public.
Naw, the Lost post was Tuesday, today is Wednesday. I used to double-post back in the day, but it just confused people.

It's not that I thought it would work, it's just that nobody told me it wouldn't work. I said countless times that if someone needed an extra week, they should tell me. I didn't hear a thing.

Now there are some people out there that didn't get anything after all their hard work, and that just makes me look bad. That's not cool.

Send out your mixes, people. It'll take 5 minutes.
Yeah, I shed a few tears everyday when I get home and don't have my mix tape from Kenny...
It's going to be Kenny's fault when JT steps over that line and becomes a full-blown alcholic. And not the funny kind.
I have been throughly enjoying the Mix I got from Sherry. Lot's of bands I haven't thought about in ages [1] and some I am not terribly familiar with.

I hope that Julia feels the same way about mine.

You can make the world a better place by putting your mix in the mail. It will teach the world to sing, and you wouldn't even have to buy the world a Coke.

[1] Yes, I'm probably older than most of you . .
And not the funny kind.

Yeah...the tragic kind that kills with chainsaws and laughter.
Mike, I've listened to your CD *gulp* only once. This is not because I did not like it. I liked it very much. However, because I am batshit insane, instead of going home and relaxing after work like normal people do, I force myself to go to school, or as is the case for the next two weeks, volunteer training. This has left little time to fully immerse myself in the CD and enjoy the complete masterpiece that have you put together.

The good news is I have time this weekend. I will send you my full review then.
I can't believe Kenny would do that to JT. She always comes across as so responsible. email me your address and I'll pick up the slack for you. You must feel like the Jewish boy on Christmas.*

*(just a harmless comparison people)**

**(isn't it sad I have to have a disclaimer for any comment mentioning race, religion, or creed?)***

***(Thank You civil litigation lawyers for taking the fun out of being stupid)

Or the Lutheran kid on St. Nick's day, or whatever that Catholic holiday is that the other kids got slap-bracelets on and I got nothing.
Rules? I thought they were more like guidelines, actually. Arrr. Sorry, it's Talk Like a Pirate Day.

And I relented and decided to alter the mix and reburn, which screwed up my timetable which I had already procrastinated on. The CD is sitting in front of me. The result? I suck. Can I make amends by getting this out as soon as I can sneak out of work, and then buying merchandise? I mean, I'm still going to be a giant bundle of FAIL concerning this project you organized with high hopes that I have helped dash and then ground under my heel like a half-smoked cigarette...or something to that effect...

My sender is having computer issues.
Julia -- I'm glad you like it. I was afraid you got lost in between The Faint and Muddy Waters. Yeah, I think "Masterpiece" is stretching it, but thanks for boosting my ego.

I haven't sent Sherry my review either. Too much work at work and too much activity at home. *sigh*
CDP- I sent you a copy of mine, it went out after school today. :)
MAUS - Hey, sounds good to me! Send it out as soon as you can; I was mainly referring to others who hadn't received their mix. As the creator of the Mix-Tape trade, I'm fine with waiting; I just don't want other readers having to. Makes me feel bad.

MIKE HOSS - As a man from Omaha, you've got to rock some Saddle Creek on that mix. On my mix, I had the Faint/Bright Eyes/Good Life combo holding it down.

CARGIRL - You rule, and I cannot wait. Happy birthday, Jimmy Fallon. I do a really good impression of him.
I suck hard. It is finally ready. It is going out tomorrow. I will do better next time.
I suck hard. It is finally ready. It is going out tomorrow. I will do better next time.
I'm still waiting for mine. I have a feeling it will be in the mail tomorrow.
Kenny - no worries, I've been working so much lately that I haven't really had any time anyway. I just like to give people hell.

Blu - I don't have your email address, but you can email me at You don't have to send me a mix, but if you do, I'll return the favor and make another copy of mine to head your way.
The last one to send their mix out is hereby banished from the Internets forever.

Man...I wish that would have been me.

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