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The End Of Lost Friday?

Well, that's the end of that chapter.

It's official. Lost will return for Season 4 on Monday, February 4 at 8pm Eastern time. ABC has moved Lost out of their comfy Wednesday night lineup, and placed them on the same night as Heroes and 24.

Okay. Whatever. It's not going to stop me from watching. You could air it on Sundays at 3:45am, and I'd still sit in the dark and take notes while the Missus slept. That bothers me none. Also, it won't be directly competing with Heroes or 24, so again, it's a wash. Sure, I prefer a show like Lost airing at 10 Eastern, but I can get used to watching them a little earlier in the day.

The big question is this: What does that mean for Lost Friday?

You know, Lost Friday. The 3rd annual installment of the Funniest Lost Recap On The Planet, as reported weekly by your truly. The award-winning, oft-imitated but never-duplicated slice of Internet heaven that has revolutionized the way you watch television.

You know, that Lost Friday. What are we going to do, here?

Of course, the easy option is to just move Lost Friday to Lost Wednesday, but part of the enjoyment of Lost Friday was that it ended the week on a positive note; it signified the end of the work week and a way to unwind with some humor at the expense of everyone's favorite show. I don't want to move the date.

But, who will wait all week to read a recap of a show they watched on Monday? I know I wouldn't; Lost fans are rabid, and they'll find their fix as soon as possible. By waiting 4 days to recap an episode, I'll lose readers, fans and respect. I don't have the clout for a change that drastic. Ruh-roh!

I'm still thinking it over. Sound off in the comments section and voice your opinions. To whet your appetite for Season 4, here are links to every Lost Friday for Season 3, reminding everyone what pop culture brilliance is supposed to look like.

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Why does ABC want lost cancelled so badly?
I agree. Monday at 7pm Central is an awful timeslot. Sure, their only competition is like, Antiques Roadshow or something, but it's still a bad call.

Lost doesn't go on before Heroes! Nothing should follow Lost! Lost should be the last thing you watch before you go to bed, God damn it!
How about a TLA for ya? PVR.
That said, there is nothing wrong with doing a review of Monday's Lost a couple of days before the next one.

But what do I know? I stopped watching Lost somewhere in mid-season 1 (because, you know, I have a kid and was PVR-less then).

Oh, and Heroes may just destroy Lost if they go head-to-head.
I, for one, would not mind. Since I stopped watching Lost after Season 2, I only keeo up with it via Lost Fridays, so it does not impact me at all.
What does PVR mean?
Lost and Heroes will not be squaring off, but Lost will air right before Heroes does on NBC, which is borderline-stupid, if you axe me. Lost is a 9/10pm show, end of story.

7pm on a Monday night is the worst time for an engaging drama. You're pissed about the impending work week, you're tired, cranky and in dire need to shut your brain down.

I don't know what I'm gunna do. Lost Wednesday just doesn't feel right to me.
"Peruvian Voice Retarder." You speak into it, and it distorts your voice to make it sound like you're a not-so-bright citizen of Peru.

Not many uses for it, but a brilliant bit of technology.
I lul'd
I'm with you - they could air it at any hour, any day and I'd still watch.
I was thinking Poliovirus Receptor. Didn't realize Mike was into mass viral warfare, but hey...ya learn something new everyday.
Coffeedog, that profile pic looks exactly like our dog Rip we used to have. SO CUTE!
I'm going to need to do an Excel spreadsheet so I know what I'm watching/TiVo'ing this Fall.
I watch my episodes online. It means I get 'em quicker and easier, so the time slot doesn't bother me much.

But Fridays without 'Lost Fridays' is like Matthew Fox without an ego! Sawyer without nicknames! Desmond without his beard!

Oh God, life is cruel. ABC have no respect for their fans!
This does not bode well for Lost. Toward the end of the Heores season I was getting together with my friends, we would make dinner, play some wii, and then watch Heroes. I like that tradition. I'd rather download Lost and watch it casually then watch it at 7 p.m. before Heroes. Dumb move.

As for Lost Friday...keep it. I think it would be nice to recap three days before the new episode.
I'm leaning that way, Comet. It's just a really bad time to air such an engaging drama, especially before something at hot as Heroes.

Maybe Lost Friday does have the staying power to not budge. Furthermore, I'll have more time during the week to make Lost Friday 100% more awesome than before! It'll be untouchable! I'll DO it!

(5 minutes later...)

Lost Friday has been cancelled.
Lost Wednesdays and Office Fridays.
You could do Lost Wednesdays but call it Lost Friday (sic). Hasn't the Internets (sic) also done away with calendrical time? Daus of the week are so pre-Pets.com.
Poor pets.com. Forever known as the site that made the bubble burst.
So what about a settlement? Lost Thursdays instead of Wednesday or Friday.

Remember, back in college, Thursday night was always party night. So it would almost have the same feeling as Friday. Just with half the calories.

I don't even know what that last sentence means.
I would read Lost Friday no matter what day of the week it was on! Although I agree with Moe in having Lost Wednesdays and Office Fridays!

It would be more work for you, but it would entertain me greatly.
I appreciate the input. The more I think about it, the more I think I can stick with Lost Friday and still maintain my audience. If it doesn't work, I'll consider moving it then.

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