Monday, September 17

Rockin' The Suburbs.

Cargirl Makes Suburbia That Much More Awesome.

Step 1 - Get yourself some CDP Swag.
Step 2 - Photograph yourself enjoying CDP Swag.
Step 3 - Send photos to
Step 4 - Enjoy.

Today's photo comes to us from the coolest Chicago teenager since Ferris Bueller, Cargirl. She's making the streets of Illinois just a little snarkier, thanks to her CDP Bumper Sticker.

Click here to see other examples of CDP Swag at work, and enjoy your Monday. If you haven't mailed out your Mix-Tapes yet, you're quickly running out of excuses. You get until Friday before I start to retaliate. Tally-ho!

People haven't sent yet? That's not cool. It's way late. You can do it kids!! Get crackin. If you never got your mix, let me know and I'll send you mine.
I completely agree, Domsar. I want this finished!
In case you missed the Emmys, here's a run-down of some notable winners:

Best Comedy - 30 ROCK

Variety/Comedy Series - THE DAILY SHOW


Supporting Actor/Drama - TERRY O'QUINN (LOST)

Supporting Actress/Comedy - JAMIE PRESSLY (EARL)

Writing/Comedy Series - THE OFFICE

Writing/Comedy Variety - CONAN O'BRIEN
Is that a Ford Taurus I see?
I love that the only clean area of the bumper holds a CDP sticker.

Looks cleaned specifically for that sticker.

Love the sticker.
I'm almost positive that's a shadow of the person taking the photo, but I appreciate the sentiment all the same.

I'll be changing all of my merch at the end of the year, so if you like what you see in there, get it now before it's gone forever.
I'm gonna be honest here...

I dropped $60 on CDP merch back in the Spring. The material that cafepress used on both my polo shirt and my wife's shirt was horrible as best. I know this is out of your hands, so I hadn't said anything prior to this. I was stoked to rock my CDP shirt to work only to find out that it was unwearable. It was even worse once I washed it.

My apologies.
Son of a....

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Moe. All of the shirts and swag I've purchased have stood the test of time, but I didn't get a first-hand view of the Polo. I think I'll pull that from the lineup when I design the 2008 Merch.

The t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, buttons, magnets, mousepads, messenger bags, coffee mugs and coasters are all really nice, though.
Two new Singstar games come out tomorrow: 80's and Amped. I'm there.
Hmmm, that's weird. I've worn my hoodie probably 10 bazillion times and washed it about 25 times. The logo is faded, but still readable. Maybe it depends on your washing machine :)
I knew I should have hand-screened everything, old-skool DIY-style.

One night before my band's first show, Ben cut up his red K-Mart smock so we could use the material for patches. I still have one in my office.
I'm sure the screening isn't the highest quality on the cafe press stuff, because it's all made to order. I doubt they can make screens for every single items that is ordered---the majority of the t-shirts are probably more or less the equivalent of an iron-on.
The logo was great. It was the shirt itself that sucked. I'm not real picky about my polos, but the material was very starchy and crunchy. Again, I nkow this isn't your fault, so no worries. :)
Ah yes, the material. I can imagine they would drop the ball on a polo shirt. There's nothing worse than a crunchy shirt.

But hey, thanks for dropping so much cash on CDP merch! I think I used that money to renew my domain name for another year.
I wanna CDP t-shirt!

But they don't deliver over seas!

Damn those cafe-press b*******!!!

Note to self: Global shipping next time, big guy.
Are you positive they don't ship overseas, Carrot Duff? Because I'm pretty sure the CDP mentioned he got an order from France not too long ago...
Actually, here's the link from the cafepress website w/ international shipping info :)
I try to always rock my CDP shirt underneath whatever I'm wearing at Clemson tailgates, it has become a very lucky shirt for Clemson foortball.
HELL YES. I get a prime spot on the CDP. You can't ask for better advertising.

And yeah, that's my shadow. And yes, I cleaned that spot JUST for the CDP sticker, because it means that much to me.

The CDP sticker, by the way, is bad luck. Only days after putting it on, my car died this morning 5 minutes before school started. My ghetto booty can't afford a cab, so I had to walk 2.5 miles.

=) Thank God I had mixtapes to listen to.
Is that a Taurus?
I knoooowwwww, but I just wanted a reason to comment.

But now I do!!!

ABC have confirmed Lost is being moved to Mondays for the 4th season!

Search it!

I'm frightened...
I want to mention that Steve Carell did NOT win the Emmy for Best Actor in a Comedy Series, Ricky Gervais did.

CARROT - Now you have no choice but to buy a shirt. I was going to talk about the Lost thing tomorrow.

JT/CARGIRL - Damn, un-balancing karma!

Sorry about the car....girl. 2.5 miles is a long walk. But yeah, at least you got to snuggle up with my mixes all the more. There's really no reason to listen to anything else. Ever.
Why won't anyone confirm or deny the car being a Taurus?
I don't understand how me being sadly addicted to Lost means I have to buy i t-shirt, but what they hell!

I'll dig around in my parentents wallet.
In your own words, Mr. Carrot, "I wanna CDP t-shirt!" You can't go back on it welshing. NO WELSHING! haha.
It might be a Taurus. I might not be.

It's totally a Taurus. I know it.
For as much as I miss our Taurus, I prefer the Focus/Sable combo that much better.....for the time being. :)
Yeah, me too. For the time being.

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