Wednesday, October 3

The CDP Is Not TMZ.

That Bitch From The Hills.

That bitch from The Hills looks like Karen Black at the end of Trilogy Of Terror.

Karen Black At The End Of Trilogy Of Terror.

That is all.

Are you Perez Hilton?
Also, when you posted Ben's Heinz commercials, how did you upload them?

Blogger sucks, it takes 20 minutes to upload, and then all I get is a red x, so I'm having to use photobucket, which is alo a touch on the slow side.

The Hills?

Trilogy of Terror?

Being British really sucks.
Don't feel bad Carrot, I'm not sure I get it either.
CDP, I know how much you pull for Fred Gross and I'm a Bruce McCulloch fan myself, but Carpoolers didn't do it for me one little bit. I tried, I honestly tried to watch it and give it a chance. I got more out of Cavemen.
What is the Hills? And why is she a Bitch?
Just a little C-list celebrity gossip spoofery for your Hump Day.

Carrot - Consider yourself lucky for not knowing what any of that meant. That's what's wrong with America; we care about this stuff. Can you please take Posh and David Beckham back, too?

BluStaCon - I didn't see Carpoolers yet, but I was a little disappointed with the commercials for it. I'll probably watch it tomorrow or Friday.

JT - I edited my commercials in iMovie, saved the file as a 'streaming video' clip, and then just went through the standard YouTube downloading procedures. Super easy and quick, it's a lot less trouble than Photobucket or Blogger, from what I've done.
I did a copy-job for my work once for TMZ. It was for a story about one of the guys from NIN hitting a security guard over the head with a mic stand and really doing a number on his skull. Even though our invoice clearly states where to send payment for copies, TMZ still managed to write the check out to the wrong place and send it to the jail. TMZ=idiots.
TMZ can eat one. Trash-journalism and tabloid muckraking are about as classy and respected as AIDS and rape combined.

I want to host The Soup.
yet there is a full hour of the crap on three channels five times a week.

One of the best SNL shorts was Pat O'Brien audio. What was Brittney thinking
I'm afraid that when I have my sleep study in a few weeks, they're going to tell me my septum is as deviated as Pat O'Brien's.
He has such a deviated septum, he gets to park in a handicapped space.
Speaking of nose insults...for the record, the meanest thing I've ever intentionally said to someone: I once told an older girl I bowled with that her nose was so big, traveling must be easy for her as she could fit all her luggage inside of it.

Yep. That's the meanest thing I've ever said.
I thought Carpoolers was kind of boring, and the premise behind Cavemen doesn't seem like it'll be self-sustaining in the long run. How many times can you pitch basically the same joke in a half-hour show? I DO find myself kind of enjoying Reaper. It has its moments. The show about the guy who brings the dead back to life premiers tonight, I think.
Pushing Daisies....I'm so ready.
Pushing Daisies looks interesting and I'm looking forward to it.

House is still some of the best tv on tv.

I missed Reaper, I really wanted to see it. The lead actor has to be one of the hardest working in the biz right now. Despite being in a ton of shows I only know his name is Sam.
I watched Cavemen and Carpoolers last night, and I was satisfied enough with both of them, believe it or not.

The hipster characters and dialogue on Cavemen is actually quite amusing; I'd probably watch it even without the gimmick...for now.

On Carpoolers, I just like Fred Goss so much. The Scott Thompson cameo screamed Kids In The Hall, Marmaduke is pretty funny as the dimwitted son, and the opening stinger with Aubrey bawling during 'All Out Of Love' was hilarious.

They will survive another week on my TiVo.

Tonight: The Office, Earl, and the recorded viewings of Pushing Daisies and The Ultimate Fighter.
I used to have a crush on Mimi-Siku in Disney's Jungle 2 Jungle so he (Sam Hungtington) plays one of the cavemen (Andy) on the Cavemen. I therefore enjoy the show. Even as a caveman he is cute.

Oh, and the Features do the theme to Carpoolers, so it's officially a good show.
I meant on "Cavemen"..not on the Cavemen. Wow.
"The Cavemen." Ha-ha, you're old.

Yeah, the Features! How cool was that!
The hipster characters and dialogue on Cavemen is actually quite amusing; I'd probably watch it even without the gimmick...for now.

I found myself thinking the same thing. It would have been a decent show without the gimmick. I think metrosexual cavemen have a very short lifespan. I thought metrosexuality itself was a short lived phenomenon in itself.

Carpoolers is a nogo for me.

Absolutely loved Pushing Daisies last night. Very Burtonesque, but still entertaining. I hope they can keep it up.

Also Life has been a winner in my book too.
If Metrosexuality is on the way out, I'm in a whole lot of trouble, and have a closet full of sweaters to throw away.

I'm looking forward to Pushing Daisies. People said good things.

The Cubs lost and the Sox won last night, so all I need now is a Yankees loss to make the opening game trifecta complete.
Metrosexuality will never be out. NEVER!!
Nah, I re-vamped my style to look like more of a casual bad-ass; sort of the way MMA fighters dress when they're not in the cage.

My denim jacket and scarf remains untouched...for now.
Put something else up--I grow weary of looking at that Trilogy of Terror person.
Hey, my normal update schedule is Monday, Wednesday & Friday, with smaller updates on Tuesdays and Thursday during special weeks. This is not a special week; the next post will be tomorrow.

I have this all planned out weeks ahead of time; don't mess with the delicate system. I posted on a Saturday a few weeks ago, and the internet almost exploded.
Yes - I saw that that unexpected Saturday post and thought "Well, obviously the Apocalypse is nigh...better stock up on non-perishables..."

So thanks to the CDP I now have a year's worth of unpalatable canned goods and bottled water in my pantry.

I missed Pushing Daisies AND Kid Nation and forgot to record either one. Drat.
The Cubs lost and the Sox won last night, so all I need now is a Yankees loss to make the opening game trifecta complete.

Would a loss to Cleveland work?

Go Sox!

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