Thursday, October 4

Done Gone Getting Blowded Up.

My favorite local news clip ever. Enjoy what's left of your Thursday.

That was for you, Hathery.
wait, what just happened.
He probably died.

Or, he got the whiz scared out of him when lightning stuck a foot from his head, so he squealed like a fruitball and ruined all of his meteorologist cred in one fell swoop.

I laugh really hard every time.
I like the clip better where the Black Angus cows escape.
Have you ever seen this:
Yeah, I love that clip. Poor indie filmmaker just wanted to promote his piece, and he ends up yacking all over himself.
He squealed like a scared little girl. Not that I blame him.

Anyone watch Pushing Daisies? I liked it, but it's quirkiness will wear me thin. I loved the ending in the mansion, though -- reminded me of a John Irving novel.
Maybe it's just me and my impending middle age. Cinematic television shows are pleasing to me.
I TiVo'd it and will watch it this weekend. I can't wait.
It's 11, and I have school tomorrow...

...but it was so worth it just to see that video.

Can anyone tell me what they thought of the season 4 premier of House? I want to know if it's worth watching on the computer over here.
Sorry dude, I haven't watched it yet.

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