Monday, October 29

Don't Wake Me Up.

The Joy Of Sox.

The Boston Red Sox won the 2007 World Series.
My hands are sore from playing Guitar Hero III all Sunday.
The finishing touches are going into the CDP Book as we speak.
Halloween, the only holiday that matters, breaks the week up in style.
Big thangs poppin', little thangs stoppin'. Straight ballin', y'all. I'm all bout' it.

Please sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day.

Clean sweep, baby!

Keep in mind that I work in Columbia's main Red Sox bar. Keep in mind that I'm writing this at 4:16 AM, EST. It has been a long night. A long night of celebration, Sweet Caroline, free drinks for all, and sweeping up broken glass, carrying drunk girls out of the bar, and sitting down with my boss to just laugh about how great that sweep was.

Life is good for now. WHo knows what tomorrow holds...but for now, the Sox swept, A-Rod hs opted out of his contract, and the Decepticons are on the retreat.
You know you're rich when you walk away from $72 million. He'll be in a Boston uniform next season, mark my words.

Papelbon is my homeboy.
Stupid Johnny Damon. See what happens? You make poor decisions.
What are you guys talking about? Oh - baseball. *quietly backs out of discussion and goes to check hockey scores*
How does a young lad from Wisconsin become a Red Sox fan?
He declines a scholarship from Duke.
I love a good underdog. Sure, they have the #2 payroll in MLB, but the 8.5 decade drought, coupled with the dominance of the Yankees made it a no-brainer many, many years ago.

After what I saw this year, however, I may need to look for a new underdog. My Brewers are on the cusp, which is awesome to me.

Apart from that, I love their team. I a big fan of the Papi/Manny combo, and what we saw from Ellsbury, Drew, Lowell and Papelbon was incredible.

As much as I don't like to admit it, I dig A-Rod, too. I'd love to see him defect to the Sox. If they can steal Johnny Damon, we can take their Golden Boy.
One of the players for the Red Sox is a nephew (I believe) of someone that lives in our hometown.
Wow, I finally figured out how to post comments again. It only took me three months.
That would be Menasha, Wisconsin's very own Eric Hinske.
It's good to have you back.
My right forearm is all achey after playing GHII on Saturday night for a few hours. It had been a month or so since I'd last played, which means that I basically started over at zero in terms of GH muscle conditioning. That sucks.

I don't even want to think about GHIII right now.
Yep, Hinske is indeed on the Sox.

One of my coworkers gave me a coat, so now I don't have to buy a new one. That rules.
Free coat? Rad!

GHIII is the pinnacle of awesome. There are so many good tracks, I don't know what songs are left for GHIV.

The wireless guitar is fantastic for making an ass out of yourself all over the living room, the songs are super-fun to play, and the new guitar design is beautiful. The Battle Mode has added some depth to Career Mode, the replayability is off the charts, and yeah, my wrists feel like crap today. It won't stop me from putting in another few hours tonight, though.

10 thumbs up.
Yep, it's a black peacoat with a velvet-lined hood. Woooo!

Guitar Hero: Distracting the CDP from productivity for several years and counting.
I was hoping for a better answer other than "I love a good underdog". Come on man, unless you're from Boston, or have strong family ties in Boston, routing for the Sox is no better (if not worse) than rooting for the Yankees. If you were truly rooting for an underdog, you've had the Brewers all you're life. Why did you need two? I'm all for rooting for the underdog (The Sox in 2004, The Cubs in general, me in bed, you get the picture), but to claim the Sox as your own leaves a bitter taste in my mouth (yes, that's what she said).

I heart the CDP and it kills me to know that you claim the Sox as one of your teams. Stick to the Brewers, man. You should be bleeding blue and yellow.

What would Robin Yount think?
Robin Yount would think that his moustache was horrible in retrospect.
As awesome as GH3 looks, I think I'm going to be saving up for the rather sexy looking Assassains Creed. I never normally buy games without knowing they're good, but I'm struggling to see how it will be bad.

The only reason I'm talking out my butthole, is 'cus I have no intrest in Amernician Fuzzballing.
Do you guys not do baseball in the UK?
MOE- Okay, maybe I didn't give a properly-thought out answer. Let me try again.

The Brewers are my team through and through, but to me, watching the Sox is like watching a bunch of friends from school get together and shock the world. It's not supposed to happen, they're not supposed to be so good and you're not supposed to care so much, but you totally do.

Every time I watch the Sox play or get interviewed, I always think to myself "Aren't these guys supposed to be jerks?" Whenever they're miked in the dugout, I find myself laughing at the irrelevance of the conversation.

In short, I really, really like the guys they have assembled. As the rosters change and the landscape of MLB changes, I honestly might wane in my fandom. When you have a favorite team that's not your 'home team,' you really only have the love of the players (or location) to go on.

That's where I've been for awhile now, and I don't see that changing.

HATHERY- Can't wait to see the coat. Yount's moustache got retired in the Brewers Hall Of Fame, right next to Rollie Fingers'.

Forget baseball. Cricket is where it's at!
Even Joe Buck was able to pick up on the new feeling in Red Sox Nation. (see last comment in previous post) It's a weird feeling here to know we just won another championship. The way we won this year was so different. The question last night was which is the better team, 2004 or 2007. I'd like to think 2007 would kick 2004's ass. 2004 were the Idiots, all about facial hair and devil-may-care attitude. This 2007 team was so damn professional I swear they went to the same attitude retreat as The Patriots. You couldn't have a better captain for this team than Jason Varitek. He's aways been my favorite player.
Anyway, this team has built a minor league system that will continue to replace talent in a way the Yankees checkbook never could.

MOE- While I do think it's strange to be able to root for an outside team, I wouldn't fault anyone for finding something admirable in the Red Sox this year and above all the Patriots. Let's face it, there have been a lot of winning teams over the years (hem, spankees...) full of A-Holes and bonnet de douche. (thanks Bruce) I know personally when I meet someone from here that follows a non-local team I don't think of them as a traitor. It seems very, very strange, but I don't feel hostile.

Now if your talking about having a back up team, that, I can understand. Last Year after the Sox were out of the playoffs I was fully prepared to wish the Cubs all the luck in the world. If the Sox had lost to Cleveland, I wouldn't have hated them for it and would have backed them against the Rockies. There are a lot of teams I would never ever do that for.
Hey Carrot Duff- What did you think of the (American) Football game in London Sunday?
Just noticed the poster behind you, on the back of the door. Niiice!

If you had such a rad weekend why do you look so damn EMO?

And there's a serious lack of love here for the violent sports: hockey, rugby, women's professional figure skating. It's not a sport unless there's bloodshed, and the night is not complete until someone dislocates a shoulder or gets kneecapped with a lead pipe...
BLUSTACON- That's what was so cool about the 2004 Sox. Even though they were all amazing talents, there was still that "where did these guys come from?" feeling that swept everyone up.

It's a different feeling this year, but it certainly isn't any less sweet. You're right about the Indians, too. I've always liked Cleveland and was more than happy to cheer them on if they took out Boston.

MAUS- MST3K for life. I can't help mention that I bought that poster at Best Brains during my tour of the studio. It was a writing day, and I was fortunate enough to meet the cast of the Greatest Television Show Of All-Time.

Someday, I'll post the photos of me on the Satellite Of Love. I'd like to think I posess one of the larger collections of MST3K stuff on the planet.

As far as bloody sports are concerned, I could talk about MMA until the cows come home. It's seriously my favorite sport right now.
Moe berating the CDP about the Sox sounds hilariously similar to Ron Weasley accusing Cho Chang of being a bandwagon supporter of the Tutshill Tornadoes.
I can't believe that Rupert Grint gets to kiss Emma Watson.

You need to stop reading spoilers, you freakin' turd. No read books, no read spoilers.
Woah. That was one of the best Packer games in years.

Favre doesn't have it anymore? Washed up?
I can't believe that Rupert Grint gets to kiss Emma Watson.

She'll either be scowling or smirking when it happens, since those are apparently Hermione's only two facial expressions.

Also, Dumbledore is gay and I'm okay with that. What I want to know is what is the story behind Abeforth's unnatural obsession with goats?
True, and Ron will almost certainly have a completely bewildered, Dumbass Factory-look plastered upon his face. I'm telling you, that kid hit the no-talent jackpot when they cast him for this series. I think he had ten lines of dialogue in the last film.

I don't frequent Harry Potter discussion or theory sites, but was this whole Dumbledore outing a surprise to most? Considering that this is a series that was subject to years of careful scrutiny and infinite plot-combing, did anyone see this coming? I'm asking because I honestly don't know.

/Didn't read the books.
Not much of a shocker to me - Dumbledore always struck me as someone's eccentric (but kindly)Great-Uncle who everyone suspected was gay but no one ever talked about BEING gay. It doesn't bother me, because it was so obvious it was a non-issue (besides - it's fiction).

I don't like Rupert Grint. Of course, I deeply detest every last Weasley (and the actors who play them in the films) except for Mr. Weasley and the twins, and I was royally pissed when one lost an ear and the other was killed off...I was kind of hoping for a spin off. So much for that.
Hey, spoiler-McGee!!!! What doing?
All I really know for sure is that I'd love to see Movie #7 turn into an all-out, R-rated romp. They'll all be 18 by that point, know what? Maybe I shouldn't be making these thoughts public.

I wonder where the Missus is today. She'd love to chime in on this conversation.
Oh, there she is!

Spoilers are okay here; the book came out months ago.
Yah, but book 7 spoilers? Tis a bit early, me thinks, for that.

Did you get my email???
Sorry!! I didn't even think about it. But, seriously - most people who really want to read the books will have already done so, and anyone who hasn't read them but wanted to know what happened has found all of the spoilers by now. Everyone else had better steer clear of tv, the newspaper, magazines and the internet for a while still - in other words, stay firmly and comfortably entrenched under their rock. I didn't say if any other characters's just a Weasley - and not even a vital Weasley at that. I'll say no more.

At least I didn't go blabbing about Rosebud being a sled, or...oh. Well, that just slipped out.
I know, I know! There are just a few certain people (*ahem* Sherry and Ben) who haven't read all the books yet and since all the movies aren't out yet, they may not want them spoiled. From what I've seen (maybe I'm under a rock), people have been pretty good about keeping HP7 spoilers off of really really mainstream stuff. I haven't seen any, so maybe I'm overreacting. :)
Sorry, wasn't meaning to call the CDP really really mainstream...just meant that Sherry & Ben haven't been exposed to spoilers through mainstream media yet, so it would suck to have book 7 ruined just by visiting the CDP. Phew. Explanation over.
It's just a book, and a several-month-old book, at that. You can't keep people from talking about it, nor should people think they can't talk about certain stuff.

We talk about TV shows and movies on a contstant basis on the CDP, and people should know that by now. As far as I'm concerned, no harm, no foul. If you got spoiled, it's your own fault for not being on the ball. Nobody was trying to ruin anyone's day on purpose.

In the name of reaping what I sow, along with moving things on in the comments section, I will OFFICIALLY SPOIL THE ENDING OF MY UPCOMING BOOK.

Okay, here goes. You've been warned.

Through a tragic mirror-mix-up, my butthole accidentally sees its own reflection, causing me to travel back in time to right all of my previous wrongs and unintelligent statements.

There will be no sequel.

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