Monday, October 8

Facebook Funnies! (Volume 5.)

Facebook Funnies!

Hello, and welcome to another hilarious installment of 'Facebook Funnies,' where we get to peek into the personal lives of Facebook users by simply keeping an eye on the Mini-Feed. It's wacky! It's hilarious! It's Facebook Funnies!

Today's Facebook Funny comes to us from 'Minka.' This was her rapidly updated mini-feed on Wednesday afternoon:

Minka has removed 'Friends' from her Interests.
Minka has removed 'Family' from her Interests.
Minka has added 'Thunderstorms' to her Interests.
Minka has added 'Fireworks' to her Interests.

Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned for the next installment of Facebook Funnies!

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Minka has removed 'Human Contact' from her interests.
Minka has added 'Huffing' to her interests.
Minka has added 'Bright Shiny Objects' to her interests.

I like watching people undergo a personality change via the Internet.

"Screw my family, I want to appear more cultured in the eyes of outer-tier friends and strangers! I like thunderstorms now!"
Hey, did Minka turn into my hedgehog BluStaCon?
Just realized that probably made no sense to anyone but hedgehog owners...*sigh* I'm so alone in my love of hedgies. Even the CDP hates Laika. He called her a "piece of sh*t" last night.
She poked me!
No she didn't, she huffed at you.
That hog is tearing our home apart.
You're tearing our home apart.
Hathery has added the CDP-loathing Laika to her interstes.

Hathery has removed the CDP from her interests.
I was going for "paint sniffer" but whatever works really.
I think a hedgehog having their own page on facebook would be funny.
Laika has added "CDP Poking" to her interests.
Laika has removed 'decency' from her interests.

This might turn into another 'I can see your butthole' type-thing, where someone will post a mini-feed-style response to pretty much anything they wanted.

Here's a cosmic example:

The Missus has added 'seeing buttholes' to her interests.
The frickin' cutting edge right here people.

congratulations on another webphenom CDP!
Thank you, thank you. I couldn't have done it without my hatred for Laika.

Thank you, Laika. Thaika.
See, that hog is good for something after all! I can't wait for the day that I throw her at you.
*sample FARK post*

-Don't like my pet? Here's Hedge in your eye!
This thread is useless without Hedgehog pics.
You should put up that one picture I took of Laika where she looks like a hideous bat.
No way; I can't afford to lose any more readers.
Wow...I thought at one point that the CDP was going to start falling in love with Laika. I think I was mistaken...
It wasn't meant to be. I think I'm allergic to her; my hand is all red and itchy from where she stuck me.

Whadda bitch.
You're not allergic to her--you're allergic to whatever you had on you already and she pushed into the dermal layer of your skin with her quills.
Whatever, I don't care. I'm itchy!
Laika has removed "Men" from her interests.

Laika has added "Single White Female" to her interests.

She likes Ben...

Laika has removed "the CDP" from her interests.

Laika has added "everyone but the CDP" to her interests.

Sometimes I really wish we could post images in the comments on Blogger. A lolhog would be just the thing.

maus has removed "lolcats" from her interests.

maus has added "lolhogs" to her interests.

Why, has just the thing up for you right now!
lolhogs are the new lolcats.

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