Friday, October 26

Leave Before The Lights Come On.

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1. The Missus has a new, short haircut. The Cuteness Factor around the house has increased by 300%.

2. The 2007 Blogger's Choice Awards have ended, and the CDP finished well above anything I could have imagined. We cracked the Top 10 in two of the three categories we were nominated for, beating out literally thousands of other bloggers from around the nation in the ballots for 'Best Humor Blog,' 'Best Pop Culture Blog' & 'Best Blog About Stuff.' The 2008 awards have already started, and as always, you can vote for the CDP by simply clicking on the links at the bottom of the sidebar. Thanks for drawing national attention to the CDP, and making us all the more popular. I owe you a dinner.

3. I'll be working extra-hard on the book this weekend. Scout's Honor. Now that the guts of the book are tip-top, we're left with all of the formatting, business and distribution nonsense that comes with self-publishing a book. For the stress that this project has placed upon me in the last six months, I'd better sell 14 kajillion copies.

4. Guitar Hero III will be released on Sunday. I'm considering taking Monday off.

5. Today, I ask another Halloween-related question in the hopes of starting a conversation in the comments section:

"What Is Your Favorite Scary Movie?"

Hey, enjoy your weekend. Where I live, there's a good chance that it might be the last nice one we get, so I'll be making the most of it. Here's hoping that you do the same. Cheers.

If you're lucky enough to be reading this on Thursday night (at around 10pm Central time), I'm in the Live Video Chat room, watching the World Series. Click the link, stop in and say hello!
2-0, baby!
Oh my, you put up the goofy wife picture.

Favorite scary movie...hmmm. Probably sounds lame, but the only movie that still really makes me want to cry is The Ring.
The American remake, I presume?

I'll defend that movie forever. It was the first in a long line of PG-13 rated J-Horror remakes, and nothing else even came close to what Gore Verbinski did with The Ring. It's amazing, and unapologetically one of my favorite scary movies of all-time. No question about it.

I was talking to Ben about this last week, and I'm sort of in agreement with the masses on this. The Exorcist, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Silence Of The Lambs and Trilogy Of Terror (Part 3) are all respected and enjoyed in my opinion.

The more fun stuff like Evil Dead, Dead Alive and the A Nightmare On Elm Street series are all harmless entertainment, too. Even Scream was hilarious to me in its satire when it was released in, gosh, 1996?

When it comes to J-Horror, Audition is slow-paced but almost worth the payoff, The Eye is loaded with quick scares and excellent cinematography, and Ju-On makes you wish that we didn't get an American remake. I watched some of Phone and thought it was pretty interesting, too.

Every Sunday night at Midnight on the IFC Channel, they air Asia Extreme films. I used to tape these, but sort of forgotten about it. I think I will start again.

Eraserhead is absolutely incredible to me, because never in the history of cinema has someone perfectly captured what an actual nightmare looks like on camera. That movie is a film projection of a bad dream, and once you look at it through those eyes, it becomes a masterpiece. Lynch = God.
1. Scream
2. The Ring
3. Ladybugs
You've seen Audition, CDP?

Yes, I meant the American remake of the Ring. The original Japanese version wasn't very great, strangely enough.

It's hard to say what movies are scary to me, because I stopped watching scary movies as an adult, for the most part. If I said what were the movies that scarred me most emotionally, I'd have to name those I saw as a child, and that list would include Killer Clowns from Outer Space and Beetlejuice. I think I had a real problem with people in face-paint.
Forgot to mention, when I saw Killer Clowns from Outer Space, I cried for an entire week. My mom tried to explain to me that it was funny, but I just wasn't buying it. When that clown punched that guys head off, I simply lost it. I cried all the way through baseball practice that day...all the way through dinner...cried myself to sleep. It was a horrible day.
The Ring is still the scariest movie to date. When that little kid looks at his mom and says "You let her out". Holy crap in my pants. It probably took three days for hair in the back of my neck to lay down.

Moe- Rodney Dangerfield was a scary man.

Red Sox Pitching last night was as good as it gets folks. The pressure never let up from the first pitch to the last. When Papelbon caught Holiday off base I immediately had to go change myself.
I'm glad it's generally accepted that The Ring was a modern classic. It really started a new genre for a few years, there. We might have to watch it this weekend. Along with The Burbs, of course.

Hathery, I like how everyone our age pretty much was mentally destroyed by It. To this day, I can't believe so many kids were allowed to watch it.

They aired Audition on IFC one night while I was on vacation (over a year ago, at least), and I checked it out. I got the feeling that you weren't going to want to watch it, so I deleted it from the TiVo. I'll see what the Asia Extreme schedule is for the rest of the year and try to tape some upcoming stuff.

Blustacon - BEST. PICK-OFF. EVER. Papelbon is seriously the freaking man, as far as I'm concerned.
Yeah, I kind of figured you were taping movies off of there that you didn't think I'd want to see and watching them w/out my knowledge. Thus explaining how you've had detailed conversational knowledge of movies that I knew you'd never seen before. Turd.
That was pretty much the only one. Ben kept going on about how he wanted to see it, so I figured it would be good. It wasn't. Pretty boring.
That Eye movie was pretty good, with the end and all. Too bad those infants fell asleep and didn't see the end.
That's how I feel every night! How hard is it to keep your damn eyes open? You're in your 20's, you don't need 8 hours of sleep. I've never needed 8 hours of sleep.

What upsets me is that I know they're going to fall asleep, but they still insist on watching the movie. When the credits finally roll around, I'm the only one up. I cannot accurately describe to you how frustrating this is for me.
It doesn't bother me that they're infants that much. I mean...Sherry clearly has apnea and Ben works at 2:00 in the morning. But if they would just sit in upright positions, I think it would improve their ability to stay wakeful.
Tonight, for example. Sherry had the day off, so I expect absolutely no whining from her. I think I saw that Day Of The Dead is on tonight, that might be cool.

Friday Night Lights = Win.
Apnea = Fail.
It totally scarred me for life. No 3rd grader should ever see that movie! I have no idea why my dad thought that would be a good movie to watch with me around, knowing how easily scared I get. I remember not being able to sleep for like two weeks after that.

And that is probably why I never, ever watch scary movies. I got talked into seeing The Blair Witch Project in high school. Didn't sleep for 3 days. Since then, I will maybe watch a scary movie, like Silence of the Lambs, if I watch it with someone who will let me know of any impending scary scenes. In the case of Silence of the Lambs, I spent about 2/3 of that movie with my head under the blanket.
I think I've officially found the first person ever to be scared by the Blair Witch Project. Congrats!
The Blair Witch Project was an indie filmmaking marvel. They had the greatest marketing for a film that I've ever seen, and it totally got the job done. I respect that movie immensely; in fact, I have a theatrical poster of it in my office, autographed by Mike Williams, who's really not dead.

It seemed to ruin everyone's childhood. It's amazing to me how many people bring that movie up.
My brother claims I get scared easily (e.g. The Blair Witch Project, and that was mainly just because the end was so creepy to me) because I've never been desensitized. He says if I forced myself to watch enough scary movies I would see that most of them are quite lame and not at all scary. I, however, like to be able to go to sleep at night, so I will continue to avoid them like the plague.
People that get desensitized to horror movies are missing out on the best part, the scares! Don't worry; you're in a good place with that. I'd kill to see just one movie that still scared the crap out of me.

Tacoby Bellsbury. LULZ.
When do we get our free taco?
1. Scream
2. American Psycho (more murdery than scary, though)
3. Gremlins

I don't really like/watch scary movies. I consider some movies scary that technically aren't, like Gremlins.

Other movies that terrify me: Labyrinth
The NeverEnding Story
The Garbage Pail Kids Movie
Labyrinth doesn't so much scare me as much as David Bowie's package does in that movie.

Also, note that there are now TWO Jonathan Landis movies on the list (Ladybugs and The Never Ending Story).
Scream was another movie that really defined the Teen Horror genre in the 90's. Wes Craven is seriously the man, regardless of recent criticism. I'd like to think that I would have written a similar horror film.

When it comes to non-horror movies, few things have disturbed me more than The Wizard Of Oz. It's still one of my all-time favorites, and it seems darker each time I view it.
No kidding. I've seen WOZ at least 2,632 times. It's my mother's favorite movie. As an eight-year-old, those damn monkeys and seeing the witch in the crystal ball scared the bejesus out of me. My oldest daughter has no problems with it.

Yeah, I'm littering the comments today.
Scream was another movie that really defined the Teen Horror genre in the 90's. Wes Craven is seriously the man, regardless of recent criticism. I'd like to think that I would have written a similar horror film.

Then I'd like to think that your movie would have sucked.
When I was younger, Jonathan Landis used to send me all a-twitter.

Is he dead now?
Brandis. His name was Brandis.
And oh...crap. He really is dead. That sucks badly. That kid was hot as all get-out.
He is. My wife claimed she had an intimate conversation with him in a Disney World elevator when she was 11. Her younger brother strenuously denies this ever happened on their trip.

Guess we'll never have the chance to ask little Jonathan.
I must say, I'm rather proud to point out that 'Leave Before The Lights Come On' is an Arctic Monkeys track. Obviously any self respecting British music fan would know that, but it's always a joy to spread pointless knowledge.

Scary movies!? Urrhh...well...oh is that someone calling my name?
I both love and am repulsed by scary movies. I have an unnatural fondness for zombies, yet the very idea of the possibility of zombies terrifies me. Ghosts and monsters don't affect me as much for some reason, but Killer Klowns - watched that as a kid and ran the gamut of emotions between profound amusement and abject horror (it's hard to explain to your parents why they found you on the couch hiding under a blanket with all the lights in the house turned on and somehow laughing and crying at the same time). I haven't purposely watched a horror movie in years, due to my "sensitive" nature. I saw the remake of Dawn of the Dead in the theater when it came out and didn't sleep for a week, and Event Horizon made my skin crawl - I wasn't even sure I'd be able to finish watching it. I wasn't all that crazy about The Ring, but it just didn't hit the right buttons for me. Old school films like Poltergeist and The Thing will scare the bejesus out of me before a lot of what are supposed to be today's "scary movies" even make me flinch. I'm not a big fan of the gore genre craze, either.

Also, on an only slightly related noted, Jonathan Brandis dated Tatyana Ali from the Fresh Prince & supposedly took Brittany Murphy to the prom.

And he committed suicide in 2003.
My dad claims The Wizard of Oz scared him more than any other movie he ever saw as a kid.

Neverending Story scared my brother so much the first time he saw it, we still make fun of him for it to this day (he's 28). My dad took him to see it in the theater and they ended up spending most of the time in the bathroom.

The first movie I can think of that scared the crap out of me, even before It, was Return to Oz. I swear I saw it in the theater, but it came out in 1985. I would have only been 3 and I don't think my parents were that irresponsible. Funny how those memories get hazy.

Anyhow, electroshock therapy, those scary roller guys, and the witch that can change heads? All so wrong in a kids movie!
CARROT- I'm a huge Arctic Monkeys fan. It was intentional, and I appreciate your attention to detail.

MOE- Yup, I love Wizard Of Oz, but boy, is it a creep-fest. I like the scene in the forest where the Scarecrow is totally holding a freaking gun.

HATHERY- Jonathan Brandis hung himself 4 years ago. I attempted this, too, after repeated viewings of Seaquest.
Julia: Nice pull with Return to Oz. That movie was seriously f-ed up. There were DOZENS of heads resting in their own cubical of protection. Pumpkinhead was supposed to be nice, but he was terrifying. The wheelies are still creepy. We haven't even discussed Faruza Balk, yet.

1. The Ring
2. Return to Oz
3. David Bowie's Randy Johnson in that Maze movie.
You forgot to mention the first part of IT. Now that was terrifying. Clowns scare me in general. There is nothing funny about a clown.

I remember when John saw the Blaire Witch Project and he didn't realize that it was pure fiction.

That was awesome.
Maus brings up two really great and often-overlooked horror/sci-fi films, The Thing and Event Horizon.

John Carpenter is incredible with his cinematography and pacing. I don't think there's anyone better in that regard. He can make you sick with suspense.

And Event Horzon is just plain nuts. A criminally-underrated film, it boasts some truly bizarre moments and contains one of my most-favorite scenes in all of film:

Basically, a space crew is sent out to save different batch of space travellers by finding and docking their missing ship. They find the crew missing, and discover that the ship had literally passed through Hell. They find this out by watching a video log of the last minutes of the crew which shows them all getting horribly mutilated and basically suffering eternally in a Hell that looked a lot like I had pictured it as a child.

Cut to Laurence Fishburne, the captain, who simply looks up and says, "We're leaving!"

Hilarity, in an otherwise brutal modern cult classic.
When I met Michael Williams from BWP, someone in front of me asked him the dumbest question I have ever heard:

"When did you find out it was just a movie?"

Just watching him answer it with a straight face was worth the wait.
I remember when John saw the Blaire Witch Project and he didn't realize that it was pure fiction.

Why doesn't that surprise me at ALL?

Jonathan Brandis dated Tatyana Ali from the Fresh Prince

I met Tatyana Ali, so I guess that's the closest I'll ever get to meeting Jonathan Brandis. *sigh* I seriously used to watch Ladybugs and get stomach pain from how much I loved Jonathan Brandis. I am going through some deep emotional trauma right now realizing he was dead...I thought BRAD RENFRO was the one who died!
I've told you at least 10 times that Brandis was dead, seriously. Still though, I'm sorry that you're taking it kind of hard.

I used to get that same stomach pain whenever I would watch Full House. If only Dave Coulier knew that I existed; we could have been so happy together!
Eeeeew....he makes me puke so much.
I WISH Brad Renfro would bite it. The only reason I am able to watch Apt Pupil is the level of twisted psycho-drama and knowing it is a Stephen King novella (although "The Body" is a better story, and translated better onto film...and speaking of deceased child actors -- I still kind of mourn River Phoenix, expecially when I'm watching Explorers or Stand By Me)
I actually thought Skeet Ulrich was the one that died. Imagine my surprise when he showed up to ruin Jericho, what had the potential to be a halfway interesting show.

Screw you, Skeet Ulrich. Even your name is annoying.
Skeet was also in the Scream movies. Why do you hate him and his work so?
Explorers, I used to watch that all the time when I was a kid. That and The Quest. Who ever thought steam shovels could be so scary?
Man, the Red Sox are an amazing baseball team.
Scary movies really really scare me, so I avoid them ... but I like thrillers and random gorey movies that can be scary. Like Tarantino or Robert Rodriquez movies. I also enjoy funny scary movies, like Shaun of the Dead.

And I will have to agree with the mention of Neverending Story, Labyrinth, and Return to Oz being scary ... I liked them as a kid but now I look back and wonder why I wasn't scarred for life. The woman takes off her head for goodness sake! And Dorothy was in a mental hospital! Honestly ...
What the hell happened to Denver? Are they really going to roll over in this embarrassing way? This could be their final game and they're starting a guy who hasn't pitched since August. They have been good games so far, but I seriously expected more of a fight. Our pitcher had bigger hits and more RBIs that most of their team. Maybe, as a long time fan, it's easier to believe in a failure on the Rockies part than the absolutely terrifying domination of the Red Sox.

The 2004 series seems like a dream where all my wildest fantasies came true. Everyone seemed drunk with the possibility it might actually be happening. This 2007 team is so different. There are focused, determined, and very business like. I didn't think the team could ever seem so cool-headed. Historically, New England was never known for patience and had an almost uncontrollable compulsion to lose big games.

My long winded point: It is very strange times we live in here in New England. The Sox are on the verge of another championship, the Patriots are playing like Gods among mortals, and BC is ranked #2 in the nation. Even those other sports I don't pay as much attention to like Basketball, Hockey, and Soccer are holding their heads high above water.

Strange times indeed.
I am feeling very sad for the Rockies right about now. If Boston sweeps this It's gonna be a sad sad day in Denver.

Does anyone else but me think that Denver's home (?) uniforms make them look like spacemen from an old B-sci-fi movie?
Don't feel bad for the Rockies. They've had a better season than they could ever have dreamed of.

Also, the Red Sox are the best team in the known univrse. It says so in The Bible.
yes, the short sleeve uniforms are borderline ridiculous. They look one step away from just wearing a WB undershirt. I think I could see the outline of a Chevy IROC key in their pockets.

I know what you're saying about Boston. In 2004, they were pretty much the way the Rockies were now; it was just amazing to see the fairy tale come true. This year....well....they look like the Yankees. I ain't complaining, though. Us fans deserve a year of domination.

The Patriots are just too amazing to dislike. Blustacon, is this the greatest football team you've ever seen? I'm thinking it might be for yours truly.

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