Friday, December 7

Best Geek Ever.

Best Geek Ever.

1. According to the fine folks at Dane 101, I am having the BEST WEEK EVER! The premiere Madison blog discusses the press and attention that 65 Poor Life Decisions has received in the last seven days, along with my current #1 ranking in the Bloggers Choice Awards. They even drop some quotes from my Spork Nation interview; giving my boy JT some love in the process. Thanks Dane 101; I truly am having the best week ever.

All I need now are some washed-up C-listers to mock me in front of a green screen; maybe do some animation where Mary-Kate Olsen pukes on me or something. I love that stuff.

2. Once again quoting directly from my awesome Spork Nation interview, the 'Blooking Blog' mentions me as a forerunner in the 'Blogger-Turned-Author' movement. They go on to discuss what I meant when I talked about "bridging the gap between bloggers and authors." It's a good read, you can check it out right here!

3. In local news, I received some respect and notoriety from the Sun Prairie Star, when they mentioned the release of 65 Poor Life Decisions. Like the previous link, they also quoted my "bridge between bloggers and authors" line. Sun Prairie has been my home for over five years now, and I greatly appreciate them taking the time to recognize my little book.

Hey, I'm in the paper again!

Also, it feels good to be in a non-police blotter section of the paper, free of all mentions of the words "exposed genitalia."

Next week will bring more press, more interviews and more sold books. My goal is to keep this feverish pace up until around Christmas Day, where I can hopefully drop dead into a punchbowl of eggnog while wearing a sweater with a snowflake on it. Best. Death. Ever.

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy the BEST WEEKEND EVER!

Wow, you haven't even bought any nog yet this year.
I'll be picking some up this weekend, for sure. I could use a heartattack right about now.
Thanks, Maus! WHOOOOOT!
(JT silently ponders a career in interviews.)
Don't get the nog from the vending machine this time!!

Congrats on the article! A NY Times Bestseller is on your horizon! Okay, maybe not, but viral marketing is cool.
Um,'d have to be stupid to drink vending machine egg nog...

Excuse me a moment. I...have to...go somewhere.

Thanks for the kind words. Book sales have been good; I've been working my ass off and it's beginning to feel justified.
CDP, I plan to have eggnog tonight in your honor. I'm extremely pleased that both Dane101 and the Blooking Blog linked to me, and even more thrilled that the Wisconsin Star ripped off a quote with no credit to me.

So...this is what "big time" feels like.
In your honor, I'm going to be listening to the Peter Gabriel song "Big Time." We're getting a lot of use out of that interview, for sure.
Yeah, I just put up links back to this post to let everyone know that you deserve credit for me being all big-headed and obnoxious all weekend.
Also, it feels good to be in a non-police blotter section of the paper, free of all mentions of the words "exposed genitalia."

Whenever I read those last two words I hear keys jingling. Anyone else?
Thanks, JT. That is pretty much how I act every weekend now. It's a sweet, lonely gig.

Come on, Blu; that's a funny joke!
and even more thrilled that the Wisconsin Star ripped off a quote with no credit to me.

*whistles innocently*
JT's gunna sue us.
I am hungsover.

Yes, the "s" is supposed to be there.
Mine arrived yesterday and it was opened with great fanfare, including photos.
A drunk homebrewer? Well, I never!

First rule of tha' game: Don't get addicted to your own product. I learned this the hard way, coming up on the mean streets of Winneconne.
IRRITABLE - You've been officially added to The CDP Network.

WILL - That photo is going up Monday, after some slight censoring, of course.
Sweet, even if someone clicks on the link by error it will double my hit count. Thanks!

I like beer too much to become addicted to it. It works that way, right?
Correct. Just like me with sub sandwiches.
And me and heroin.
Cargirl has been spending too much time with Amy Winehouse. In the UK, you can legally shoot smack if you're over 16 or a musician.
Do you have an egg nog preference. I was a Garelick man before my wife converted me to Hood.
I'm pretty sure the only thing they carry in our grocery store is Kemp's. haha.
It's a rarity up here, so I take whatever I can get.
CDP/Hathery - If y'all gave them the quote, I'm prefectly okay with it. In fact, I am perfectly okay with it regardless. Especially since I'm done with work early today and am in a stellar mood.

Blu - as for the eggnog, I'm going to attempt to make it from scratch. Perhaps I'll document the process. Perhaps I will poison myself by accident.

Either way, as my bookie says "You gotta pay to play."
CDP- Heroin is for cool kids!

BLU- I didn't know there were morenthan one type of egg. I have just been eating these ones from Jewel that come in a brown box.
You've got a point, Cargirl. All the cool kids are doing it. Just to make sure I stay extra cool, I mix a little black tar heroin with my Wheaties every morning.
Heroin is dead. Here in Madison, blow is coming back in a big way. I, for one, welcome it back with open arms. It's always been the hippest drug; why not run rampant in the hippest Wisconsin city?

JT, I like how you view the risk of accidental poisoning as an inevitable part of the Nog process. "Well, it was going to happen some day..."

I only eat crocodile eggs. I gather them myself, too. I've been banned from every aquatic zoo in the Midwest.
What about Century eggs? Or Scotch eggs? Or (*shudder*) pickled eggs in a jar?
Back when I used to bartend, I broke a jar of pickled eggs by accident onto the floor, and place pretty much had to be evacuated. Those things are nass assty.
Nass assty. Tell your friends.
Did the haz mat team have to be called?
I have a link* to the new Speed Racer trailer over on my side (second post from the top), if anyone is interested.

Feel free to bash the awful casting in the comments. I'm open to a lively discussion of the merits of a live chaimpanzee portraying Chim Chim versus some CGI debacle, also.

*linked because the AOL video widget was crap and could not be embedded in Blogger
I can't view the trailer at work, but I can't wait to poop all over at once I get home!
I think the monkey already did that...
Has anyone ever heard the Speed Racer CD? It is DIRTY!
CDP- Your shirt came in today, and I picked it up. I'm sealing the package and sendig off this afternoon!

Right now though, I'm driving.
Y. E. S. S. S.

Drive carefully, it's killy out there.
Yay!!! The PO Box has been lonely the last few days, so it could use a super secret punk rock package to spruce things up.
Hopefully my cash will show up today!
Empty again.
That is tragic. :(
Maybe it will show up tomorrow!

I don't understand, on the outside I even specifically wrote:

"There is no cash inside this envelope. Please do not steal it, since there is no cash. It is just a simple correspendence between friends, and has no monetary value."
It's Friday night, it's 8pm Central time, and I'M IN THE LIVE VIDEO CHAT ROOM RIGHT NOW!
It's Saturday morning, it's 1:18 Am EST, and I'm drunk.
I wasn't in there for very long. Some 34 year old woman told me that my music sucked, and that I should play Korn.

Sure, I have two Korn albums, but that's beside the point. In fact, I shouldn't have even said anything to you.
Play Artist: Michael Bolton
Well, it's Saturday and I still haven't received any new mailorder. I'm giving them until Monday, and then I'm going to get to the bottom of this.
Hoiday mail could be slowing everything down. Or gremlins.
Damn gremlins.
Gremlins seem to have a habit for fooling around with American blogger's book orders. I've heard of several cases in the past week.

And people are worried about global warming...

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