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'Lost Friday' Has Become 'Lost Monday.'


Cancel your plans and mark your calendars, because it's back.

Here's the skinny, and everything you need to know about Season 4 of Lost.

Season 4 was supposed to be 16 rerun-free episodes in a row, but only 8 were filmed prior to the strike. ABC, desperate for new entertainment, will air these 8 episodes back-to-back. The creators were not too happy about this, as Episode #8 isn't necessarily a 'cliffhanger' for the season, so to speak, and they were promised 16 episodes in a row. The writer's strike changed all of that. More specifically, greedy studio executives changed all of that.

So, we will get the first half of Season 4 in the form of the first 8 episodes. The remaining 8 episodes will be taped and aired depending on when the strike ends. This could be as early as Fall of 2008, or stacked atop Season 5 in 2009, essentially giving us a 24-episode fifth season.

Does that all make sense? We're going to get new Lost episodes, but only 8 of them, and another long wait before the second half of the season is unveiled. It's better than nothing.

Now, onto the time slot change. LOST WILL AIR THURSDAY NIGHTS AT 9PM EASTERN, STARTING ON JANUARY 31. The creators are said to be happy with this slot, as they will not be shadowed by American Idol, and the rest of the Thursday night lineup will be riddled with reruns and reality. This is a good place for Lost to be, even if it's not the Wednesday slot we've grown used to.

Good. Done. Settled. Almost.

With the announcement that Lost is moving to Thursdays, this also changes the time slot of the CDP's World-Famous 'Lost Friday.' From here on out, 'Lost Friday' will officially become 'LOST MONDAY.' There's no way I can do a recap in three hours; it's far too intensive and awesome to be rushed.

So, there you go. The Season Premiere of Lost is Thursday, January 31, and the Season Premiere of Lost Monday arrives on February 4. Direct any questions or concerns to the comments section, and enjoy your Thursday.


(NOTE: Tomorrow is also 'World Orgasm Day,' so let's celebrate a little unity tomorrow!)

Tomorrow is also 'World Orgasm Day.'

....that came early this year, didn't it?

/Just wanted to say it before anyone else did.
That's okay. For all those over acheivers out there yesterday was world premature ejaculation day.

This thread has been been killed before it had a chance to begin. Don't taze me bro.
Giggity giggity. I'm ready to go home!
Yeah, we're going to have to start this one all over again.

So...Season 4 of Lost, huh? Pretty rad!
World Orgasm Day! What a bad idea!

Lost Monday! What a great idea!
Lost Monday will revolutionize the CDP in head-exploding ways we've never dreamed of before. I have new things planned, and I get the entire weekend to make it perfect.

For 8 episodes, that is. Then it's back to business as usual.
Lost Monday...Hoorah!

*falls over*
Finally, after three years, Lost Friday is promoted to the prime CDP timeslot. Let's hear it for that!
Someone actually stopped me in the hall at work to make sure I knew about the new timeslot and the premier date. We have a few die-hard rabid fans here, and we've been keeping each other going with tidbits of Lost news. So Hooray! for Lost Monday!

Also, since this subject was being beaten to death by every internet news source and local radio/tv channel I encountered between yesterday and today:
*flails arms dramtically and runs away crying like a girl*
"She's not well!"

Lost Monday will change the way you look at things. Things like balloons, monkeys and Deep Woods Off!. Just random stuff, mainly.
Colored balloons?
MAUS - THe Spears Family: Giving Chris Crocker a reason to be famous since 2007.

I'm excited for Lost Monday. It'll make Monday's suck just a little less.
Colored balloons and Pac-Man video games.

I'm currently enjoying the hell out of Alone: The Home Recordings Of Rivers Cuomo, which was released yesterday.
Lost Monday should work well. It's not too far away from the Thursday airing, I'll have the weekend to polish it up, and yeah, it'll hopefully make your Mondays a little less awful.

You still sick, Cargirl?
Cargirl - I seriously thought Chris Crocker was a chick. I'm still not entirely convinced he has any testosterone to be accounted for. Famous for crying about someone else's fame is not nearly as bad as being famous for merely exisiting, but still. It's pretty lame.

I have yet to see the upcoming season's trailer, but I heard it was full of exciting clues so since I'm alone in the office for the next two days I'm sure I could tear myself away from all this work I'm doing and watch it. And Lost Mondays will mean I'll have less of a reason to have a Case of the Mondays™, and that's a plus.
Chyeah. I feel like crap. It's not a good situation.

Can cough drops make you high? I think that would explain a few things. I feel like I just ate a mushroom...or 14 cough drops.
MAUS - The Season 4 trailer is amazing. The 'rescue' boat shows up, and the dude is all, "Rescuing people is not our primary objective." RAD!

CARGIRL - If you're ill, I suppose an abundance of low-level cough drops can give you a wicked case of Medicine Head. I'm sorry about your throat; I hate getting strep more than just about anything non-life threatening.

Lots of vanilla ice cream helps.
CDP - Vanilla ice-cream sounds great.

Also, LOST trailer looks intense. I caught the easter egg/hidden thingy right away.
I seriously thought Chris Crocker was a chick. I'm still not entirely convinced he has any testosterone to be accounted for. Famous for crying about someone else's fame is not nearly as bad as being famous for merely exisiting, but still. It's pretty lame.

Strangely enough, I've done a fair bit of research on Chris Crocker, and he's an interesting fellow. As you might expect, the "leave Britney alone" thing was completely fact, the one that you saw floating around was the SECOND version, shot specifically to be a viral video. Chris Crocker has tons of videos up, some are actually pretty hilarious, specifically the ones where he dresses up like a Conservative Southern talk-show host and berates his grandmother. True, he's just another one of those super-gay dudes that the internet made famous, but in his home town, he actually can't go out to the mall or in public often because his community is so homophobic and backwoods redneck. He is threatened with death often and has been beaten on a number of occassions. His outwardly gay internet persona is actually an art statement speaking out against that sort of behavior, and an overtly exaggerated gesture on the importance of freedom of expression. That being said, I don't love the guy, but I think there's more to it than people understand :)
This is probably a silly question to ask in this crowd, but, should I start watching Lost again? I just sorta fell off back at the beginning of season good reason, just forgot about it.

This after a short but memorable stint being completely obsessed with the show during seasons 1&2 (fun/stupid fact: the name "lost albatross" was originally a handle I came up with on the spot for a Lost discussion board--sshh! don't tell!).

Also, the studio execs can go frak themselves. WGA all the way!
CARGIRL - Oh yes, I cannot wait. The creators said that Season 4 would be their most action-packed and violent yet, so that really perks the ears of Neanderthals like myself.

EMILY - You have a Lost handle! NEERRRRRRRD! :)

Oh yeah, you gotta get back on the horse. Season 3 started off shaky, but got back on track fantastically, setting up a potentially amazing Season 4.

HATHERY - If I ever saw Chris Crocker in person, I'd proably beat him, too. Solely for being an annoying attention whore with extremely limited talents, and a complete lack of tact or class concerning self-promotion and marketing.

What do you want to be remembered for, people? Not all attention will be looked back upon fondly.
*quietly puts down video camera and Hilary campaign signs, gathers up clothes and leaves room*
Vote Kucinich!
I find it amazing that George W. Bush has done such an irreversibly terrible job as President, that the majority of voters don't even want to vote for a white male anymore.

That's unprecedented.

I have a friend who blindly follows John Edwards. When I try to explain to her that he was basically nothing more than an ambulance-chasing, Tobacco Road attorney greaseball, all she gives me back is, "He's such a good speaker. He spoke to me!"

She's usually a lot smarter than that, which makes it all the more annoying.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to start any sort of political discussion here, nor impose my own political hang-ups onto anyone.

I gave that up after the 2004 election, when I realized it was no longer funny anymore, and political blogs are about as unoriginal as a CBS sitcom.
My beef with the current election/campaign, is that people seem to believe that the only decision is Obama or Hilary. There are 17 people running for president, not just 2!

How did we get on this topic?

EMILY - You have to start watching LOST again. Especially since this one is going to be the season to end all seasons...figuratively and literally.
...political blogs are about as unoriginal as a CBS sitcom.

Whatchoo sayin' Willis???

(though, to be fair, my blog is only about 50% (local) politics)

I'mma gonna go cry in a corner now.
Who turned this into a discussion on politics? Now you've gone and done it!

My take:

Kucinich's wife is attractive. He looks like a Keebler elf. What is the deal with that?

Anytime my husband and I see anything about Mitt Romney we both say in our most earnest action movie announcer voices "Mitttt ROMney!!" Just give that man a plaid shirt and an axe and he'd be the Brawny paper towel guy.

I'll have to continue this after lunch. Going to get Thai. Yummmm.
MAUS - Mitt Romney should be the host of a really bad game show.
EMILY - ...crap.

I didn't mean it that way. I frequent political blogs all the time, I just realized a long time ago that I didn't posess the chops or passion that would make my own political blog successful. My take on it just wasn't good enough, the discussions sucked and the traffic was weak.

Still Internet friends?

CARGIRL - I blame myself for getting us on this topic, and I really should know better. I've successfully avoided political discussion on the CDP for almost 3 years. I've found that less people laugh when they're furiously angry.
According to The Daily Show, Mrs. Kucinich has the chance to become a 'FLILF.'

Dennis must be a really, really nice guy.
Can we just go back to talking about World Orgasm Day?

If I can snag a copy of Rock Band on Friday, I might be celebrating it right in the electronics department of Best Buy.
After you told me just how gorgeous Mrs. Kucinich was, I must say I was underwhelmed with her beauty, but still...VOTE KUCINICH!
We're just talking about how she looks compared to other First Ladies. She wins that contest, hands down. Besides, have you heard her speak?

Either way, she's not going to be the First Lady, FLILF or otherwise.
Nope, never heard her speak.

Obviously you've never seen Lady Bird Johnson. RAR!
Eleanor Roosevelt FTW.
I don't know what that means.
It doesn't matter. I was being mean.

I probably couldn't ask for a better First Lady than Bill Clinton, anyway.
Oh snap.
Yeah, this has to end.

I'm loving this Rivers Cuomo album. Lots of demos from 1995 and whatnot; nostalgic and reminding of when Weezer was good.
I didn't even hear Cuomo was coming out with one. It's a comp of all old stuff?

Speaking of... my 2007 albums list is up:
Being from the Deep South, I base all of my voting on two things:

1. Who loves Jesus more?
2. Who owns the most guns?
JT - I know some Republicans out ther that could probably convince the general public that Jesus Himself is anti-Christianity.

DOMSAR - Are you telling me that you purchased 102 albums this year? Are you kidding me?

Some spotlights:

101 - I can't for the life of me understand why this is #1 on so many lists.

98 - Is it really good? How do they pull off the sound of a good live album?

83 - 'My Old Ways' is such a cool track.

73 - I just got turned on to him, and wow, he's pretty fantastic.

69 - Always amazing.

63 - Explosions in the Sky 'can make hanging drywall feel like a life-changing experience.'

38 - As long as this is lower than Arcade Fire, we're alright.

32 - Will any track of theirs ever be as emotionally moving as 'Funeral?'

17 - Amazing songwriters. Period.

14 - Still good, no matter what the snobs say. They have Johnny Marr, for God's sake!

5 - Feist has lots of money now. Lots.

Good list!
I don' fink that Modetht Mouth ith vewy good.
JT, I base my vote on who has the best hair.

And Hathery, Mrs. Kucinich isn't everyone's cup o'tea, but she's a very tall British redhead with a tongue stud. So that's bound to get a fair amount of attention in regards to potential future first ladies. Some people think Fred Thompson's wife (read: failed campaign puppet master) is pretty hot, too. I don't, but I'm saying some people do. Those same people have fantisies about Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter wrestling in a vat of jello while Rush Limbaugh referees.

Okay. I'll stop now.
I hated Modest Mouse when I first bought their album. It was practically unlistenable. Then i would hear a new sond on the radio and go That's on that album? WTF?" Sure enough, there is was. Conclusion: Too much of a Modest Mouse can be a very bad thing. listen to one song a day and it isn't that bad.

Also, having voted for and lived under his governorship Mitt Romney was one of the best Governors this state has seen in a looooong time. I realize the political hoops he has had to jump through in the presidential arena make him look silly, but he really is a fair guy.

I'm voting for the pretender next year. That is the guy who I feel will most likely tell their party (either one) to kiss off after being elected and do what they think is right.

As far as who instigated this discussion? I BLAME THE CDP!

*steeples fingers and grins as if watching the Yankees lose a game*
"She's a very tall British redhead with a tongue stud."


HATHERY - You sure like to make fun of mean, superficial things. Isaac Brock and Davey von Bohlen's lisps, Jewel's teeth, everyone's nose, Tina Fey's scar. How did you possibly find me attractive? I had absolutely everything wrong with me when we met.

BLU - Good point. The only way that anything is going to work out in the near future is if a candidate steps up and does what we really need, as opposed to what everyone wants to hear.
Notice how I carefully worded my post to say that these 102 albums are "in my possession." The word "purchased" is such strong language. But yes, I have those albums and have listened to them all.

101 - I can't for the life of me understand why this is #1 on so many lists.
It's mostly unlistenable. But it's a hipster check.

98 - Is it really good? How do they pull off the sound of a good live album?
Naw, I'm sure if I were at the show, it would be amazing, but it's mostly just a remix album with cheering. The original versions were all better IMO.

63 - Explosions in the Sky 'can make hanging drywall feel like a life-changing experience.'
Crazy how everything they do is EPIC. If I played them as a soundtrack whenever I entered a room, I'd quickly become emperor of the universe.

32 - Will any track of theirs ever be as emotionally moving as 'Funeral?'
No nothing has been quite as good as that song, and he's becoming a prick about it. Like it's our fault we don't like any other of his songs as much.

14 - Still good, no matter what the snobs say. They have Johnny Marr, for God's sake!
Yeah, it is still great stuff... but I'm also a snob about it, in that I liked early MM way better than the last few albums. He used to write amazing songs with emotional depth that explained the universe as a never-ending math equation and what not. Now he's all "Fire It Up". Is he trying to sell to the MTV crowd?

5 - Feist has lots of money now. Lots.
If you have the talent, I say you deserve to be compensated for it. She's adorable to boot.
Lost Nerds: Here's a map. I stumbled onto it day while reading blogs, er, working.

Lost was on before we had DVR. I saw the first couple of eps and loved it, but Little Hoss was awake during that time, and loved to randomly hit the channel buttons. So I stopped.

And I'm kinda glad I did. I don't need another addiction.
CDP: Net Friends 4 Eva, fer sher. No worries, I was just checkin'. It's not as though my blog contains lots of biting and insightful political commentary, but I can't seem to keep my mitts off the stuff.

Are season 3 Lost DVDs out yet? I could use them to hold off the DTs I'm getting from Battlestar Galactica's very long hiatus.

Yeah - older episodes of BSG were supposed to be used as replacements on one of the air channels (whichever one is affilaited with sci-fi) during the WGA strike if it lasted into the new year. I wonder if that is still going to happen, and when is the show coming back with new episodes?? I'm toally out of the loop with tv right now.
DOM - YAAAARRRRRR! Thanks for all the insight! YAAARRRR!

HOSS - Lost would have consumed you. The only other TV addiction I can compare this to was when I couldn't sleep comfortably without watching an episode of MST3K. This went on for at least 6 months.

EMILY - Season 3 DVDs are out, along with the Simpsons Movie. Drop it like it's hot, and so forth.

BSG is another one of those shows that was ruined for me by my friends. How dare they tell me how good it is!
CDP/Cargirl - I'm trying to work on a "51 Truths" post. It's much, much harder than I thought it ould be, and I'm only on 19.
HATHERY - You sure like to make fun of mean, superficial things. Isaac Brock and Davey von Bohlen's lisps, Jewel's teeth, everyone's nose, Tina Fey's scar. How did you possibly find me attractive? I had absolutely everything wrong with me when we met.

You're like Mr. were such a perfect storm of things wrong with you that you were virtually indestructable.
Or in your case, virtually irresistible.
JT - It's hard. Addictive, therapeutic and interesting, but hard. Don't think, just type. Can't wait.

HATHERY - Mr. Burns, you are the sickest man in the United States. You have everything.

Mr. Burns: You mean I have pneumonia?

Doctor: Yes.

Mr. Burns: Juvenile diabetes?

Doctor: Yes.

Mr. Burns: Hysterical pregnancy?

Doctor: Uh . . . a little bit, yes.
I'll be working, but will pop in when I get home to check and see if you're still around.
Sorry, on my way to Edaville Railroad. CHOO CHOO! I'm bringing the kids with me this time.
You got it, JT.

Have a good time Blu!
I hope to be done Christmas shopping by then. I'm going to pull a JT and drop in anyway if I come home later.
CDP said: The only other TV addiction I can compare this to was when I couldn't sleep comfortably without watching an episode of MST3K.

That's because you don't watch 24, aka The Jack Bauer Power Hour. Last season was disappointing but the season before that more than made up for it.

I think they are running out of ideas though -- he's died twice, got out of Chinese prison, shot more terrorists and turncoats then you can ever believe, and even killed his own family members.

What's next? Impregnate Chloe?
MAUS - Word on the street is that the new season of BSG will start in April. Hopefully that'll be plenty of time for the writer's strike to have ended.

CDP - I'm on it. Also, I don't want to tell you to give BSG a shot for fear of driving you away from it even more. I resisted at first, too, but I have since learned that giving in is so, so much more fun. Heck, even if the plots weren't great (which they are), I'd still watch for all the pretty people.

I ain't too proud to admit that.
CARGIRL - I expect to be on for an hour, make it in if you can!

HOSS - I gave 24 a chance when it premiered, and it totally rubbed me the wrong way. I guess I was never a big fan of those straight-ahead Action dramas, regardless of the admittedly cool '24 Hour' gimmick. I understand it's good though; I won't knock it.

EMILY - I could have my buddy Ben send the DVDs my way. I get the feeling I'd be watching them alone, but I'd grin and bear it if the show was good.

6PM, kids. I don't have anything planned; just some chatting and music. I might even take requests, if you're good and there's more than two people in there.
I honestly don't know why I keep trying to do these chats.
okay, what did I miss?
I know the REAL reason you haven't watched Star wars or BSG or Farscape.

MAUS cover your eyes.

You hate Sci/Fi.

admit it.

You forgot Firefly, Angel, Serenity, Buffy, or anything else that Joss Whedon might have gotten his hands into. It's not that I hate sci-fi, I just don't enjoy 'fi' as a general rule.

I read reference books and biographies. I watch the History Channel. I certainly don't write any fiction. While I obviously take in a large amount of fictional television in every week, I prefer it if there's a certain realistic aspect to it.

If it takes place on a spaceship or concerns vampires, I can't suspend my disbelief all that much.

Lost gets a pass because I was forced into watching it, and it just so happened to be the greatest drama in television history.

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