Thursday, January 17


Post #700.

Today marks the Communist Dance Party's 700th post. I greatly appreciate your kind words and applause, but I'm going to request that you hold off for a minute.

I have something very important and emotional to share with you. It's something that I believe perfectly sums up the love and joy that I'm feeling today; a song that speaks what I'm unable to convey with my meager words.

Please enjoy.

Renaldo Lapuz.

"We're Brothers Forever."
Lyrics By: Renaldo Lapuz

I am your brother
Your best friend forever

Singing the songs, the music that you like.

We're brothers 'till the end of time

Together or not, you're always in my heart

Your hurt, your feelings in you will worry no more.

Thanks for sticking around, 700 times over. Please sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day.



I would like to take credit for ruining your 700th post.
I think the purple hair took care of that, already. Then again, who didn't have purple hair back in 2004?

Nicely done, Bartender.
I'd didn't have purple hair in 2004

Do you know the words to "Stairway to Heaven", and would "Stairway" count as a love song? Asking for no reason in particular...
JT/MOE - My hair was officially a 'Midnight Black' that I had been rocking since I was 18, that consisted of black with blue undertones. I didn't abandon it until a year or two later, and it was usually shaggier than that, unfortunately.

But hey, didn't you hear Renaldo? We're all brothers! Man, that was funny, funny stuff.

CAVEMAN - It doesn't have to necessarily be a love song; it can be a song that makes you cry or a song to get down to the business of getting down with. Your call.
Congrats on the 700th post. I like the purple hair (even if it was black and not purple).

That dude looks so "I am a pimp. A SUPER SERIOUS PIMP. I shall sing for you, Paula. Oh yes. You like my shiny cape?"

I stopped watching American Idol years ago. Maybe I should at least turn it on again for the train wreck factor.
KAREN - Yup, 'Midnight Black.' Can't you just hear me oozing with emo charm?

The Internet Phenomenon train is running at full steam; here's Renaldo's song in action:
I Heart Renaldo!!!!!!!

You fail to mention who fastidiously upkept your hair every month to keep it that fancy-pants black, with such love and tenderness...
Thanks, Moe. Just glad I could be of help.
More like RenaldOWN.

Wenis Buttpoop.
And lo...American television gives unto the world Asian Liberace! And there was much rejoicing.


That is one of the worst self portraits I have ever seen, by the way. It's actually kind of creeping me out, and at the same time it also somehow manages to chart a very high emo level, according to my very scientific calculations.
The eyes are pretty, though.
Hathery, your opinion on the matter is the only that counts.

Off topic, but I'm terribly bored and currently listening to "Casimir Pulaski Day". Just thought I'd share.
Oh, also I ordered the book - finally. I'll shout it from the rooftops as soon as it arrives on my porch stoop.
Congrats! 700 is always an important number!

And if that Renaldo was singing that 20 years ago, he'd be world famous right now. I'm sure of it.
MAUS - Thanks so much for ordering the book! I give you my word that you'll laugh until you whazz.

HATHERY - The eyes may be pretty, but the 2004 self-photograph just wasn't sending out the proper message. It was supposed to be something about evolution and maturity, but in reality, I just come off like a wanger. It's gone now.

CARROT - Renaldo will be on television, singing that song again, I'm sure of it.
You took the picture down?? And just when I was looking forward to making Silence of the Lambs jokes.
No matter how much I re-sized it, it was just too creepy to serve its intended purpose. It's hard for people to laugh when they're scared.
Between having my eyes dilated and missing the emo self portrait, I feel like my morning thus far as been full of fail.
The emo self-photo was supposed to be kind of self-depreciating and funny in a nostalgic sort of way, but it mostly weirded everyone out. I'd rather you not see it, and continue to remember me as the brilliant and sexy man who entertains you on a daily basis.

Hope the eyes are okay. Whenever my Grandma gets her eyes dialated, she looks like Marilyn Manson for the rest of the day. I'll show up and not know what happened, and she'll look up from her newspaper and scare the fluids outta me.
I liked the emo self-portrait. :(
you took it down. For a minute there I felt out of the loop. Glad to be back in. The loop is fun.



How do you it? Day in day out, no net?
Now I feel like a bad blogger, I have 1428 posts and I never call anyone my brother, except for my three brothers.
Also, i didn't have purple hair in 2004, but I did in 1990.
I LOVE how Will not-so-subtlely pointed out that he's twice as rad as CDP.

I smell another shun coming...
I never officially un-shunned Will, I don't think...
Shun! Shun the non-believer!

I honestly can't remember what color my hair was in 2004. It went from blue to red to bleached to a sort of oil-slick rainbow at any given time, so it was hard to keep track.
Mine was black. It's been black from September of 2002-November of 2007. Just last weekend did I finally get all the black out and go back to my natural hair color...dull, dank blonde.
Moe you are reading too much into my comment, twice as many posts only implies that I type faster.

However I am still shunning The Hathery as her judgment re: Billy "Pianofucker" Joel is questionable.
BLU - I owe my success to hard work, supportive readers and my parole officer.

We did it, Charlie! This one's for you, buddy!

WILL - 1400 posts? 1990? What are you, a hundred or something?

The Earth didn't exist before Brett Favre anyway, so I have no recollection of anything before 1991. In my mind, Mudhoney is God and Kurt Cobain is Jesus.

MOE - I don't shun, but the Missus throws it around like it's free. I'm not responsible for her actions.

EMILY - Let this be a reminder to any woman out there. If you're a girl with short, blue hair, chances are highly likely that I'll be bothering you a lot. Probably sweating, too.

HATHERY - I intensely dig the way your hair looks right now. I like the style and the color, although I can't help but think there's something really neat in store for it.
CDP- Old enough to have seen Cobain and Mudhoney but young enough to not be able to buy a beer when I did.
a)I only have 132 posts
b)I still can't "buy" beer

Are we finshed rubbing it in...?
Oh, I think Will and I are close to the same age. I can remember having funny colored hair in the mid 90s (I also had electric blue hair for exactly one day about six years ago). The 90s are also when I wore my tartan plaid skirts with leggings & Docs and big flannel shirts. (Think Angela from My So-Called Life with a little "Goth" element mixed for kicks - that was my uniform from pretty much 1990ish-1996ish)
WILL - Absolutely rad. Growing up in Wisconsin, I felt it lucky to see Brooks & Dunn rock Country USA once a year.

The Twin Cities were close, but I was too young for the Husker Du/Replacements thing.

CAVEMAN - Sorry about that. If it's any consolation, I'm absolutely miserable right now. Help?

MAUS - "Think Angela from My So-Called Life with a little 'Goth' element mixed for kicks."

HATHERY - I intensely dig the way your hair looks right now. I like the style and the color, although I can't help but think there's something really neat in store for it.

I think you're in for a lot of disappointment in this regard.

What's a TTIUWP? I don't get this netspeak. I'm not down with what the kids are saying these days.
HATHERY - Fine with me; your hair is always beautiful. I'm just happy that you're happy the black is 100% gone. You get a wee bit more freedom when you have a clean slate.

Oh, is that what the kids say these days?
Sorry, late for a class.
Don't worry be happy, Cdp!

G'night Ladies and Gents
Here, I have a pic for you. It's the best pic you'll see today.
"I'm just happy that you're happy the black is 100% gone"

So The Hathery likes Billy Joel but hates black people.

It all makes sense now.
CAVEMAN - Have a good one.

HATHERY - Tinker Catsup never goes bad!

WILL - I like where this is going.
This comment has been removed by the author.
I liked this post a lot more when it had a picture of the over-the-top emo hair! hair is brown?

But it used to be really, really long from 1993 or so until about 1999.
Hey, Maus couldn't even stand to have the black up on this page, so who's the real racist here?
"George Bush does not care about black people."

Well, Angela in the sense of her wardrobe, really. Not saying I look like Claire Danes. Because obviously I don't.

Wait. What am I responsible for now? What happened?
(imagine this in a Kiwi accent, and tell me who gets the reference so that I might know my geeky kin)

Your blog ate my comment!

(Not all of it!)

Anyway, I was going to offer this horrible picture of me lookin' like a hobo cira '03, sportin' the aftereffects of blue hair. It looks like I lived at the bottom of a highly chlorinated swimming pool.
Holy merciful crap!

Caveman...Coolest. Beard. Ever!
Emily, you look like Keira Knightly in that picture. I don't know how to spell her name.
HATHERY - Hopefully just healthier looking? Like I eat regular meals (even though that pic is from college, and I probably wasn't)?
Yes, much healthier looking...much cuter!
Wait. What am I responsible for now? What happened?

Oh nothing...just inciting a race war.
Now, I like where this is heading...
JOEL - Every time I looked at it, I started wondering if it was all just a little too much for folks to take. In the end, it was too much for me to take. I'm weird lookin'.

Don't be a stranger, Joel!

JT - That long-hair photo of you is amazing. It looks so stereotypically High School that I initially thought it was fake.

HATHERY/MOE - This page needed a race war; it really did.

MAUS - Nothing. I just perked up when you were describing your alternative, 90's style. Me likey that sort of thing quite a bit.

CARROT/CAVEMAN - His beard and Norris' beard should duel.

EMILY - You were like that girl that was in every 90's alternative video/band that made me look around my town and go, "Where in the hell do these women live, and where is my suitcase?"

I swear, if I had a time machine, I'd shoot myself straight back to 1993 and never leave.
MOE - Lulz.
I swear, if I had a time machine, I'd shoot myself straight back to 1993 and never leave.

Winneconne in 1993? You foolish, foolish boy.
Or perhaps you're just hoping to spell "wallet" correctly this time around?
Who said I had to stay in Winneconne? That's the point; I'd make it count!

Furthermore, I'd go back as a 25 year old.

I never spelled wallet wrong and you know it!
Yeah you did. And you still can't spell it...the only reason you spelled it correctly now is because you copied & pasted it from my comment above.
Emily - the movie was A Cry in the Dark with Meryl Streep and Sam Neil (mmmm...Dr. Grant...), right?

"A dingooo's got my bay-beeee!"

MAUS - Wow, damn. Good job!
MAUS - Good guess! That quote is remarkably similar, but it's not the one I was going for.

I'll give you a hint: very early Peter Jackson film.

CDP & HATHERY - Thanks, now I'm blushing. And to make sure my little ego-stroke continues, I shall avoid posting high school pictures of myself at all costs.
You. Can't. Spell. Wallet.
HATHERY - This is just getting silly. If you honestly think that I misspelled 'wallet' in the middle school spelling bee, then why in the hell did you go out with me? If it were me, I wouldn't have gone out with you.

EMILY - It's not Dead Alive, is it? The last 20 minutes of the movie are absolutely hilarious.

Yeah, you won't be seeing any high school photos of myself, either. For as weird as the 80's was, we're going to have a much harder time explaining away the styles and culture of the 90's to our kids.
I didn't put 2 and 2 together until AFTER we were going out, silly! It's okay--I won the spelling bee 2 years later, so you can feel free to use the dictionary I was awarded whenever you need to look up a word.

*Listening to music in my office, presumably alone.
Question: Does anyone use Spenco shoe insoles, and if so, what variety do you use? I am looking into these inserts, and am baffled by the selection.
That's about as random as you can get.
Hathery wins the award for Most Random Comment, hands down!

CDP - You are correct, and we can therefore be friends.

(for those of you playing at home, the lines are: "Your mom ate my dog!" followed by a conciliatory "Not all of it.")
EMILY - Wow, I won! I'll be damned!

Will you be near your computer at 5pm? I want to get at least 5 people in the video chat this afternoon.
It isn't random to ME...I've been talking about it to my carpool buddy for 3 days now. :) have a carpool.
I'm back... Social Psychology... I feel asleep twice!

Anyways, Norris' beard would so school mine. Did you know that under Chuck Norris' beard there is a third fist?

I might actually show up in the the video chat tonight. I just got to figure out how to work my damn camera...
Dangit! I can't tell you how long it's been since I even thought of Dead Alive...I will have to consider watching it again soon.

I did watch part of Meet the Feebles the other night, though. Delightfully disturbing.
CDP - Hooray! But sadly, I'll just be getting into my car for the long ride home at 5. Following that, band practice. Someday, though, I shall join you and your many minions for online chat nerdery, fo' sho'.

MAUS - Meet the Feebles is one messed up flick. But I love that Jackson can go from that to Heavenly Creatures to LotR pretty much without flinching or having to explain himself. And do re-watch Dead Alive, as it contains one of my all-time favorite movie quotes: "I KICK ASS FOR THE LORD!"
CAVEMAN - Under Chuck Norris' beard is Gladiator Wolf, and boy is he pissed off.

You don't need a camera to join the chat, but yeah, that would be cool, too. So far, it looks like it might be a weak turnout. Again though, all I'm shooting for is 3-5 folks. Whatevs, yo.

EMILY - Why do you hurt me so? What with your active social life and creative activities?
Well that sucked, CDP. Try the video chat some other time? Maybe when my computer is not possessed by the devil.

I serously think I died a little inside.

I'm going to make a meatball sub now...

night's only 7:15 EST, and no one is online in the chat...

Monkey poop.
CAVEMAN - No problem, man. Thanks for stopping in!

JT - Didn't stay on very long; Caveman's computer made the Internet explode.

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