Tuesday, January 22

Dear Al Harris: Never Talk Trash Again. Thanks.

Ruining The Magic.
(Not Pictured: Everybody.)

After the positive response I received last week in posting a photograph of yours truly aboard the Satellite Of Love, I decided to pull another picture out of the vault from that tour. This shot is taken just off-center of where the hard camera normally is, and you can see that the stage is elevated about three feet off of the ground, so the puppeteers could stand comfortably in the trench behind the deck. Just to the right of the stage is a kitchen area; pretty neat stuff.

I also need to mention that I was interviewed for a feature in the Wisconsin State Journal last night. I think it went pretty well, and the second it's published, I'll include a link over in the sidebar. Melanie, you obviously don't need praise from me, but you're fantastic and I greatly appreciate you taking the time to get me drunk and ask me questions. Quite frankly, it's my idea of a near-perfect night. Make me look classy, and I won't tell anyone that we got kicked out for making a scene. Thanks again.

I'm hard at work on the long-awaited Lost Season 3 Recap, gearing up for the Lost Season 4 Preview, which of course will launch us right into the Lost Season 4 Premiere and wrap up quite nicely with the triumphant return of Lost Monday. Lost is back, kids, and I'll make sure you're ready for another half-season of speculation, mystery and beards.

As the snow continues to fall and the depression continues to plummet dangerously, sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day.

It's like you've ripped the beard off of Santa Claus. Thus single handedly ruining my childhood.
Yeah, the curtain has been pulled back a tad, but come on! You've never seen a view of the SOL like this!

On another note, my love (or lust) for Crush grows weekly, as does my hatred for Mayhem. He just sucks.
"Packers 34, Giants 17. See you in Arizona, Patriots." - CDP

Blame Al Harris if you want to sir, but you're clearly at fault.

And just so you know, I've attempted to get caught up on Lost on three separate occasions and each time Moe Greene has talked me out of it. He's got me convinced that I wouldn't like the show and yet he's a faithful viewer... he's clearly an evil person, right ? i mean. that's the only reasonable explanation.
Joel - The second you saw the polar bear in episode two, you'd never watch the show again. Just sayin' is all.
JT - The cool thing about Crush is that she's super cool outside of the show, too. She kicks ass and she's freaking beautiful. Mayhem, on the other hand, continues to slip in the ranks. I get the feeling that the male winner of Season 1 will be taking his place in Gladiator Arena.

JOEL - He's probably saving your from a lifetime of obsession, speculation and DVD purchasing. He may be doing you a favor, but it's worth it to get immersed in the madness. Lost is incredible.
The man has a point. You've gotta want it.
Ah, the SOL looks as cobbled together and ramshackle as all the other tv sets I've ever worked on. I love it.

I missed American Gladiators because I forgot it was on and watched a repeat of Project Runway that I had recorded. I'll save everyone the trouble and shun myself.
Their soundstage was great; I couldn't believe how much stuff they had crammed into that space. Deep 13/Castle Forrester is right in front of the SOL, and their blue screen/shadowrama thing is just to the left.

Their offices were nice and the prop department was a dream come true. They threw nothing away, so peeking through everything was like a condensed version of every Host Segment they've ever done.
In an attempt to quiet the raging jealousy within, I'm going to move on to your interview and say very cool! I'll be looking forward to reading it. This week may just be a good week for arts related coverage in the WSJ, as the movie I worked on this summer is also getting an article at some point (should also be in the Onion and the Isthmus this week, as well as the Badger Herald).

Oh yeah, shameless plug: said movie is "Massacre! The Musical" and you should all come to its premiere at the High Noon this Sunday evening (especially since my band is also playing afterwards). :)

But enough about me...can we talk more about Crush and how awesome she is?
can we talk more about Crush and how awesome she is?

It would be a crime not to.
You forgot - Do not throw interception in OT.
I'm glad you and Melanie found each other. Walking into a bar with her has ruined many promising writing careers.
George H.
WILL - We should have never been in OT! We should have never put ourselves in a position to have to beg a kicker to miss two straight. By that point in the game, it was unsalvageable. Is that even a word? AAARRRGHH!

JT - I can see Gina Carano really becoming not only the poster girl for female MMA (and MMA in general), but an athletic female role model on par with a Mia Hamm or Steffi Graf. I mean, she's classy, beautiful and seriously gifted at her work. She's 5-0 in the cage, and I think that if marketed correctly, she can throw MMA into the stratusphere.

EMILY - Why weren't you at the High Noon last night? I was totally waiting for you.

Thanks for the kind words; I think the interview went well. I'm pretty sure I didn't destroy anyone's careers, including my own.

I've seen some of the short pieces you and Rob did, and I dig them the most. You + Guns = Grrrr....
Thanks, George! Don't be a stranger to the CDP! Also, if my memory serves me correctly, thank you for turning Melanie onto the CDP! I'm humbled and in need of a nap.
Hah, oh man, I'm sorry I didn't make it to the HNS last night--I blame two main distractions: pretty snow and a pretty boy. What's a gal to do? If you come to the premiere on Sunday, though, I promise to buy you a drink in honor of your big interview. How's that sound? Hathery won't beat me up for it, right? Heck, she should come, too.
CDP - I know, but when Tynes misses a second kick it's a new ballgame. I was rooting for The Packers all the way and I was disapointed to see them lose. I can't stand the Giants but I really hate the Patriots, I'm hoping that the team buses collide and the game is canceled.
There's a fair chance that I might be in the midst of a 14 hour drive from Colorado on Sunday night, but it is yet to be determined. I shall try.

If free, me and Hathery will be there with our finest bells on. Drinks will be had. Hearts will be broken.
WILL - I'd like to see that, only because it's never happened before. I think Carlin had a bit about an entire baseball team getting killed in a plane crash, just to see what they would do about getting new players and stuff. Only he could make that funny.
CDP - Why on Earth would you want to go someplace that has even more snow than here? Unless you're going skiing or snowboarding, then I'd make an exception on account of all dem mountains Colorado has.
I know; I may be going with friends to a concert. Nothing etched in stone yet.

I need to take this time to once again mention that Cloverfield is probably playing somewhere near everyone that's reading this right now.
American Gladiators needs more HELLLLLLGA.
I know this will sound incredibly foolish, but could anyone tell me if I need any computer softwear to make a mix-CD on iTunes? It's not something I've ever done before, and although I'm positive you'll all despise my music taste, I might aswell do it properly.
As long as you have a CD burner, iTunes will take care of the rest. Just assort your mix in iTunes, select the 'Burn to Disc' function and follow the directions. Should be simple.
CD - More specifically, "assort your mix" means put your mix CD selections into a playlist, and then you should have the option to "burn playlist to disc". Have fun!
CNN is reporting that Heath Ledger has died.
MAUS - Just read that, too. What a fucking waste. Blargh.
The Joker is dead?

Does anyone know where Christan Bale is?
What a shame. On an emotional human level, and on the level of The Dark Knight being extremely hard to watch upon release. I think we've all been anticipating this film like crazy, and to have something like this happen is just awful.

Kids, don't do the drugs. Seriously.

Wow...naked and surrounded by pills in Mary-Kate Olsen's apartment.

What a way to go.
Damn, looks more like a suicide as the details come out.
Suicide or accidental OD? What's up with the "masseuse" he had the appointment with?

Sometimes celebrities really confound me. I mean, they achieve the new American dream of having it all without having to really work for it and so many of them piss all over it.
Very sad, but let's wait for the facts to come out on this.
In any case, it's freaking horrible and leaving us one amazing actor short. I'm sure we'll hear about this for the rest of the week.

Renfro and Ledger in less than a week. Damn.

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