Wednesday, January 23

Mix-Tape Exchange #2 Deadline Reminder.

The CDP Nationwide Mix-Tape Exchange #2.

Just a reminder that the deadline to get in on the CDP Nationwide Mix-Tape Exchange #2 is Friday. If you're on the fence and haven't signed up yet, let me know now! Sound off in the comments or send an e-mail over to, and let me know you're in!

As of right now, we have 18 people that are confirmed, with two listed as tentative (Caveman? Maus? are you in or out? I gotta know sometime today, if possible). This number is on par with the last Trade, so I'm content and confident that everyone will do their part and make it rock twice as hard. Besides, who doesn't want to wake up on Valentine's Day to find a Love Mix from a stranger in their mailbox?

Furthermore, if you are a woman that is interested and hasn't signed up yet, PLEASE SIGN UP! We want to have a near-even male/female balance, and we're short a few ladies, so please sound off in the comments section if you want to make a Love-Themed Mix Tape and you own at least one bra. Your assistance and participation is greatly appreciated by our organization.

The pairings will be randomly drawn and released Monday, and contact information will be sorted out then. Deadline for mailing out mixes will be Valentine's Day, Thursday the 14th of February.


I've been working on my mix and forgot to mention that I'm in. My mix is close to done, and I'll inform you when it is finished.
Ummmm. Hmmmm. Crap. Maybe...I'll let you know before the end of the working day.

Before I forget, I got my book this afternoon and I'm on chapter 2. I was amused by the shout outs in the back - I pointed myself out to my husband and he couldn't figure out why it was a nickname. (He doesn't read my blog and doesn't understand my pathological need for blogging anonymity.)
CARGIRL - I already put you in without asking. :)

MAUS - Hope you're enjoying the book; the shout-out pleasure is all mine. Keep in touch on your Mix Trade status.
Oh, I'm so in.

If I could get just two more women to hop into the proverbial sack with the 20 of us by the end of the day, I'd be a happy guy.
I'm flin.

And I own a bra.
There we go! Thank you, you and your bra are in.
If no other bra owners volunteer, I'll bribe Melissa to participate.
Nice. I'll list her as tentative and use your e-mail as her contact info. It's easier that way.

VIC, CARROT DUFF, MORGAN DEMPSEY: I need your e-mail addresses. If you don't want them public, just send them over to Thanks!
i'm totally down.
- the goat

No paedophiles!

That is all.
Thanks, Carrot and Vic!

Daniella, you're in! Thanks!
I'm so excited, I could just spit!

In fact, I'm in the drawn-out process of digging up a long lost track by one of my favorite artists just for this mix. Something I've been meaning to do anyway, but this was just the kick in the bum I needed.
That's what this Trade is all about. Spreading the love.

Or filthy sex, depending on how you want to roll.
I dug up one of the most innuendo filled songs of the 1970's.
It shall be the crowning jewel of my mix tape...
For those that didn't participate in the first trade, I'll give you a sneak-preview as to how it will go down on Monday.

1. I'll randomly draw pairings for mixes, and post the pairings on the CDP Monday morning.

EXAMPLE: Emily is making a mix for CDP..

2. I will e-mail each participant with the e-mail address of the person they are making a mix for.

EXAMPLE: Emily, you are making a mix for CDP. His e-mail address is

3. From there, you will contact the recipiant of your Mix Tape and get their mailing address.

EXAMPLE: CDP, it's Emily. Give me your address so I can send you this wicked filthy mix.

4. Once your Love-Themed mix is completed, mail it off to your recipiant by February 14. Mix-Tape awesomeness points apply, so feel free to include liner notes, listening instructions or anything else that would personalize the experience.

Again, the theme is 'Love,' so try to create a mix that follows at least one of these 3 themes:

1. Your favorite love (or anti-love) songs.

2. Songs to get it 'awn to.

3. Songs that make you cry.

Any questions, comments or concerns? Let me know or wait until Monday. Thanks.
Are you trying to give me a none-too-subtle hint or was I just a convenient example?
You were an example, although I'm going to want you to send me a copy of the mix regardless of what name you draw. :)

Yeah, I made a smiley. So?
:) ;) :P :D X( 8) ;_;


What exactly is that one on the second line? Looks filthy!
You should harass my wife to participate, she can make a better mix than she lets on.
Holy crap!

It's a monkey!

Yeah, the slackmistress is totally slacking on this one. Slacking. haha.

{{{{{{{{{{{{ :)

It's Marge Simpson!
The one on the second line/monkey is Homer Simpson saying "Woohoo!" Obviously.
Wow, that really does look like Homer. Damn.

Slackmistress NEEDS to get in on this Mix-Trade. Will, pretty-please see if she wants in and let me know by Friday morning. If not, that's cool. We can still be friends.
I'm officially bowing out of the trade this time.

It'll be interesting seeing what everyone else brings to the table, though.
I'm not 100% certain how my overall mix will look, but I already know which song is going to wrap up the whole thing.

I think you'll appreciate it.
MAUS - I hear you; thanks for letting me know in advance.

MORGAN - Everyone is encouraged to send a copy of their mix my way, too. Not required, of course, but always like seeing what themes people come up with. I don't think I'll be doing reviews this time around, though, because there's like, 26 mixes that'll be floating around.
I'm disappointed that you won't be posting reviews for the mixes but I definitely understand.

Can you meet the CDPeons halfway and possibly post the track listings from each mix? Anyone else interested in that?
Yeah, absolutely.

I honestly want to review every mix that's sent to me, as a way of acknowledging and saying thanks for participating, but I could be getting up to 25 of them this time.

When it's all over and done with, I'll put up the track listings and any additional notes of interest I think people might want to know.
And that's why we keep coming back.

Oh, and LOST.
Damn right. The Season 3 Review is tomorrow, the Season 4 Preview is next week, and LOST MONDAY returns on February 4.
I come back for the cheap tacos.
I came to get my parking validated.
I come back for...heeyyyyy....
And might I just say that I'm so glad we live in an area that doesn't do that parking validation crap? And that our downtown ramps are remarkably cheap? Yeah. I take my joy where I can get it.
Reason #46 why I love Madison so much.

Reason #32 - All my stuff is here.
If anyone ever wants to complain about the service they get when they call a Wisconsin State Agency, try calling California for information about obtaining vital records. That's all I'm saying.
Reason #14 - Tornadoes generally avoid the isthmus like GWB avoids non-whites and federal law.

'Non whites.' Lulz.

I, too enjoy our aversion to major natural disasters. It almost makes the -25 windchill tolerable.

HATHERY - Wisconsin still has the best customer service around.
I never realised makeing a mix-tape could be so addictive and complicated!

All I really know so far, is that I'm topping it off with A Certain Romance, which I think will be pretty slick.

HTML tag success!
Congrats on your new-found love for the Mix-Tape, as well as your italic text. This is a big day.

Part of the Mix-Tape aura is the amount of work that goes into it. I would argue it's more fun to make it than it is to receive it, which is why so many people jump on board when we do trades.'s more fun to make it than it is to receive it...

Making a mix-tape is a lot like building a tree fort.

Man, do I miss building tree forts.
Making a Mix-Tape is like filling out a survey, and having perfect answer to every question.
Having perfect answer, I say!
Here! here! Beautifully put Carrot Duff, CDP, and Emily.
This is turning into quite the cuddle party.
Making a mix-tape is a lot like building a tree fort.

I don't think I've ever heard it so perfectly stated.
The Mix-Tape is a passionate thing; I plan on doing a Madison-only version of it in conjunction with Dane 101.

Entry for the Trade is over, by the way. I'll draw names this weekend.
Huzzah! I'm chomping at the bit to get my name....

Also, all this talk of tree forts inspired me.

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