Tuesday, January 15

Take Off Your Mittens And Press Play.

Mix-Tape Trade #2.

Back by popular demand, it's the sequel to the wildly successful CDP Nationwide Mix-Tape Exchange! Here's the skinny, for those that want to be included this time around. Don't get left out!

In honor of Valentine's Day, the general theme for Trade #2 is 'Love.' Try to create a mix CD that covers at least one of these three love-related topics:

1. Your favorite love (or anti-love) songs.
2. Songs to make love to.
3. Songs that make you cry.

If you want in, drop me a line in the comments section or send an e-mail to communistdance@yahoo.com, telling me that you wish to be included in Mix-Tape Trade #2. The deadline to include yourself in the Trade is Friday, January 25. At that point, we'll draw names and find out who you'll be making a mix for.

We'll go from there. All you need to know right now is the following:

1. Let me know if you wish to be included in the Trade by Friday, January 25.
2. Pairings will be drawn on Monday, January 28, along with contact info.
3. Mixes will then be due in your pairing's mailbox by Valentine's Day.

Any questions, comments or concerns can be directed to the comments section or to my e-mail address. We had almost 20 people the last time around; we can do a lot better this time.

Sound off and get to it!

Me want do mix!
While I somewhat like the idea of eliminating deadbeats, it would also be nice to know who you're paired up with, as that may change the flavor (or flavour, for Carrot Duff) of the mix slightly.

Also, stupid blogger hasn't been letting me post on Spork Nation for the past 2 days. Stupid Blogger.
I was wondering what happened to 'The Idiot Speaks' yesterday. Good luck with that, yo.

Also, you're right about the 'mix flow' thing. I'll alter the post accordingly.
It's written, edited and spell checked, just waiting on it to go through with no messages such as

"bf91x546782fl: An Error Occurred."

I know; I get those all the time, normally after attempting to post something long and unsaved.

I changed the post to say that you need to let me know if you want in the Trade by JANUARY 25. We'll draw names the following Monday and have them due in mailboxes on Valentine's Day.
So, can I assume that myself, Missus and JT are all throwing their hats into Trade #2?

I shall.
Indeed, preferably into a top hat filled with perfume.
I'm in. In my heart of hearts (do people still say that?), I hope to get you, CDP. My mix will consist of Blink 182, Angels & Airwaves, +44, and Boxcar Racer. Not because it makes me cry, but because it'll make you cry.

Nah, seriously, I'm ready to try again.
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Ahh yes, I never mentioned why the songs in question would make you cry. You're in!
Blogger stopped being retarded, at least for now.
Indeed, preferably into a top hat filled with perfume.

Does that make them the plum?

I'm totally in (email sent). This sounds super duper fun.
Beh-heh-heh. Did you see the 'Vote For Ralph Wiggum' episode of The Simpsons last week? It was brilliant!

Fantastic; thanks for joining the trade. The goal is at least 20 people.
Just a reminder that according to Ryan's critiques of our mix CDs last time I...ahem...am the one to beat.

And when it comes to love I am the destroyer.

Wait...that doesn't sound right...
I didn't do it last time, which was pretty off-pissing when it got around to the reviews, so I'd love to be included.

We could call it the Mix-tape Guild!

And have Funny Hat Fridays!

And I finally have money to spend on your book and shipping now. Sorry it's taken me so long. The January sales are practically orgasmic over here.
By the way, when I first saw the headline I thought this would be a post about Mitt Romney. I really need a vacation from the election.
It would be funny if fans of Mitt were called "Mitt-ens".

And although this trade sounds fun (I could do a lot with this one...), I'm not at a point of yay or nay on this mix-trade. I recklessly jumped on the bandwagon last time and we all know how that turned out (or how it didn't, really). So I'm not going to impulsively say yes so early on this time and then let people down.
MAUS - Fair enough and understood, although I speak for everyone when I say the more, the merrier. You got a couple weeks to make a decision, yo.

CARROT - You're in, Duff! Whoever gets to make a mix for you gets to deal with International shipping!

Also, remember that the cost of the book outside of the US is $25. Sorry about that; but I gotta get it there somehow.

COMETSTAR - You're in!

I guess you're right; you scored the highest in Mix Trade #1. I doubt I'll be reviewing every mix I get this time around, but you never know. I think I'll just spotlight my favorite 3 or something.

Then again, I might not get any sent to me this time around. I shouldn't assume.
Shipping internationaly is fun :) :) :)
Erm...throw an extra "l" in there, will you? And another smiley, too.
Oh, and maybe some cool flame decals! RAD.

Well, the Mix-Tape Trade was announced less than 6 hours ago, and we're already at nearly 10 people. This pleases me greatly.
I'm in, unless there's a ban on Blink 182 songs because that is all I own.
WILL - You're in!

For as much as I currently bust on Blink 182, I used to be in a band that played damn near every one of their songs. Seriously, on a bet, I could still play anything from their first 4 albums.
Did you ever give their final album a chance?
Can't say that I did, although I knocked out 'I Miss You' during our Saturday karaoke night.
This is my chance to include the greatest song song ever written.

Count me in!
BLU - You bastard. You're in!
You just got Starshipped on! Clean yourself up!
I'm totally down for this. I was sad I found this blog just after the last mix-tape exchange.
BLU - That lacked the subtle dignity of the RickRoll. You know I clicked, though.

MORGAN - You're in! That puts us at about 10-11 people already. Keep it coming.
BluStaCon---I was so hoping when I clicked on that link that it would be what I hoped it was...and it totally was. You rock.
"The tune seems to inspire the most virulent feelings of outrage," says Blender editor Craig Marks. "It purports to be anti-commercial, but reeks of '80s corporate-rock commercialism. It's a real reflection of what practically killed rock music in the '80s."

A Wikipedia search will convince you that yes, it is widely heralded as the worst song ever.
Best song ever? That's easy:

What What?
I wish you could see the look on my face right now. It's like when an 80 year old drunk starts stripping at a wedding reception. It's impossible to look away or blink.
"We Built This City" was written about Cleveland...pass it on.
1970's Los Angeles. I looked it up.
Nope. 1980's Cleveland.
It just occured to me that I have absolutly no love songs on my iTunes...and I never realised up until now...

...how merrily depressing!
...or happily sad?
Emily - I agree. Best song ever. Best video, too. Always makes me laugh a little, no matter how many times I've seen it.
CDP - Truly the mark of a great song/video. It burns your retinas so hard that watching any other video becomes impossible.

MAUS - Very much agreed. I wish there were a way to rig it so "What What" played on a loop on the jumbotron at the Republican National Convention.
Will is in? I wonder how he plans on getting his mix to the post office, since he never goes?

I am NOT in. I have no problem stating in a public forum that I lack the good-mix-tape-making gene.
Emily - that video is priceless. My roommate and I almost wet ourselves watching it.
Count me in.
@slackmistress - Are you making fun of me at the CDP? I'm going to pay someone at the office to mail it out for me. Please make sure that my mix partner is over 18, I'll feel very, very dirty mailing a cd to a minor.
EMILY - I haven't felt this way about a YouTube clip since Mr. T's "Treat Your Mother Right." Thanks for making me feel alive again!

SLACKMISTRESS - I've always kind of wondered what kinds of music you were into. 'Tis a shame you're not playing.

BENJAMIN - You're in!

WILL - You're telling me that you don't want to send a Sex Jams Mix to a minor? Where's your sense of adventure?

Hold on a second, Chris Hansen is at my door.
I'm in again. Yay!
I might be in! I got to triple check the ol' music collection because I'm told I listen to crap.
Although I do like free stuff.(It's free right?)
Hey, count me in this time! Nice. All I have to do is make a copy of my Ultimate Air Supply cd and I'm golden ...

Crap. Did I say that out loud?
Can I play? Mine will be shipped timely this time, I promise.

Once the 25th rolls around, I'll bother people for contact info (for the few people who's e-mail addresses I don't know).

American Idol, anyone?
Milo's "No Sex Allowed" pwned all.
I'll play! I've made love-mixes before that got me a ton of action. So can I be paired with a girl please? Of the single and hott variety? ;)

jk. Work it however you want to. I'll still play.
DOMSAR - You're in!

I'm hoping for a fairly even male-to-female ratio, so we can do as many male/female pairings as possible. I mean, we're all friends here, but if I'm making a mix full of songs to get naughty to, I'd much rather send it off to a lady.
but if I'm making a mix full of songs to get naughty to, I'd much rather send it off to a lady.

I'll do what I can to even the ratio. It's about 12 guys to 7 girls right now, which isn't too bad. Besides, there's a lot of time left to enter, men and women alike.

Did anyone watch American Idol? I have to say, that guy who wrote the stalker song to Paula was pretty hilarious.

If I was a stalker, I'd stalk her.
If she was a dog, I'd walk her.
If she was a tub, I'd caulk her.
If she was Columbo, I'd Peter Falk her.
Where's the transcript of Milo's song? You have failed the internet this morning.

Who had Brad Renfro at the top of their celebrity death pool? Whoever that person is has just won the jackpot, probably.
I'm pretty sure I said that I THOUGHT he was dead, but then it actually turned out to be Jonathan Brandis. Perhaps some foreshadowing?
Speaking of foreshadowing...isn't Skeet Ulrich dead?
but if I'm making a mix full of songs to get naughty to, I'd much rather send it off to a lady.



HATHERY - I couldn't bear to watch it again. He has CDs available online.

MAUS - I was pretty surprised, until I read the articles and realized that he was a train wreck. It's a shame he was so young, though.

HATHERY - Skeet Ulrich plays the lead role in Jericho. He's doing just fine, what with stealing Johnny Depp's DNA and all.

EMILY - Of course, I was only speaking for myself, here.
Skeet Ulrich couldn't compare with Johnny Depp's feces. FECES!
And yes, I know he's fine...I was foreshadowing his death, as I seem to be quite good at it.
Every morning, I go online and check to see if Courtney Love is dead.

I've said this many times, and a lot of people think I'm joking, but I'm seriously not. I wake up every morning hoping and praying that today is the day she checks out.
Considering the theme of the upcoming trade, I think it's only appropriate to lead off the tape with something from Hole.

MOE- Yes.

CDP - I'm content to swing either way.
@CDP: The only thing that can explain Courtney Love is that she's nosferatu. I mean have you ever seen her cast a reflection?
Have Skeet Ulrich and Johnny Depp ever been observed anywhere at the same place and time? I have a theory about that...

I think Courtney Love is a succubus who stole Kurt's life essence - she's going to go on existing halfway between life and death through eternity. Her and Jenna Jameson. *shudder*
No, they haven't, because Johnny would kick that little wanker's ass. Skeet...pssht. Even his name angers me.
MOE - You raise a conflicting point for me. Do I keep my mix classy, with beautiful and timeless tracks that have been with me for every emotional experience in my life thus far? Or do I just filthy it up real good?

The jury is still out.

CAVEMAN - Even Nosferatu had a better career than Courtney Love.

MAUS - I like hearing the terms 'succubus' and 'Jenna Jameson in the same sentence; sounds dirty.

Or I should say, I would have liked hearing it 10 years ago.

HATHERY - I've hated him since Scream.

EMILY - I appreciate your willingness to be flexible and take one for the team. You're now my Mix-Tape Trade Wild Card.
I just overheard a coworker say "I liked Italy, but I loved India much better." Hmm...don't think I've ever heard anyone say that before.
You should totally take advantage of this and give Ben some practice on his new drawing pad. He could probably even make you a superhero.
You should totally take advantage of this and give Ben some practice on his new drawing pad.

Awww man. I've been asking for a drawing pad for two years. Instead, this year, my husband bought himself a laptop. Everyone always has cooler toys than me. I think I'll just throw a childish tantrum and pout about it.

Also, some "model" no one has ever heard of has agreed to assist Matthew McConaughey in his efforts to produce shirtless, bongo-playing spawn. And I just now realized that the end of his name is "ghey". Coincidence?
HATHERY - I guess it all depends on where you visit. Maybe your co-worker is a Sultan or something.

MAUS - That would be funnier if Matthew's first name were 'Teh.'

EVERYONE - Yeah, if you want Ben to draw a picture of you, just head on over to Sandbox Films and let him know. He will, seriously.
Can you seriously have kids when you smoke that much weed? I thought the sperm count would be ludicrously low...probably in the negative numbers.
I better start hitting the pipe, and fast.
I'm just going be putting countless Bloodhound Gang and earlier Chili's stuff in mine. The person who gets it better have a particularly horney parter, or a bathroom.

On second thoughts, I think I'll keep mine.

And is anyone else's page buggered up? Mine's all plain and frightening.
I better start hitting the pipe, and fast.

In that case, I'll ship some crazy heavy nugs* to you with the shine.

*I have no idea what that means, I heard some college kids use that term at the bar earlier. I do not, in fact, have any crazy heavy nugs.
DUFF - Sadly, I've seen the Bloodhound Gang live.


JT - I think that's old skool hip-hop talk. How were they dressed?
Like pain-in-the-ass frat boys
Yup, it's settled. They were idiots.
I want in on some mix action!

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