Thursday, January 3

When We Meet On A Cloud, I'll Be Laughing Out Loud.

I lost my grandfather three years ago today. Since then, the beginning of each new year has reminded me of two important things.

First, live your life as to make those who positively shaped it proud.

Secondly, always make sure that the ones you love know that you love them.

There was a huge blizzard on the night my grandpa died. When I went into his bedroom to say goodbye for the last time, he held my hand and warned me not to drive home in the storm. He was worried that I might get into an accident, and suggested I spend the night there.

Looking down at him in silence, I was awed by this act of selflessness and unbelievable bravery. Right up until the last moment, he was looking out for those around him before taking even a second to worry about himself. He could barely speak by this point, but he still did what he could to make sure I was safe. The funny thing is that I expected nothing less from him.

For all the pain my family went through those last few days, I'll always take away that positive moment and carry it with me. If I become half the man that my grandpa was, I will have succeeded, and I already know that he's proud of me. I said what I needed to say that night; I did what needed to be done. I only cry now because I miss him so much. Even three years later.

Give your parents a call sometime today. Hug your kids a little tighter than usual. Take your friends out to dinner. Make them proud. Let them know that you love them.

The CDP officially returns on Monday.

Wow...heartfelt, moving post.
Thanks for breaking the ice, JT. This is one of those posts where people sometimes don't want to comment, because they either don't know what to say, or they're concerned about saying something less than tactful.

This is supposed to be positive, though. A mere reminder to appreciate things and live life the way you were taught to. That's it.
I heart all of you, CDPeons. But especially you, Mr. CDP.
No worries. Enjoy the rest of your time off, look forward to Monday.
Everyone should take the new Sidebar for a test drive. There are some new links and stuff over there.
Nice. You're now on Wikipedia.

Also, thanks for the interview and review links.

I've put up another "Idiot Speaks" segment for your enjoyment. Hope it doesn't piss too many people off.

No, wait, I don't care.
You got it. That's going to be my section for any interviews, book press and whatever various attention I happen to get.

I'll go read that now. Awesome.
I can't believe you don't like the Transiberian Orchestra. Now, Manheim Steamroller...they suck. Hard. But the Orchestra???
Hilarious as always. Good stuff.
HATHERY - The Orchestra is awesome only in the "so awful it's awesome" sense of the word. Sorry. But you're right about Manheim. Jeebus, I can't count how many times my mom made us listen to that around Christmas time, back inna day.

CDP - Great post, couldn't agree more. It's all too easy to forget that, and all too human to require losing someone close to be reminded. Believe me, I understand all too well.

Happy new year!
I'm going to take your advice and star off every Monday with tha. Should be easy, s I work every Sunday night.
I thin your keyboar is gettin a littl essed up. :)

Yeah, just don't burn yourself out on it to the point where you don't want to do it. The beauty lies in that you really do enjoy your job, and you're merely reporting back to us on it.
Yeah...stupid wireless keyboard and its low batteries.
HATHERY - The Orchestra is awesome only in the "so awful it's awesome" sense of the word. Sorry.

They have lasers at their shows...LASERS!!! AWE to the SOME, people.
Although I would probably not listen to a CD of The Orchestra, I saw them live and it was the most amazing concert I have ever seen. I would go again in a heartbeat.

Thank you Ryan, for the post.
Live is a different story, I would have to think. Listening to them on CD must be like listening to a KISS record. I mean, what's the point?
In my past life working in live retail television we had either Mannheim Steamroller or Transiberian Orchestra (they're indestinguishable to me, honestly, and it's been a few years) in the studio a couple of times, so imagine the music magnified by about a gazilliion and in very close quarters on a closed set. Lasers would've been a sweet addition, though...

Of course, I'm talking about the same tv sales channel that subjected Esteban and his flamenco guitar to the clamoring masses, so rawking Christmas music was often a welcome relief.
The elderly cat lady doll collectors loved them some Esteban.
Glad to be part of the CDP Network!

And looking forward to your Lost recaps almost as much as I'm looking forward to the return of the show, itself.

I mean, let's be honest ... it's Desmond's beard's world. We all just live in it.
Thanks, Bruce! Your book is on backorder, by the way. I'll send it out as soon as my shipment comes in.

I will be doing a Season 3 Recap/Season 4 Preview in the upcoming weeks to prepare for the awesomeness of Season 4. Despite only having 6-8 episodes so far, it's looking to be the season most of us have been waiting for.

Desmond's beard still rules the show, but Jack's flash-forward beard came in a close second place. Conan O'Brien's beard is quickly moving up the list, though.
So, I just got Guitar Hero III for the 360, last night. How's it coming for you, CDP?

Everyone else?
Conan looks pretty darn evil with that beard, I must say.
Conan's beard rules. He should keep it, but it would ruin his 'nerd' image with the college kids.

MOE - I've destroyed Easy, Medium & Hard, and I got about 2/3 through Expert before I got Rock Band and put it away for a while. How about yourself?

Any songs that particularly tickle your pickle?
Heck yeah! Here are the 10 (or so) that I have the most fun playing, for whatever reason.

Talk Dirty To Me
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Bulls On Parade
Pretty much every song in Sections 3&4
Holiday In Cambodia
Rock You Like A Hurricane
Welcome To The Jungle
Cherub Rock
Stricken (surprisingly)
Anything in Section 8

Some of the unlockables are pretty good, too. It's a fun game, and the wireless guitar is an amazing bonus. Between GHIII and Rock Band, I play fake instruments at least one hour a day.
Oh, that is hilarious.

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