Thursday, February 14

Heart Is On The Floor; Why Don't You Step On It?

I'll Give You My Heart.

I have four quick things for you this Valentine's Day. Please enjoy, and remember to think of me, if only for a second, when you're making sweet love tonight. I appreciate it.

1. JT over at Spork Nation has compiled a handy list of Valentine's Day tips for the man on-the-go. It's not too late to make things special! Head over there and take notes!

2. Have you seen Juno yet? Well, even if you haven't, you'll still get a kick out of the following clip, which features Arrested Development geniuses Jason Bateman & Michael Cera discussing the birds and the bees.

3. Valentine's Day is also the perfect time for me to share with you one of my favorite 'newer' music videos. The band is The Killers, the song is 'Bones,' and it's notable for not only being an awesome tune about getting it on, but also because it's the only music video ever directed by Tim Burton. Woah.

4. Finally today, we have our third and final YouTube clip, this time the masterful She Wants Revenge video for 'Tear You Apart.' When I think of icky, superficial and irresponsible love, I think of this song. From now on, you will, too.

Sound off in the comments section and tell me how you're spending Valentine's Day.


I can't watch the Juno clip or the Killers video right now, since it's after midnight and I have to get up early (I'm wasting precious minutes of blissfull slumber as I type!!). But I WILL watch them both tomorrow AND check out JT's tips, since I will have no boss for most of the day and can goof off to my heart's content. Happy Valentine's Day to ME! Oh, and to everyone else, too...
Thanks for the link, CDP. I'll make sure you yell out your name at least once tonight.
MAUS - Thanks for sacrificing sleep to be the first to comment. Enjoy a boss-free Valentine's Day; I'll be running around most of the morning, leading a group of Chiropractors through the examination process. Bliss.

JT - I laughed hard. That's so very wrong.
I'll be committing people to the mental institution, as per my job duties. Happy Valentines!
"The robots that live in my hair want to wish you and yours a happy Valentine's Day! Don't touch me!"
Maus - stop on by, there will be door prizes!*

*no there won't.
Not only is today Valentine's Day, but it's also Mrs. Hoss's b-day. Everyone give her a happy birthday in the comments -- she read them, tho she rarely comments.
Thunder. Freaking. Cats.

Nicely done, JT.
"The robots that live in my hair want to wish you and yours a happy Valentine's Day!"

Thanks for my new MySpace headline.

Hathery - I sent you a MySpace "befriending". The infiltration of the CDP into almost every aspect of my online existence is almost complete. Who gets to do the maniacal laugh?

And Happy Birthday to Mrs. Hoss!
Happy Birthday, Missus Hoss! Does this mean that you only get one present today?
MAUS - The CDP is your gateway to the best parts of the Interweb. The Velvet Rope treatment, if you will.

Well, Fark was my gateway drug. So the CDP would be like...meth?
I've been outed, it seems, bringing me officially out of the woodwork today. Thanks for the birthday wishes! And CDP, if there's only one present involved in this day, it better be a really good one! "Mrs Hoss"
Thunder. Freaking. Cats.

Nicely done, JT.

Thanks, Moe. Unfortunately, the shirt was lost on a drunken boating trip over the summer.
JT - Thundercats t's are usually a Hot Topic staple but a search of the website turned up nothing (I did find a "Why Not Zoidberg" shirt in the men's section *!*). I found it here, though.
Maus, I'll approve you the next time I decide to log in. Haven't done it in a while, as my computer screen does not enjoy being raped by advertisements and flash animations.
MAUS - MySpace is like meth. The CDP is like huffing a scented marker.
Yeah, I skipped right over the minor addictions and went right into the hard drugs, didn't I? Silly me.
Nah, that's the way to do it. If you're gonna do it, go all out.
CDP - Glad you got the CD safe and sound. Now I'm just hoping it successfully finds its way out to BluStaCon.

You'll notice the cover photo on mine has nothing to do with much of anything. Yeah, that's how I roll.

Happy V-Day all (and happy birthday Mrs. Hoss)!
Thanks again, Emily. I'm looking forward to listening to it this weekend.

I actually thought the cover photo was quite sultry, by the way. You were very, very nude.
And such CLINICAL nudity...very daring.
MOE - Meant to say this earlier, but sorry the Terps went to Duke last night. I was pulling for ya!
CDP & HATHERY - Hey, I always say, if you've got access to an obstetrical exam room, why not put it to good use?
Strangely enough, that's actually an old German addage.
JT - For as much as I hate them, I watch every Duke home game (complete with all of that nauseating Rocky Horror Picture Show crap they do) for the rare times when they lose. It's like Christmas, and I'll be a happy man if Paulus goes his entire Duke tenure without a championship.

EMILY - Most people don't look flattering in flourescent lighting, but you really took the cake. Kudos.
JT - What's worse is that I can't even blame this loss on the Duke officiating...

CDP - There's no chance this Duke team makes it past the Sweet 16. Someone will expose their weak interior defense.

Kyle Singler goes to Duke.
As a Kentucky fan, I don't have much to cheer about this season, but Wisconsin and Marquette are still tearing it up, and should get a decent seed come tournament time.

Every time I see Duke and UNC play each other, I secretly pray for an instant vaporization of the entire arena.
EMILY - Got your cd yesterday and listened to it twice already. Awesome. Cover art didn't fly well since the kids helped me open the box. Had a lot of 'splainin' to do. On the bright side I won't need to have the talk anymore. Check that one off my list.

I must say Teardrop sat on my list for a long time before I finally decided to cut it. I didn't have enough tracks to support it coupled with the fact Hathery doesen't like House. I'd already pushed the envelope with all the Christopher Cross and Billy Joel tracks.
Boston Red Sox
Green Bay Packers
Kentucky Wildcats

Please tell me you're a San Jose Sharks fan, too.

MOE - I'm honestly a little more indifferent when it comes to hockey, but I do enjoy watching any game I can on HD. It's purty.

Let's put it this way, I don't not like the Sharks. They're A-okay with me.
BLUSTACON - The USPS comes through! Huzzah. Glad you're digging it. Yeah, I hesitated to put "Teardrop" on now that everyone and their uncle hears it when they watch "House," but I'll be damned if it hasn't been one of my favorite tunes for years and one that I happen to think is damn sexy.

Sorry for catching you off-guard with the cover photo, but I'm glad it has taken care of "the talk" for you. I'm a giver, what can I say?
I've probably had Mezzanine for about 10 years now. When I first saw House it took me a little bit to place it, but that guitar pick it pretty distinctive. That was always my chill down cd. That and Hana -Omen
For the record, me and the Missus really like House, we just removed it from our TV schedule this season because we don't have time for it. I miss it sometimes.

Emily, you might want to get that mole looked at. You know the one.
Damn! I just remembered that I wanted to send a bonus disk out, featuring The Earth Is Not A Cold, Dead Place by Explosions In The Sky. If you've ever wanted your life to be a brilliant and emotional movie at all times, that album will make it possible.

According to one critic, "Explosions In The Sky makes hanging drywall seem like a life-affirming experience."

Emily, I'll send you a copy (if you don't already have it), when I mail out your book tomorrow. BOOK!
What? Who says I don't like House? I like House!! It's just very predictable is all. Granted, we cut it from our TV line-up this season because we simply don't have the time for it anymore, and we didn't feel like committing to the new characters, but I did enjoy it while we watched it.

But yes, it is a very predictable show.
CDP - Nope, don't own it, so would be glad to have it included with my BOOK. Thanks!

HATHERY - It's never lupus.
or sarcoidosis
I just found out that if you listen to my Love Mix while reading 65 Poor Life Decisions, you'll instantly fall in love with me. It's like some weird synchronicity thing. Try it during a party some night; it's creepy!

One of these days, it's going to be Lupus.
CDP - That could present a problem, in that it would likely make my boyfriend a little jealous.

WAIT! Maybe if he follows the formula, too, it will all even out. Brilliant!

Now the question is, can you handle both men and women spying on you from the bushes every night?
I remember the time the gal was a chymera, and I totally knew it, and the doctors didn't. That ruled.
They did the chimera thing on the original CSI at least once, too. And watching CSI was what first introduced me to the concept of Furries - I was a sheltered internet noob at the time and such truly alternative lifestyles were a novelty to me. Now days I'm like "attains gratification while dressed like a giant chicken and gnawing on KFC extra crispy recipe as someoen repeatedly punches them in the beans...*shrug* how unoriginal!" These crime and medical dramas are amazingly entertaining and informative (especially about what is *not* lupus...) but have contributed to making me jaded.
EMILY - I can and will.

MAUS - I'm going to try to pick up a few furries at Geek Kon 2008.

I'm trying to work something out with them where I would get my own panel, speak about blogging for an hour and tell a few jokes.
Fighting with PETA I can see, but CAKE? I can't wait to read what that's all about.

I saw McCrea and Co. in December. Their abbreviated set was great.
I've haven't seen CAKE live yet (they barely tour, and their live album has been shelved for years now), but you can bet I'll be giving John McCrea a piece of my mind should the day ever come. Story tomorrow.

It should also be noted that I've been referring to McCrea as 'The Coolest Guy In The World' for 12 years now; something I've been completely unwavering and unironic about. I seriously think that man is as cool as it gets. It's probably because he wore that cool hat for so long.
The CDP explained this "Furry" concept to me after we went to GeekCon or whatever it's called this fall. I was mortified. Geeks are smelly AND kinky--blegh.
Actually, I hear that the cat furries keep themselves really clean.

(kill me, kill me now)
If you could only see the disgusted face I'm making right now....

Although I can say with almost positive certainty that I'm not a Furry, I can understand the attraction. Things that are pink, round, furry, big-eyed and almost always Japanese are totally cute and adorable. For a subculture that obsesses over these things on a minute-by-minute basis, you'd have to naturally assume that something like this would form as a way to fulfill those urges.

Of course, I'm not at all referring to the borderline-beastiality tendencies some Furries display. That's probably universally wrong, regardless of how liberal I am.

At the end of the day, a cute nerd is all good in my book, in costume or out.
Don't you remember the revolting SMELL at that convention? *barf*
Indeed, the HVAC system in the University of Wisconsin-Madison Humanities Building leaves a lot to be desired. I think that it would have been pungent regardless of who the audience consisted of.


I'm trying to be nice to them, so I get to speak there this year.
Will There Be Blood?
I'll be at dinner, catch you next time.
Anything's possible. I'll be broadcasting my Valentine's Day Love Mix, however.
Damn. Just got home, guess I missed you.
Isn't Maus the original furry?
I'm adorable enough without a costume.

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