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CDP Mix-Tape Exchange #2 Wrap Party. (Part 4)

Mix-Tape Trade #2 Wrap Party.

For the last couple weeks on the CDP, I've been extending my thanks to everyone who participated in the CDP Mix-Tape Exchange #2; especially all those who took the time to send a personal mix out to yours truly. I'm currently in the process of listening to over 17 different mixes from CDP fans across the nation, and it's been quite fantastic. The theme of Exchange #2 was 'Love,' and you guys didn't fail to deliver.

The last time we did this trade, I had enough time (and not enough submissions) to review each and every track of each and every mix. While I simply don't have the time to do that again, I still promised that I would spotlight (albeit briefly) everyone who sent a mix my way. Today, I shall continue said spotlighting, by pulling some mixes at random and giving them a run-down. I'll do this until every ego has been properly stroked to the best of my abilities. Enjoy.

Caveman's Mix!
LOVE MIX #13: 'Caveman Love.'

1. I Want To Hold Your Hand - The Beatles
2. The Luckiest Guy - The Magnetic Fields
3. Love Song - Sara Bareilles
4. Hold Me Now - The Polyphonic Spree
5. A Kiss Is Just A Kiss - Frank Sinatra
6. Love Me - Elvis Presley
7. I Walk The Line - Johnny Cash
8. Brandy - The Looking Glass
9. Imagine Me And You - The Turtles
10. Love Shack - The B-52's
11. I Feel Love - Venus Hum & The Blue Man Group
12. Somebody To Love - Jefferson Airplane
13. Fell In Love With A Girl - The White Stripes
14. Somebody To Love - Queen
15. Jungle Boogie - Kool & The Gang
16. Brick House - The Commodores
17. Disco Lady - Johnny Taylor
18. Violin Concerto No.3 - Mozart

(I was surprised at how old-school Caveman went with the bulk of his choices, but he made it flow decently and threw in some mix-tape classics. He claims that this was his forst foray into the world of mix-tape creation, so we should give him a round of applause for doing it on such a public scale. Huzzah!)

Benjamin's Mix!
LOVE MIX #14: 'I Know Where You Sleep.'

1. Every Breath You Take - The Police
2. Creep - Radiohead
3. Subway Song - The Clash
4. Strange Currencies - R.E.M.
5. Stalker - Sonic Youth
6. One Way Or Another - Face To Face
7. Tyler - Toadies
8. The Most Important Part - The Paper Chase
9. Stripped - Rammstein
10. Stalker - All
11. I Want You - Elvis Costello
12. Stalker Song - Some Dude On The Internets
13. My So-Called Life - The Ataris
14. I Married My Stalker - Goldfinger
15. Honey Peeps - All
16. Voyeur - Blink 182
17. Skatanic - Reel Big Fish

(When Benjamin found out that he was making a Love-themed mix for another guy, he decided to go all-out and create something ridiculously uncomfortable with his 'Stalker Mix.' It's a good mix, focusing mainly on songs about obsession, peeking through windows and mailing dead animals to those that you love. This is the exact reason why me and Ben are such good friends.)

Sherry's Mix!
LOVE MIX #15: 'Carrot Duff's Mix Tape.'

1. I Wanna Hump You - Chixdiggit
2. Back For The Attack - The Impossibles
3. One Day You Won't Be Here - Rocky Votolato
4. Don't Go - Go Sailor
5. When We First Dated - One Eighty
6. Thank You (For Not Being One Of Them) - Mr. T Experience
7. Together Forever In Love - Go Sailor
8. Non-Linear Summer - The Gadjits
9. Passenger Seat - Death Cab For Cutie
10. This Land Is Mine - Dido
11. Oh, Angelina - The Impossibles
12. Change Of Scenery - LP
13. You Dirty Rat - Letters To Cleo
14. Love Soon - John Mayer
15. So Sorry - Feist
16. All I Have (Demo) - LP
17. Until I Say So - Drag The River
18. February Stars - Foo Fighters
19. Your Summer Baby - Kay Hanley
20. Only Of You - Green Day
21. That Special Girl - The Ataris

(I found Sherry's mix to be especially warm and fuzzy, as most of these songs were enjoyed by myself back in the 1999-2001 'back in the day' era. This mix reminds me of better, more innocent times with good friends and theoretically better music. Thanks for the memories.)

Julia's Mix!
LOVE MIX #16: 'Imaginary Love Story.'

1. Just My Imagination - The Temptations
2. If She Wants Me - Belle & Sebastian
3. Every Night - Paul McCartney
4. I'm The Man Who Loves You - Wilco
5. Lovin' In My Baby's Eyes - Taj Mahal
6. To Be Alone - Sufjan Stevens
7. Such Great Heights - The Postal Service
8. You Send Me - Otis Redding
9. You've Really Got A Hold On Me - The Beatles
10. Lost Cause - Beck
11. Another Lonely Day - Ben Harper
12. Please Do Not Let Me Go - Ryan Adams
13. Say Yes - Elliot Smith
14. Let's Stay Together - Al Green
15. Crazy Love - Van Morrison
16. I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab For Cutie
17. The Luckiest - Ben Folds

(When I received Julia's mix in the mail, I was absolutely blown away by the amount of work and original slant she took on the theme. Enclosed was a short story describing the lifespan of a passionate relationship, using the 17 listed songs as a chronological soundtrack. Amazing stuff, and equally wonderful song selection. It's almost as if the Mix-Tape Trade has turned into a nationwide competition to see who puts forth the most work and originality to create a true piece of art. I should offer a cash prize to the winner next time around. Kudos.)

This has been a busy, trying and slightly more stressful week than normal for yours truly, so thanks for not stringing me up by the heels for not bringing the funny for a few days. The second half of the week will get me back on track.

Thanks much. Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day.

Julia's mix eats Sugar Puffs.
Awww! Sherry hooked up the Go Sailor and the 'Only of You', just like mine!! :) Go Berry!
Ben's mix was deeply disturbing and perfect.

Seriously, the CDPeons have incredible musical taste. The two mix CDs I have received have stayed in rotation since I received them. Kenny's actually has not left my CD changer in my car since I put it in.
On top of that, JT, you should feel quite privileged to have even received a mix from Kenny.
Apparently Kenny's ability to get her mixes in the mail goes to Duke.

Am I doing this right?

Hey, CDP, hope your week starts looking up. I'll put in a few extra head-bangs for you tonight when I'm at the Gogol Bordello show. That's sort of like pouring one out for an absent homie, right?
Gypsy head bangs. beh heh heh.

Kenny's mix-tape ability goes to Duke 50% of the time :)
Thanks for the kind words about my mix. I had a lot of fun with this one, in case you couldn't tell.

Sorry it got to you so late though. I got it to Caveman on time, and I had one burned for you, but I didn't have the liner notes for yours printed right away. Then stupid life got in the stupid way like it always does.
Is that you on the cover of Ben's mix? Strange.

Also, I am sorry that your hero retired today. I hope you are taking it okay.
I'm still hoping that the Favre story is not accurate.
This could be why we haven't heard from the CDP, he may be somewhere in a fetal position bawling like a baby.
HATHERY - 'Only Of You' should really be on every mix. Ever.

EMILY - Thanks, homie.

Your Duke comment was spot-on, although I need to defend Kenny by stating that she did everything right this time around. Sadly, I think that Benjamin has gone 0-2 now in receiving mixes from various no-show-ers.

JULIA - No worries, it was great!

TAMAZAZZ - Nope, that ain't me on the cover....I think.

I choose to not really address the Favre thing right now. My week has been awful enough.
WTF, dudez and dudettes? My first mix was too legit to quit being late, but my second was almost sent out in a timely fashion. Except I tried to sneak it out in work mail, and got caught. I actually seriously ended up having 'a conversation' with my supervisor for sending out personal mail from work.

It was realz awesome.
Oh my, that's really tragic :( But it's totally awesome--Kenny gets reprimanded for the greater good of the CDP!

Out with Favre's saggy butt, and in with Aaron Rogers' taut behind!

I have a new post up on my blog...it's short and highly amusing.
2 Legit. 2 Legit 2 Quit.

I'm doing the hand-signs right now, too.

Please don't get fired because of the CDP. I want to be the first person that happens to.

Kenny, I want to have a drink with you. When can you be at the High Noon...say, tonight?

Come alone. Wear something sexy.
Emily, too.
And I'll stay at home eating cold soup from a tin can. With cats.

What about Julia?
Yup, Julia too. 'Ladies Night With The CDP' will become a weekly thing in the Spring.

Sorry, I'm just not all here today. My apologies.
Huh...maybe we could take laptops with webcams into bars and have conjoining ladies nights via Stickam.
*Snort laugh*

High Noon sounds good. I'll be sure to not come under any curcumstances.
At what age can you legally enter a bar in Wisconsin? 18?
Julia's was incredably well done...

My favorite part of the whole thing is putting "Disco Lady" by Johnny Taylor infront of "Violin Concerto No.3" by Mozart.
Disco Lady is a song that basicly says everything but "I would like to make love to your face"

I recomend it 100%
Funny you should mention that, because I put "I Would Like To Make Love To Your Face" on my mix.
Okay, I didn't hear anything back from anyone, so I won't be at the High Noon tonight. Another time, perhaps.
I"ll be at the CDP Headquarters. That has to count for something.
If I had checked back this afternoon, I would have totally been at the High Noon for "Ladies Night With The CDP" (that's priceless). I have to use quota time at work to view your site because they don't trust us to get our work down with unfettered internet access. I miss the unadulterated surfing time I had when I worked at the state.

Next time. Next time.
It's a date.
Next time for me, too, for sure.

I had a date with some gypsy punks in Chicago last night. You understand.
Totally understood.
Damnz, I should know better than to not obsessively check new comments during the work day. From here on out, I am exclusively using the CDP site to make all plans for public outings.

CDP Ladies' Night should occur over Spring Break, anytime between 3/18 (my bee day) and 3/22. Just sayin'.
A few quick notes:

1- I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of Kate's Mix for me. It was a great mix of classics and contemporary stuff with the added bonus of Levon Helm thrown in (Score!).

2- This is the second mix tape in a row I've gotten from a woman and neither of them sucked. This beats the previous world record for non crappy mix tapes by a woman by 2.

3- My mix tape, which I sent out three weeks late is the best mix in history followed closely by the last one I made.

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