Thursday, March 27

I'm So Glad That You Exist.

Tonight, I see the almighty Weakerthans for the very first time.

The Weakerthans are on an extremely short list of bands that I have yet to see live. After Polysics came to Wisconsin and destroyed everything in their path last year, they were pretty much the only band left that I really felt I needed to check out in a live setting. In fact, out of all the current, active musical acts on the planet right now, I can only think of about five of them that I truly still need to check out before I check out.

1. Mew (Ridiculously unbelievably amazingly sexily awesome)
2. Lifetime (They're sort of back together; it changes on a moment's notice)
3. Paul McCartney (In any functional performing capacity, really)
4. They Might Be Giants (I have no excuse for this; they play Madison all the time)
5. The Beastie Boys (Because they're freaking legendary)

Oh, and if I could force ten previously-unseen bands to get back together at gunpoint and perform for me, my top choices would be the following:

1. At The Drive-In
(I don't know what I can say that wouldn't be an understatement)

2. Neutral Milk Hotel
(Just Jeff Mangum and whoever else wants to play drums)

3. Husker Du
(Twin Cities represent; one of the best rock bands of the last 25 years)

4. The Promise Ring
(The emo torch bearer, and from Milwaukee, no less)

5. Scott Reynolds-era ALL
(Forget Descendents, ScottALL was the punk pinnacle)

6. Operation Ivy
(Although I'd love to punch Tim Armstrong square in the sack)

7. Danzig-era Misfits
(Buy Collection I and II if you wish to continue living on Earth)

8. My Bloody Valentine
(Although a 2008, reverb-filled reunion is in the works)

9. Minor Threat
(Enough with Fugazi, already)

10. Algebra One
(I'd set my house on fire to hear them play 'Burn Your Way Home')

I only included bands that could actually get back together (so The Beatles and Mayhem don't count). That's pretty much it.

My five favorite concert experiences ever?

1. The Impossibles/Ultimate Fakebook - Globe Theater, Milwaukee - 2000
2. Green Day/Superdrag - Eagles Ballroom, Milwaukee - 1997
3. Arcade Fire/Final Fantasy - First Avenue, Minneapolis - 2005
4. Weezer/Ozma - The Rave, Milwaukee - 2001
5. Saves The Day/Ash - Congress Theater, Chicago - 2004

(#6 would be pretty much anything that ever happened at the Concert Cafe in Green Bay. I kept it mainstream because nobody cares about bands that they don't know about.)

So, the time has come to bust out your lists in the comments section. Let the CDP faithful know:

1. A band that you absolutely still need to see.
2. A former band that you wish you could see.
3. Your favorite concert of all-time.

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day.

Still need to see: matt pond pa...erm, at this point, that's about it.

Band I'd like to see but probably never will or can't: ELO, the Zombies

Favorite Shows:
#1-Teenage Fanclub- 2002-ish?
#2-Green Day/Riverdales-1996-ish
#3-Descendents/Bouncing Souls/Swing' Utters- 1997
#4-Ted Leo- 2002-ish
#5-Saves the Day/Ash-2004
#6-Any Gadjits show EVER
I was also going to put ELO on my fantasy list, but I didn't count it as Jeff Lynne was the only original member in the revamped lineup. I guess Jeff Lynne was ELO, though.

Matt Pond PA...good call.

That Teenage Fanclub show was pretty great, and STD/ASH was really incredible. Everytime the Gadjits came to town, it was a guaranteed good time.

I used to see a lot of shows in the day, and they all were great for various reasons. Tom Petty and Lenny Kravitz back in 1989 was tremendous, but so was Helmet, Social Distortion, Prong, Living Colour, etc. etc. I saw Neil Young / Sonic Youth / Social Distortion during the "Ragged Glory" tour. The hippies had no idea how to deal with Sonic Youth. Heh.

One of the most disappointing shows was seeing Van Halen (with David Lee Roth) in 1984 because it was so short, or seemed that way. The Cars in 1984 was disappointing because they said only ONE word to the crowd. "Thanks!"

I had a chance in college to see the Violent Femmes and Husker Du (during the Flip Your Wig tour), but I had an exam the next day and didn't go. IDIOT!
I remember seeing Weezer on their big 2001 comeback tour, and the only thing Rivers said to the crowd was, 'Here's another one for you.' That being said, it was still orgasmic for a number of reasons.

Skipping out on the Violent Femmes and Husker Du? Woah, you get a -1 for that.
1. Until a few weeks ago, I would not have known about them, but I REALLY want to see Drag The River (thanks go out to Ben for this one)

2. This is truly a tough one, because most of them are impossible due to death.

3. This is a tie between Willie Nelson at FarmAid in 1996, Willie Nelson in Greenville, SC in 2004, and Man...or Astroman? in 1996.
1. Until a few weeks ago, I would not have known about them, but I REALLY want to see Drag The River (thanks go out to Ben for this one)

Ruh roh...Ben can confirm or deny, but I thought the show that Ben & Sherry went to see in Colorado was their last show together? If that's the case, I think Ben taped it...we can probably mail you the DVD :)
I love 'Our Retired Explorer'. I listened to 'Reconstruction Site' about three times yesterday. They just have a way with the lyrics, don't they?

Under item one: I need to see the Weakerthans, because that is one of my favorite bands. I missed the Flaming Lips last year, so add them to the list. And I'd like to see the Police before they break up *again*. And The Tragically Hip - but it'd have to be in a smokey bar in Toronto after a Leafs game. Also (maybe) Coheed and Cambria - simply because I'm infatuated with Claudio's hair.

For number two, bands I wish I could see...Pink Floyd. The rest are all from the 90s: Letters to Cleo, Belly, and Toad the Wet Sprocket (They recently got back together and are touring again, but I couldn't see them last year due to being in a supreme state of broketitude)

I haven't been to that many shows, but I think the list of favorites would be
1) Snow Patrol/Ok Go/Silversun Pickups in Orlando in March of 2007
2) They Might Be Giants in February of 2008
3) Tori Amos in November 2007

And as a bonus, my short list of worst shows ever: A tie between Bon Jovi in the early 90s and Vertical Herizon/Better Than Ezra a few years ago. The Bon Jovi show was was Bon Jovi for cripes sake! The Vertical Herizon and Better Than Ezra show mainly because the ushers in the theater were jerks, the third performer that we were actually there to see that night had bailed on the show, and Kevin Griffin had laryngitis so they had members of the audience on stage as "guest vocalists" for a very, very short set.
JT/HATHERY - Indeed, I believe that Drag The River is no longer a functioning band. That musician collective operates like a non-stop Kep Party though, so I don't expect them to be done for good, unless Chad inexplicibly gets back with ALL.

Ben did tape it, though...with my camera.

Did Man...Or Astroman? do the MST3K theme song during the show?

MAUS - Reconstruction Site was the sound of a band coming together perfectly. I love it when that happens. Fallow and Left & Leaving are amazing in their own right, but man...what a timeless album.

I thought about The Police, too. Also, I'm an unapologetic Coheed & Cambria fan. I like what they're trying to do, and anyone who classifies them as 'emo' has their head up their ass.

I'm surprised that the Missus didn't put Letters To Cleo on her fantasy list; they're one of her favorite bands ever.

I like Snow Patrol because they seem like really nice guys.
BAND I NEED TO SEE: The Infants. Paste says they're the next big thing, despite the fact that all of the band members are 6 months old. They play the Roxy every weekend, and they already have a 3-album deal with David Geffen.

BAND I WISHED I HAD SEEN: The How. They were a Brooklyn-based pre-post-punk no-wave outfit that existed for 3 days in 1978. I have their only recorded song on vinyl and it's worth over eight dollars on eBay.

BEST CONCERT EVER: Lou Reed played an acoustic set in the bathroom of my studio apartment one night after a party at Oliver Stone's place. I was so gacked out of my gourd that I don't remember most of it, though. The next morning, he made me strawberry pancakes, and they were terrible.

I just wanted to do this before anyone else did.
CDP - Indeed MOAM? did the MST3K theme song. One of the best live shows I've ever seen.

CDP/HATHERY - According to the web site, the band is still somewhat together, just performing very sporadically.
Maus- LTC played a live show in Neenah, WI circa 1995 at a bar. I desperately wanted to go, but my mom said that "a bar is no place for a little girl." As I very well know now, LTC does NOT EVER come to Wisconsin. I would have only been about 11 or 12, but seeing LTC in such an intimate setting probably would have been the coolest moment of my life. *sigh* Oh well. I'm sure someone, somewhere in Neenah, WI got to meet Kay Hanley that night.
You could have met Kay Hanley before she lost all of her talent. What in the hell happened to her?

Did LTC play at the same place that Green Day played in the early 90's? If so, I'd sure like to meet the genius who was booking at the time.
1. A band that you absolutely still need to see.

Rage Against the Machine
Beastie Boys

I had tickets to the Beastie Boys/Rage Against the Machine tour and someone in one of the bands broke their collarbone and canceled some shows. The one I had tickets to was one of them.

I am gunning to scalp radiohead tickets this summer.

2. A former band that you wish you could see.

-Soul Coughing, I am seeing Mike Doughty and his band play in two weeks but well, it isn't Soul Coughing.

3. Your favorite concert of all-time.

I have seen a lot of shows by "big bands" and some great indie shows... Honestly the best show I have ever been to was a Black Crowes show that I saw on a lark while in Vegas.

They were one of the most unbelievable live bands that I have ever seen.

Chris Robinson was the best lead singer (style and performance wise) I have ever seen. Just the power and energy that they played with was amazing to me.
Okay, I'm going to kill someone. It took me ten minutes to type my comment out, and it didn't work!
Hate when that happens :(

No, I don't think it was the Ridgeway where LTC played. I think it was just some bar.
Here we go again.

The Weakerthans video was hilarious!! Is that show sold out tonight?

1. A band that you absolutely still need to see.

Death Cab for Cutie (yes, arguably I've seen them three times, but I honestly wasn't paying attention- I'd like to see them now that I know their songs, etc.)

2. A former band that you wish you could see.

Letters to Cleo
Smashing Pumpkins (Cherub Rock era)

3. Your Favorite Concerts of All-Time

Drag the River/Scott Reynolds and the Steaming Beast/ScottAll/40 Engine/Slorder- January 2008 (it was truly worth the 14-hour drive)

All of the Gadjits concerts

Rocky Votolato- last year in Milwaukee (it was a dream come true)

JT- If you ever want to see Drag the River in Fort Collins, CO (their hometown) or anywhere else for that matter, Ben and I would love the join you.
1. A band that you absolutely still need to see.

Well, I've been screwed out of seeing Bjork live twice now, so that combined with her being craaaazy means I need to see her live.

I'd also like to see Daft Punk, Regina Spektor, and Kraftwerk (who I'm told will be in Milwaukee soon).

2. A former band that you wish you could see.

So many to choose from! Definitely Henry Rollins with Black Flag, Dead Can Dance, Minor Threat, Benny Goodman and band (I know, I know, they're all dead), and Mr. Bungle.

3. Your favorite concert of all-time.

For sentimental reasons, it's always the first time I saw Sarah McLachlan live (Lilith Fair '97). For sheer awesomeness, it's a toss up between Gogol Bordello (Chicago, '08) and the Ditty Bops with Nickel Creek (Madison, couple years ago).
KEVIN - I'd still like to see Rage, too. When I heard they were getting back together for some dates last year, my teen angst perked up and I got all soggy-panted.

The Beasties are an institution.

I was a big Soul Coughing fan, too. At the time I started listening to them, I had really never heard anything like them before. They were rad.

SHERRY - Come to the show! High Noon, 9pm, $15. You can order tickets online at

Death Cab was okay live, but once was enough for me. They sure blew Ben Kweller off the stage, though.

For as much as I like the Architects-era of the Phillips brothers, the Today Is My Day-era Gadjits were about the best live band I've ever seen. Every show was like a goddamn revival.
EMILY - Daft Punk FTW! They had a Weezer-esque popularity surge over the last year, due in part to people simply remembering how awesome they were.

I'm fantisizing now about you beating the crap out of people at a Black Flag show. It's good stuff.
Shit! I can't believe I forgot to list GWAR under #2. Definitely need to see GWAR.
EMILY - I love you.
I've probably seen everyone I want/need to see up to this point and that covers a lot of ground. Of the bands that could get back together I'd probably only care if Husker Du reunited but we'll see the Beatles play together before that happens.
It's a damn shame about Husker Du. I didn't realize how strained everything was until I read their interview in last month's Magnet magazine. I would have preferred a Husker reunion over the Pixies any day.

When Joey Ramone died, the front page headline of The Onion read: "Ramones Reunion Almost Complete." Like most Onion headlines, I shuddered for a second and privately laughed my ass off.

The real question is, which living Beatle will die first? Ringo or Paul?
I have a Pixies reunion in the toilet everyday.
CDP - Stop that! At this rate, Hathery's going to track me down, skin me like a rabbit and hang me from an overpass. Or tie me to a bed, break my knees and dress me up like Harry Potter, I can't decide.

As for the next Beatle to bite it? My guess is Paul. It seems to be going in order from most to least talented.
No worries. It was unanimously decided last night at the Pub Quiz table that the CDP is a slut.
HATHERY - You'd be the meanest critic ever. That was hilarious.

EMILY - Wow! A brilliant Beatles slam and a Pixies slam in less than two minutes? The ladies are taking no prisoners today.

I figured Ringo would die in some sort of senseless slip-and-fall death. Seems fitting.
I don't know why the distinction was made that I was a slut. I've been pruding it up for years now!
Pre-me, CDP=slut. Slut for candy.

Yeah, I'm a pretty awesome critic.
I'm your slut now. And you for me.

Being married to the Missus is like being to my best friend, and they let me touch their boobs.
^Simpsons. SHWING!

As I've been brought up in a very unmusical family, I'm yet to see a live show. Radiohead is coming up in June, and I've got Foo Fighters for July. Set to be a very awesome summer.

I think the most exciting band getting back together would be the original G'n'R. I know that there isn't a chance in hell (of it being remotly good), but it would still be amazing regardless.
Kevin - I had tickets to the Rage/Beastie tour, too. I think it was Mike D that broke his arm. The shows were "postponed", then cancelled. It broke my heart.

I did, however, see Rage two years prior with Wu Tang. Wu sucked but Rage was/is magnificent.
SHERRY - On the off-chance that I make it anywhere NEAR where Drag The River plays a show, I'll keep y'all posted.
CDP - OK man, it's (potentially) on.

The next MadPubQuiz, in April, is all "Lost" themed and I actually don't have a prior commitment that night. If I at least get caught up through season 3, I feel like I'd make a decent team member. You game?
I didn't have GWAR on my list of bands to see live, but it should've been there - I've been invited out to local shows twice, but it was with a guy, and that can be...awkward. And I also want to see Tool, although I highly doubt it'll ever happen because they only play arenas here, and I freaking hate arenas and "ampitheater" style venues.
1. A band that you absolutely still need to see.

The Arcade Fire. My only excuse is that the times they were here in the Bay Area, I was flat-on-my-ass broke and it was already a weighty decision between food and hygiene products.

There are other bands on this list (Ash, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Sigur Ros, Cursive... the list is long) but Arcade Fire is high up there, and I really feel bad that I haven't gotten to see them yet.

2. A former band that you wish you could see.

Beatles, obviously, but for bands that could get back together... hm. I'm leaning towards Smashing Pumpkins or Neutral Milk Hotel.

3. Your favorite concert of all-time.

Muse, at the Greek in LA.

Close second is the 2006 Download Festival (wherein I saw Muse, Beck, The Shins, The Like, Kinky, and others).

Close third is Mute Math/Eisley.
CARROT - Foo Fighters!

Did you see that the Dr. Pepper company has promised a free soda for everyone in America if Chinese Democracy is released before the end of 2008?

That's hilarious marketing, right there. I think Axl has been making that album since before you were born.

MOE/MAUS - That's the problem with bands like Rage/Tool/Beasties. They only play arenas and festivals, two shows I refuse to attend. Poop.

MORGAN - I may be seeing Cursive in Madison in a few weeks. They are certainly one of those bands that I need to see at some point.

I saw a live Muse performance on M2 a couple years ago, and even that blew me away.

Arcade Fire live is an experience to behold. I know the CDP fellowship is staunchly un-Arcade Fire, but they'll change your life...if you'd only let them into your heart.

Your heart.

Your heart.

Your heart.

/Freaked reference.

EMILY - Game.

If you make it through the end of Season 3 by the date of the pub quiz, there's no way I'd want you on any other team but my own.

Although, had you seen our performance in last night's quiz, you would have puked in your soup. Some of those questions were diabolical.
One of the times we saw Ash, we got to meet them and Tim Wheeler couldn't understand a word I was saying. Pretty funny, seeing as I couldn't understand a word he was saying either. Irish accent vs. Midwest US accent= no comprende
Arcade Fire can move a house. Arcade Fire is Superman.
This thread just begs or me to lash out at it with a "Kids thesedays" outburst but that would be silly. These answers are all completely valid save for Gwar which are as bad live as on record, possibly even worse.

As for the best live experiences I've witnessed, seeing The Cramps is near the top of the list.
HATHERY - Arcade Fire drives an ice cream truck covered in human skulls.

WILL - Damn kids, with their jacks and balloons and the baggy pants.

I like that you saw GWAR live, though. I get a kick out of that for some reason.
WILL - Don't get me wrong, my desire to see GWAR live has pretty much zero to do with their music and everything to do with the theatricality of the live show + getting covered in various mysterious liquids.

But maybe that's just me.

CDP - I'll keep you posted on my Lost progress, and we'll make this happen. Booya!
Mmmm...mysterious liquids...

I just found out that the cap for a Lost quiz team is 4, so I'm going to have to boot someone from my normal monthly quad to make room for you.

I'm proposing a battle royale-style format, may the best man or woman win.
Don't get me wrong, I'm always game for some battle royale action, but I don't have any desire to come between you and your usual team. If one of 'em drops for this, lemme know, otherwise I'll find another, far more AWESOME group to team up with. And we shall lose SPECTACULARLY! Wooooo!
I would gladly drop out, because Ryan usually is very rude and yells at me during the Pub Quizzes anyway.
We'll play it by ear, Emily. We normally have to drag Ben out to the quizzes, so he might consider it a favor to get to stay home. I'll let you know what happens.

HATHERY - My temper is just one of many things you're going to have to tolerate now that you're moving in with me.
I always wince at Ringo jokes. Poor Ringo. One of the greatest drummers ever--go ahead, call me on it!--and he had the bad luck to be in a band with musical geniuses. Any other band and we'd be mocking the other guys! Ringo rules! Ok, he's a great drummer but not a tunesmith, that's for sure. But isn't drumming enough?

So, best concert ever? My criterion for best concerts is if that said concert made me a life-long fan. So, in no particular order:

U2, Unforgettable Fire tour. I was 16. A frontman with a Messianic complex? Check! Rocking songs about injustice? Check! A guy holding a spotlight on the crowd? Check! It was awesome! That and the Zoo TV tour, years later. Primus opened up on that tour. That was cool, I thought, even though no one really understood it.

Michelle Shocked with the Casualites of Wah, Irving Plaza, NY, 1996. Her first set consisted of New Orleans jazz-inspired new songs that no one had ever heard before, and it was absolutely awesome. It was broadcast over the Internets in Real Audio. I haven't heard it, but a copies exist somewhere.

Soul Coughing, Stone Pony, NJ. Right after Irresistable Bliss came out. Better than you'd expect, even if, like me, you were expecting a lot.

Morphine, some place in NY. Can't remember the venue (but I know it's no longer there). Morphine were a great band. Funny moment: as Mr. Sandman changed a string, he asked saxman Dana to "tell us how you feel." Dana let loose a mournful solo, to which Sandman replied, "I'm sorry to hear that." I'm sure they did that little routine to kill time at every show, but it seemed spontaneoous at the time.

They Might Be Giants, Summer Stage, Cenral Park, NY. Always great live, but this time John F. held a tiny, tinny radio to the microphone and ran through the dial, finally settling on a station playing Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit--which they proceded to play, with John singing into his guitar pickup for special effect! Again, I'm sure they did stuff like that all the time, but it was a very cool moment.

Rush, Power Windows tour. I was 17, a newly minted driver, and this was the first rock show I went to with my friends. (I tagged along with my older brother for the U2 concert.) I became the hugest, loserest Rush fan (is there another kind?) for years afterward. I still see Rush at least once--sometime 2 or 3 times--every time they tour just to hear the opening of Tom Sawyer and maybe a little of 2112.

Elvis Costello, 1992, Art Center, NJ. I had only heard EC's radio hits--if you can even call them that--and went as a favor to a friend who wanted to go. Elvis blew my mind at this show and I've bought every album of his since. He opened with Tokyo Storm Warning. I'll always remember that, for some reason.

I'll stop there.

Who would I like to see? Foo Fighters.

What band should get back together for me to see? I'd like to see a bunch of bands in their heyday--the Stones circa 1975/76, Elvis Costello and the Attractions in the Pill Popping 70s, for instance--but I'm drawing a blank on this one.
LOTT - Part of the reason I suggested Paul would kick off first is that Ringo seems like a much more personable guy and far less of a tool, and if I had to pick I'd give him the longer lifespan. :)

And Ringo may be a good drummer now, but even he admits that he was pretty so-so during the Beatles' hey-day. Passable, but not great.
I've always been rather fond of Ringo's drumming. He wasn't flashy, but he didn't need to be. He knew what he was doing, but it's sure fun to bust on the man.

A Rush fan? That's okay, I have nothing to giggle about; I'll be getting Wrestlemania this weekend.
Emily: Yeah, I'm not a big fan of the Beatles when they were the Fab Four, and I especially dislike how Ringo rode that cymbal constantly, smiling like a goon the whole time. But once he/they hit their stride--Rubber Soul/Revolver, for me--Ringo was hard to beat in my book. And for the reason CDP offered: he held that beat, serving the song each time. Then again, that's what made the Beatles the Beatles. With the talent and egos in that band they could have easily have been the worst band ever instead of the best.
Yeah. Quite frankly, I don't know how it worked out for as long as it did. Sometimes the best drummers are the ones that you pay the least attention to.

So, we've seen a few of these already today, but what about worst concert experiences? I've been to many 'new band night' style concerts that showcased some of the worst first performances ever viewed by thine eyes.
1. The Polyphonic Spree
2. I'm way to much of a Beatles 'freak' to say otherwise (6 Beatles books, every album on CD and mp3, and a quarter of them on lp, and will name first son: Ringo JohnGeorgePaul Becker)
3. Either Blues Traveler 1998, or Weezer 2006
Bands I need to see:
1. Margot & the Nuclear So and So's
2. REO Speedwagon (They're still together!_
3. Nada Surf
4. The Ataris
5. Matt Pond PA
6. R.E.M.
7. Radiohead

My favorite moment at a concert was when Hellogoodbye played with The Rocket Summer, This Providence, and The Hush Sound at the House of Blues in Chicago. All the bands sounded great and the Hellogoodbye concert was amazing. There were balloons and confetti and stage-dancing, and it was basically a huge, awesome party.
I think it's clear who we all need to see in concert some day.
EMILY - Do you really want to hurt me?

CAVEMAN - The Weez brings the Geek Rock in massive quantities. Rivers Cuomo has influenced me to an embarrassing degree.

CARGIRL - I think REO Speedwagon plays at the Oshkosh county fair every year. You'll get your chance.

Are the Ataris still together? I thought they broke up. Nonetheless, my band used to do a cover of San Dimas High School Football Rules.
Worst ever? Man, so many, many choices, but I'll highlight 3 well-known acts...

Bob Dylan in 2004. Love his music, but he's so old now, you simply cannot understand a single lyric.

Smashing Pumpkins in crowd interaction. I could have stayed home put on a CD, stared at a poster, and had a similar experience.

The Walkmen 2006, not really their fault. The sound guy had the mix ALL wrong. Nothing but vocals and drums coming thorugh. I left after 3 songs because I couldn't take it.
I already gave up my worst list. It was lame. But add KC and the Sunshine band to it, because the "concert" was at a local food festival which by default makes it really awful.

I want to see Cargirl's number one band in concert, too. I was listening to 'Quiet As a Mouse' and 'Paper Kitten Nightmare' yesterday along with Reconstruction Site and some older stuff from Stars (MP3 player on "random"). concert list is getting unrealisticly long.
MOE- The Beasties/Rage tour and the cancellation is probably one of the biggest disappointments of my life. I am not even being over the top with it.

The comment about the Pumpkins, I saw them four times all on the seemingly never ending Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness tour. It was so hit or miss it was amazing.

As for someone that said they wanted to see the Foo Fighters live. I saw them on the Weezer/Foo Fighters tour last year... I like the Foo Fighters and I actually left five songs in. All it was Grohl just screaming into the microphone. To say it was a disappointment would be an understatement.
I don't go to many concerts, but I'll try.

1. A band that you absolutely still need to see.


2. A former band that you wish you could see.
Pedro the Lion -- I missed them the last time they came through. And the Beatles. Ah, yes, the Beatles.

3. Your favorite concert of all-time.

This is tough. Kayne West/U2 barely comes out on top. Second is Blue Moon Ghetto/Matthew Sweet. Most of you have never heard of Blue Moon Ghetto, but they were a local phenom when I was in college.

I will also never forget Train/Ben Folds Five. I've never been a big Train fan, but their bus broke down so they did an acoustic show. They didn't have all their drums, so the drummer used a huge cardboard box. That's showmanship. Ben Folds Five rocked the house.
Just got back from The Weakerthans, and it was fantastic. They played pretty much everything you would have wanted them to play from every album, the sound/crowd was good, the band looked like they were having a good time and there was appreciation and ear-to-ear grinning all around.

Awesome. I'm so glad I had the chance to be a part of that.

Saw Julia Rubin there, too! Maybe she'll pop in and give us her take on the night.
JT - Could we ever understand Bob Dylan?

MAUS - Margo and the Nuclear Whatnots are quite good. Cargirl always seems to throw one of their songs onto her mixtapes.

KEVIN - That's a damn shame about the Foozer tour.

Assuming that the Beastie Boys will be rocking the box until the end of time, our chance will come again soon.

HOSS - I haven't yet heard from someone who didn't have a blast at a Ben Folds show. That guy brings it every night.

Rocks this bitch, if you will.
It was nice to see you last night (for all of two seconds, he he). I was totally not expecting you to be right behind me when I turned around to see how big the crowd was. I'm afraid I must have looked confused at first. That's a pretty normal look for me.

I thought the show was fabulous and I'm quite glad I dragged myself out to it (I am very much prone to periods of hermitude). I even enjoyed the opening acts, which is usually a pretty rare occasion. I love me some High Noon Saloon in general, and that was definitely one of the better shows I've seen there.

As to the poll from yesterday, I've been to so many shows I can hardly remember them all. I would have to say the best show I've ever seen was The Flaming Lips at Vegoose in 2005. I can't really think of any bands I feel I have to see yet. If there's a show and I half-way like their music, chances are I'll go. I did see Paul McCartney back in 2002 with some free tickets from my aunt. I could hardly believe I was seeing a Beatle up there on stage.
Worst concert ever? Ryan, Sherry & I discussed this a little last night at the Weakerthans show & decided that the Face to Face show was pretty awful, as was any time we've ever see Alkaline Trio.

Easily the worst shows ever were just local bands that no one else has heard of though. Perhaps someday Ryan will share with you the tale of Hardwyre, if he's feeling like spoiling that gem.
JULIA - I have that effect on people; sheer, utter confusion, mixed with revulsion and sadness. Think nothing of it. It was nice to peek at you, too.

My favorite moment of the night was probably either 'Aside,' or 'Night Windows.' Amazing stuff.

I'm becoming more of a concert hermit, too. I was thinking last night that there are probably only 10 bands on Earth that I would drive to Chicago for.

Wow, Paul McCartney. That's awesome.

HATHERY - Face To Face was pretty bad, only because they have 100 songs that sound exactly alike, and they played them all twice that night. Alkaline Trio, too, even though I typically really enjoy them.

OK, well, now you pretty much have to tell us the Hardwyre story.
Entertainment-wise, there isn't all that much to tell. We were at a 'new band night' concert in Green Bay when Hardwyre took the stage.

They were pretty much a nu-metal cover band, boasting backwards baseball caps and bursting at the seams with college-aged douchebags that knew absolutely nothing about music. The mostly punk crowd at the Concert Cafe tore these guys up.

They had two lead singers (one to scream, one to growl, of course), and their mic stands had motorcycle handlebars on them for some inexplicable reason. It was complete and utter garbage. Embarrassing trash that I somehow cannot delete from my memory no matter how hard I try.

I was telling the Missus at the High Noon last night that I feel like the old village woman who is the last person on Earth to speak a specific language. When I die, the memory of Hardwyre will die with me.
Checklist of gimmicks to try out at my band's next gig:

1) Motorcycle handlebars on the mic stands. ROCK!
Attached to the handlebars was a fake skull, too. The singers would lean over the front of the stage and tilt the mic stands by holding the handlebars and....GAAAAAHHHHH.

This was at a particular point in my life where I was letting some extremely talentless music slip into my rotation, but Hardwyre was too much for this man to bear.
I swear I just posted a comment...where did it go?
I had the same thing happen to me; Blogger likes to delete things for no reason at times.

TIP: Just before posting a comment, right-click/copy it in case it gets deleted. That way, you can just re-paste instead of re-typing.
well, what I had said was at the Hardwyre show they brought about 30 groupies from their high school with. I specifically remember one girl with an mxpx tattoo on the back of her calf. I wonder how she feels about that now?
No kidding. I own 10 MXPX albums, but I'm not getting a tattoo.
MXPX has how many albums?
8 full-lengths, 5 EP's, 5 compilations, 1 live album and a DVD.
All more wonderful than the one before..........
I forget to mention that I'd like to see Mission of Burma who get a shout out on my new blog.
I'm just glad you're blogging again, Will.

Check out Will's new blog, yo!
Which is here:
Will, your blog just struck me as excellent timing. I was wondering the same thing last night: When did it get to the point where I DREAD going to shows? I pretty much hate going to them. I hate listening to the openers, I can't wait until the headliner is done, I hate the people...I would just prefer it to stop. This coming from someone who used to go to 2-4 shows per week. Crazy.
The shows didn't change. We did.
I'm just going to be the ass who points out that it is friday, and there was no Lost recap this week.

Which I'm actually okay with, because that episode stunk, in my opinion. The less said about that steaming pile the better.
I gotta agree with you there maus. Although I wouldn't say it 'stunk', it was certainly disappointing. I was expecting a lot more Michael backstory (what happened between them being on the boat, and when he was in the appartment? Are we just meant to assume they got picked up by chance?), and the ending was way to abrupt.

I used to be in the habit of simply adoring every episode by default, but I've started to realise that just because it's Lost, doesn't mean it's perfect, regardless of however many weekends I've wasted watching it.
@hathery - Also, i hate the no hedgehog policy at most clubs.

@CDP - Nice callback.
WILL - You got it.

MAUS/DUFF - You've gotta admit, the opening 'suicide' scene with Michael was pretty awesome. Anytime a horribly depressing thing happens over a Mama Cass song, I enjoy it to no end.
Don't get me wrong, I liked it and all. It's just as we haven't seen Michael since '06, I was expecting a slightly more holy-moly-raped-me-in-my-chair episode.

I'm still orgasmically excited for 'The Shape Of Things To Come' though.
I'm going to be excited when the nationally-televised ass-raping of the Wisconsin Badgers mercifully ends.

What a crock. This sucks.
@hathery - Also, i hate the no hedgehog policy at most clubs.

In Madison, we have a "hedgehogs only" policy at some clubs. Don't really know how those places stay in business.
hathery - Tourism, I imagine. You guys have any large convention halls?

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